Fly the Friendly Skies?????

Fly the Friendly Skies????? April 10, 2017
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by InSapphoWeTrust commercial use allowed.
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, by InSapphoWeTrust commercial use allowed.

United Airlines guards drug a man off one of its flights because they had overbooked it. Several passengers posted videos of the event.

One question that comes to mind is how much United Airlines is paying the guys who did the dragging. I can’t imagine that it’s all that much.

I’ve told employers to shove it before, and, while I’m certainly not physically able to drag anybody, anywhere, I don’t have much doubt that I would have refused to manhandle someone for a stupid reason like this. I might be looking for a job, but they’d just have to get themselves another huckleberry.

Airline travel has become an ordeal already. But this? Sheesh.

From Yahoo! News:

United passenger forcibly removed from flight after refusing to give up seat

A United passenger was forcibly removed from a flight from Chicago to Louisville after he refused to voluntarily give up his seat.
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3 responses to “Fly the Friendly Skies?????”

  1. Looks like the Chicago cops connected with a couple of good punches on the “unruly” passenger. Good work guys. You should be proud.

  2. IMO, they should have upped the bonus for giving up a seat—not dragging a person off that chose to keep the seat he was sitting in and had paid for, for the convenience of the airline. Stopping over booking might be a good idea too!

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