President Trump, He Crazy

President Trump, He Crazy November 30, 2017

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore

I don’t remember this. I heard the story a lot when I was a child. But the only people involved who are left alive are me and my mother, and she’s gone-gone into the mists of dementia. I don’t expect I will ever hear the story again.

When I was around two years old, my Daddy, Mama, Daddy’s parents and I took a short trip to Eagle’s Nest, New Mexico. We camped out, and got up on a frosty morning to cook eggs, bacon and hash browns over a camp stove.

I remember other cookouts in the mountains like this one from later years. Nothing ever tasted as good as that food, cooked out in the open and eaten with laughter and love in the white-breath-breathing, bone-chilling, teeth-chattering mountain air.

Those were good times. The best times.

But I was two, and I did the sort of thing that earns the name “terrible twos” for that period of growing up. I picked up a handful of sand and threw it into the cooking eggs.

My Daddy, who never spanked me once that I can remember, said he was going to spank me, and my Grandpa told him “Don’t you spank that baby.”

In the end, they took a photo of me, smiling an adorable two-year-old smile at the camera and ate their gritty eggs. Then, they went on to tell and re-tell the story as I grew up.

I didn’t like hearing the story all that much. In fact, I grew tired of all the “isn’t she adorable” talk from my parents, Daddy in particular. He never stopped extolling my cuteness, and later, bragging about my accomplishments. Not until the day he died. And I cringed with embarrassment when he did it.

Now, I would give everything I have just to have him embarrass me once again.

Maybe what’s wrong with our cra-cra president is that nobody gave him this kind of love when he was little. Maybe they were as cruel to him as he is to everyone else now. Maybe he grew up with liars, cheats and phonies who made him into the sick little piece of work that he is.

All I know for sure is that when a two-year-old engages in two-year-old behavior, it has a certain innocent sweetness to it. It is also part of their healthy development into adults. You expect two-year-olds to act like little narcissistic self-gods. You know that, if you raise them well and love them well, they will just naturally grow past it and become beautiful, loving, generous, honest and productive adults.

But when a 71-year-old with the power to destroy all the rest of us behaves that way, we can be pretty sure that he isn’t going to just naturally grow out of it. He’s all done growing. His ways are fixed.

The vile abomination of a man sitting in the White House is not anywhere near normal. He crazy.

The latest in his list of crazy is tweeting a bunch of hate-videos about Muslims. This action earned him an approving shout-out from one of his biggest fans, David Duke of the KKK.

It also garnered a public rebuke from the British Prime Minister, who, in case you’ve forgotten, is head of the government of the country who is our most stalwart ally. President Crazy immediately fired back at her in some sort of public display of his usual trashiness.

And the band played on.

This man would pull down his pants and use the bathroom on a banquet table, right in front of his guests, if he was being ignored. That’s basically what he keeps doing to us with these tweets of his. I think it’s also why he refuses to give up the tweeting. If he did that, it would be oh-so-much harder for him to amuse and amaze us with his attention-getting displays of crazy.

I don’t read his tweets, for the same reason that I don’t read pornography. Both pornography and his tweets are revolting.

I haven’t watched the videos he linked to, or read his latest attack on some football player for the same reason that I hate cleaning up vomit. It’s sickening.

Our president is crazy. I’m not speaking in technical/medical terms. I’m speaking in common sense, nobody-acts-like-this terms. If he doesn’t have advanced dementia or a brain tumor or something else to excuse himself with, he’s a vile, cruel, vicious, crazy little man.

He is degrading America and Americans with his behavior.

I’m all out of patience with the Trump bots who persist in excusing what is absolutely unacceptable behavior on the part of anyone over the age of four and downright crazy behavior on the part of an adult. I am past through with religious leaders who put a gloss on any sin if it helps their political god.

I’ve already written that these religious leaders are not men and women of God. They are political operatives. I’ll take that a step further and say that they are political toadies. They are fawning sycophants who have sold their souls to bask in the glow of power.

You can do what you want about this fast-forward deconstruction of America. But my way is set. I am going to follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is my savior. I will follow Him as best as I can every step of the way so long as I live. I know that I will fail to follow Him perfectly, and when I do, I will rely on and trust in His Mercy.

I have no other God.

I hope that you will do that same thing. Put away the false gods of political parties and corruption. Stop following fallen religious leaders who have abandoned the Way to follow after the false gods of partisan politics.

Religious leaders who can not say that pedophilia is wrong are as useless as the sand I threw in those eggs when I was a baby. Religious leaders who are ok with sexual assault and rape are not followers of Christ. They are speaking for the devil.

There is no sin these religious leaders will call sin if calling it sin endangers their politics. Their god is not Jesus Christ. They do not follow Him, and you should not follow them.

I fear that we are in for some rocky times. Who knows what destruction is coming at us via this man in the White House and his acolytes. I have no idea what he’s going to do next. And neither does he.

Each one of us needs to make a choice and then act on it. Follow Christ or follow your political god. The choice really is as stark and simple as that.

Because President Trump, he crazy.

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7 responses to “President Trump, He Crazy”

  1. The day Trump said that Cruz’ father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, I saw early stages dementia. Not just in what he said, but the distant look on his face. I suspect the 25th Amendment will come into play, especially in a.second term.

    That said, voting is always a complicated moral calculus, since the choices are always two sinners. Of course, some sins are more serious then others, and our reactions to them are often based on our political inclinations then sound moral theology. Right now, Democrats are after a local Republican Congressman for legal, if sleazy, behavior, consentual and adult, awhile he was separated. And, of course, state legislators (other Republicans) are licking their lips at a potential open seat. Well, enough, politics do seem to be deteriorating rapidly.

  2. …all of your disgust with Trump is double for most Americans with Hillary (and Bill). The ‘deconstruction’ of America has been happening under Democrats for a long time. It may not be over with Trump, the the slope isn’t nearly as steep as it was. Have faith in God and pray for your enemies… I do!

  3. You are so, so, so correct in everything you have said about our pseudo “leader”. How he is still getting away with this just amazes me. Honestly, I refuse to recognize him as the president of this country and I do not put the word president in front of his name—-he has not in any way, shape or form earned that title. IMO, Pence isn’t much better. I do not belong to any political party—–never have. So happy to see you back on line and giving your opinion in full force!

  4. I tend to agree that dementia has started, but I think his “personality” is what shows also. He is a child in a man’s body, who has an ego the size of the world. He just isn’t a “nice man” and is a total disgrace to the office he unfortunately sits in and to our country. I sincerely hope that some form of legal removal starts soon. I can’t imagine 3 more years of this!

  5. Well, as long as the Democrats put the lives of BORN Children and Women over fetuses,(the unborn is seen as the Gerber Baby!), don’t view all Moslems as terrorists while ignoring White Christian male ones, believe in Climate change, care about the poor and disabled, support the undocumented immigrants (yet no one wants to jail the corporate big wigs that profit from their cheap labor), advocate that LGBT people have a right to exist, marry and participate in the economy without prejudice and above ALL , don’t view “freedom of speech” as a carte blanche to call people, k*kes, be*ners, or N*ggers and complain that preventing that is imposing intolerable “Political Correctness” on straight Whites, then the Democrats will always be vilified.

    But the good thing is that more WHITES are seeing these so called ‘Conservative Christians’ as hypocrites and look at the KKK and Nazis with disgusting.