The Other Side of Gun Control

The Other Side of Gun Control December 8, 2017
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Paretz Partensky Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Paretz Partensky Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by

Guns are just things, the same as knives, automobiles and jet liners.

There is no movement for automobile control, even though terrorists and murderers have been using automobiles as instruments of mass murder. We still allow airliners to fly, even though they have been used to kill thousands of people in attacks ranging from 9/11 to any number of downed and crashed flights.

Things are not evil. Things are not good. They are just things.

What matters is what we do with them.

A case in point is the action of a San Antonio father who was able to save two of his children from being shot and possibly murdered because he was exercising his right to legal carry. One man tried to use a gun to do harm, and another man used his gun to save his children’s lives.

In both instances, the guns were just things. What made the difference was the motivation of the human beings who held them.

A father fatally shot an armed robber who threatened him and his family at a Popeyes Louisiana in San Antonio, Texas.

Officers told Fox San Antonia that 19-year-old Andrews Herrera was killed after he approached Carlos Molina, 32, just before 9 p.m. Wednesday. Molina was eating at the fried chicken chain with his family when Herrera demanded that he hand over his property and threatened his children with a gun, police say.

According to the news site, Molina told Herrera that he had no money and asked whether his family could leave. Most of the family left the restaurant, but Herrera then pointed the gun at two of Molina’s children (Read the rest here.)


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11 responses to “The Other Side of Gun Control”

  1. In this situation, the gun was used for the reason it was purchased—self protection/protection of others. Unfortunately even a permitted concealed gun isn’t always used legally. I’m so mixed on this—never had guns in my life. Folks who don’t have their guns locked away, and a child finds them. and shoots another child or him/herself. I particularly have a problem with guns being allowed in places of worship—and I know folks have been killed in those places or teachers having guns in the classroom? Yes, horrible shootings in schools have happened to often. Could an armed teacher have prevented the deaths of some of those children? No one knows. Perhaps stricter regulations on gun purchases, and a requirement that lessons be taken before a permanent permit issued?

  2. It’s very difficult for liberals to admit that there are ONLY two ways for a victim to stop an armed attacker: reason and force.
    It’s one thing for you to choose “reason” for yourself.
    But you making that choice for everyone else is just plane wrong.

  3. Many antigun activists are saying, “I do not want to recognize that life involves danger. I deserve to live in a protected environment, and I should not have to think about protecting myself, my spouse, my parents, my children, or my neighbors. This is the 21st century, and violence simply should not happen.”

  4. No, the difference is their intended purpose. Cars and jets are intended for transportation, knives are intended to cut things (like rope, steak, etc.) while guns are intended to be used to KILL/HARM living things. Also, the good guy/bad guy with a gun argument is ridiculous because how are any other observers supposed to determine the good from the bad. There was a reason that this behavior was curbed in the Old West by law enforcement that insisted firearms be turned in to the proper authorities when arriving in town.

  5. Agreed, Guns are just things. On this, however, I’m *slightly* more liberal than you in that I ask the question, are there other tools we could train people to use that would accomplish the same goal?

    While I support the absolute necessity of rural property owners to have guns, for the simple reason that I can’t think of anything else that will stop a charging bear or wolf, I’m not so sure we shouldn’t be exploring less lethal weaponry for use in urban areas. Police are still 3-4 minutes away, and react only after the crime has begun, so weaponry is necessary, but there may be better weaponry out there for the purpose.

    To that end, in my suburban home, I have the following weaponry in order of lethality:
    1. A 180FPS spring pistol that shoots plastic BBs. About the only thing it’s good for is scaring away suburban wildlife and killing squirrels for meat. To that end, it has a place in my home emergency arsenal.
    2. A 360FPS salt shotgun with an 80 round magazine. Good for temporarily blinding an intruder, killing flies, and perfectly seasoning steak on the BBQ at 10 paces.
    3. A 532nm, 15mW laser, also good for more permanent blindness at ranges of up to a mile (if you could target it, though it’s better at close quarters). I have to wonder if the Las Vegas shooter could have been stopped quicker merely by turning the laser light display from the stage onto Mandalay Bay Hotel.
    4. A quickdraw “Pocket Hook” style folding tactical knife.

    This to me is sufficient for a house where hitting the panic button on the alarm system brings the cops in less than 160 seconds.

  6. I would hope the gun that the woman is using against her oversized intended attacker would kill or injure him.

    I would hope that the elderly couple in the inner city have a sure fire way to dispatch a 3AM intruder intent on having his way with their things including their lives.

    As to the good guy/bad guy thing. That’s what the legal system determines.

    “There was a reason that this behavior was curbed in the Old West by law
    enforcement that insisted firearms be turned in to the proper
    authorities when arriving in town.”

    That happened in very few towns. If you really want to believe that the Wild West was that wild, who am I to stop you from watching too many Hollywood movies?

    BTW, “purpose” is more accurately described as “intent”.

  7. “I particularly have a problem with guns being allowed in places of worship”

    Yes, because criminals NEVER prey on defenseless churchgoers. /sarcasm

  8. I understand your sarcasm, but I have problems with guns in general—somehow wearing a gun to church seems counter to teachings in many religions.

  9. Taking up swords. So you would allow your beliefs leave your family to waste because a criminal doesn’t have the same problem with guns when he brings his to church?