President Trump’s Week Marked by Strong Pro Life Actions

President Trump’s Week Marked by Strong Pro Life Actions January 20, 2018

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump made pro life history this week. He gave a speech addressing the annual March for Life from the Rose Garden, which was televised to the speech goers.

This is the first time a President of the United States has addressed the March for Life.

He also created a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the federal Health and Human Services Department. This division is tasked with dealing with complaints from health care workers who do not want to participate in death-dealing medical procedures such as elective abortion and euthanasia and are being coerced to do so.

While I applaud his action in creating this division, what we need is a law, passed by Congress, that confirms the rights of individuals not to be forced, on penalty of losing their jobs or careers, into killing other people via elective abortion and euthanasia. It says a lot that (1) such a law is needed and (2) Congress can’t get it together long enough to pass it.

As it is, the division will focus on operating under existing laws. Sadly, if existing law was explicit enough in this matter, there would be no need for the division.

These actions are a 180-degrees change from those of the the Obama administration. President Obama single-handedly destroyed the growing pro life movement within the Democratic Party by means of the lies he told Congressman Stupak in order to get his support for the Affordable Care Act.

The president not only trashed Congressman Stupak’s excellent record as a pro-life elected official, he destroyed the nascent pro life movement within the Democratic Party. By doing this, he damaged the body politic severely. This action has had and will continue to have severe repercussions, not only for the pro life movement, but for the future of America.

Of course President Obama also signed the infamous HHS Mandate, which was a direct attack on our religious liberties. He supported the Mandate through years of court battles with the full weight of his administration.

President Trump has moved to reverse these attacks on religious liberty, and he has supported efforts to limit legal abortion. For that, I am grateful indeed.

Here is President Trump’s speech to the March for Life.

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16 responses to “President Trump’s Week Marked by Strong Pro Life Actions”

  1. Trump asked Marla maples to have an abortion and, when she refused, divorced his wife and married her. Refusing to treat LGBT people in this new hhs rule. You misrepresented it completely. Lying is not a virtue. Now paing a porn star $130,000 for silence.

    You are judged by the company you keep.

  2. My my, a positive article on Pres. Trump! 🙂 Good to see, but really all the progress we’ve made politically on abortion is strictly from the Republican Party. There is a party that is pro-life, and a party that is pro-abort.

  3. Though I’m pro-choice, which you already know, do you really think Trump cares one way or another about abortion, etc.? I don’t. He is out for votes, and many of his cult followers agree with him on everything—and may feel his new department in HHS will do what they want. Time will tell if the newly formed department will have any effect on things.

  4. I don’t think he cares about anything but Trump.

    I believe he changed his position from radical pro choice — after resisting the change for a long time — because it was necessary in order to win the Republican nomination. He cannot afford to squander his base among Christians, and that is why he has enacted these policies. If it ever becomes expedient for him to change back, I believe he will do it without hesitation.

    That said, so long as he continues to do pro life things, I will continue to give him credit for it.

  5. I agree, but I understand that this is a created situation and that it was largely created by the pro choice and pro life activists, working in tandem. Time was, the Ds were more pro life than the Rs. I also know something that most pro life people either cannot see or will not accept: We will never stop abortion until we convert this culture, and that requires (among other things) re-converting the Democratic Party on abortion, and converting the Republican Party on the value of human beings of all classes and races.

  6. What was a created situation? That Republicans are pro-life and Dems are pro-abort? I don’t quite see how the activists created that. The moderate wing of the Democratic Party has vanished. Liberals were always pro-abort, even when the Dems had a sizable group on the pro-life side. The polarization I think happened because the conservatives stayed true to faith and so shaped the Republican Party, while the Liberals are essentially atheists and have come to dominate the Democratic Party. It wasn’t the pro-life activists who shaped each party’s stance on abortion; it was the rank and file party members.

    I agree we need to change the culture. We are making progress! By the way, I was there last Friday marching in D.C., my third straight participation.

    Want another reason to support the Trump administration? Here:

    “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced last week that the government will provide $75 million to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for aid to Iraq, including the $55 million earmarked for communities of Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities. Future contributions from USAID will depend on the success of new accountability and transparency measures at the UN, according to the announcement.”

    That’s the Trump administration; Obama would never have earmarked the money for Christians persecuted nor would future contributions be dependant on transparency and success.

  7. The moderate wing of BOTH parties has vanished. Today’s “conservatives” are no more conservative than today’s “liberals” are liberal.

    As for created, I lived through it and was in office for a good bit of it. The Democrats were seriously pro life throughout the 70s and much of he 80s. I know a lot about this because I was the Oklahoma Director for NARAL at the time and fought with them over it. The so-called Moral Majority — which was anything but moral — came along and united with the Republican Party. They immediately began lying about and demonizing Democrats, even and including those who were deeply pro life and who had authored pro life legislation. They lied and lied and lied about Democratic candidates, making up all sorts of things. Over time, this had the effect of pushing the Ds more and more away from being pro life.

    One of the things that Ds say now to pro life people who get elected or run for office as Democratic candidates is that no matter how they vote or how pro life they actually are, the pro life people will attack and vilify them anyway, and the pro choice people will attack them, too. This is an accurate description of what they face. Over time, pro life Democratic office holders either get defeated by being attacked by both sides of the debate, or they just wear out emotionally from being hated so much.

    One of the things that concerns me most deeply about the pro life movement is that it has become morally bankrupt. It appears that there is no bottom to what it will accept from Republican office holders in terms of amoral/immoal behavior and that there are absolutely no standards other than that the candidate be a Republican who will vote “right” on record votes and make pious statements. There also appears zero desire to convert the opposition. This constant demonizing of Democrats without any attempt to convert them is useful to the Republican Party’s desire to get and hold power. But it is destructive in an absolute way to any hopes we have of building a culture of life.

    As for supporting President Trump, if a Democratic president had done the things he’s done, most of his supporters would be frothing at the mouth and yelling “impeachment!” I can’t imagine the moral outrage that would be coming from his rabid supporters if he had a D after his name instead of an R. They’re not really all that interested in morality and values, and their support of Trump proves it. They’re just fanatics about one of the two political parties, no matter what it does.

  8. Should I hold my breath for him to do anything but tiny, feelgood pandering?

    Should I hold my breath for you to take him to task for doing so?

  9. I don’t know. It strikes me that the moderate wing of the Republican Party is still there, if not expanded. Look at how many fight and resist President Trump. They are moderates but they do not call themselves moderates. We had that fight a few decades ago and the moderates got stigmatized as Rockafeller Republicans, so they will never admit to being moderate. But they are moderate. I would say there is more of a range of views on the right than on the left, which to me (and I admit I’m an outsider) seem almost united on every issue. However, almost to a person, the Republicans, whether moderate or conservative, are pro-life. Just like it’s impossible for the D’s to be pro-life, it’s nearly as impossible (though a little less so) for the R’s to be pro-abort.

    I know, Trump doesn’t have the character. But what do you want me to do, waste my vote on someone that cannot win or vote for someone whose views are repulsive to me? As long as trump doesn’t break the law, one has to tolerate his idiosyncrasies.

    I disagree, the pro-life movement has not become morally bankrupt. They are even expanding into the assisted suicide fight and other pro-life causes. With numerical gain, you have more people who are dubious. But the core is still very morally sound. I think the most morally sound of any single issue activist group.

  10. There are Rs who actually joined the party because they are people of principle who could not abide the nihilistic tendencies within the Ds. I am both touched and impressed by their dedication to our country and basic morals, and their willingness to lay their careers on the line to stand for these things. I don’t think of them as moderates, so much as people who are authentic. I admire authenticity (which, to me, is one of the most potent expressions of honesty) wherever I find it.

  11. Then you must really like Donald Trump. You can’t get more authetic that that! (I say that with one big, fat grin on my face.) Peace.

  12. I agree, Trump only cares for himself. I wish I could be as charitable as you are, giving him credit for his current position, but I sincerely doubt he is a Christian or any other faith. As is obvious, his motives are only for votes. Given his habit of changing his mind on just about everything, flip flopping on a regular basis, I tend to doubt he will stick with this either.