Woman Who Signed Letter Supporting Kavanaugh Learns He Trashed Her in Raunchy Yearbook Comments

Woman Who Signed Letter Supporting Kavanaugh Learns He Trashed Her in Raunchy Yearbook Comments September 25, 2018

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One of the co-signers of a letter defending Brett Kavanaugh has learned that he and his friends used the highschool year book as something akin to a bathroom wall … and they were writing about her. 

Renate Schroeder Dolphin has learned that Kavanaugh and his buds wrote comments in their yearbooks about being part of “team Renate,” calling themselves “Renate Alumni,” with the implication that they had all had sex with her. Kavanaugh and his friends  said things such “you need a date / and it’s getting late / so don’t hesitate / call Renate.” Judge Kavanaugh and his pals commented about Ms Dophin 14 times in their yearbook.

Ms Dolphin, who, as I said, joined in the defense of Judge Kavanaugh against Dr Christine Ford’s allegations of attempted rape, is now saying that she hopes that the men who wrote these “horrible, hurtful and simply untrue” things about her never have their daughters treated “this way.” 

I hate to break it to Ms Dolphin, but this is the way that this kind of man treats women. I’ve seen it over and over again in my professional life. This kind of hazing and sexualizing of women and girls is a way of whittling them down and destroying them as serious people. I’ve heard middle-aged legislators do it to their female colleagues, and they always do it as a group. It is an effective way of destroying a woman professionally. 

Ms Dolphin says that she’s not going to make any further statements about this. I rather wish she’d take her name off the letter supporting Judge Kavanaugh. It appears that, no matter what she may have thought, he never was her friend. 

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6 responses to “Woman Who Signed Letter Supporting Kavanaugh Learns He Trashed Her in Raunchy Yearbook Comments”

  1. Pretty horrific what some people do in high school. And what’s worse these miscreants are often considered the future “leaders’ of society.

  2. Do you have a link to the proof that Brett Kavenaugh did this, or just his friends did this? I’m asking because this is in direct opposition to Brett’s testimony today that he was a virgin throughout high school and for some time after.

    Of course, at that age, the two are NOT incompatible. I lied about my sexual conquests at that age to, because in the 1980s, the prevailing culture was indeed “everybody is doing it so we’ve got to provide condoms to high school students” and “any man who is still a virgin by 16 is a wimp”.

    Most of us never saw a girl naked until college, if even then.

    In fact, I wonder if that experience is why we have such doubts about sexual abuse stories today. We lied about sex, so we expect women to as well.

  3. I see no pictures of the yearbook in question in that story, so I’ve got no way to judge the physical evidence. HOWEVER, I do believe the story, I’m just saying it could very well be false evidence. 1980s 17 year old boys had a culture of peer pressure that encouraged such lies and trashing of women’s reputations. I know several girls from my class in 1989 whose reputations were equally trashy, but who I also know were virgins until the day of their weddings.

    Very little of that kind of bravado from the 1980s is believable. Reputations are not reality.

  4. The Judge should just withdraw. As of a few minutes ago, a 4th woman has come forward with a claim, from 1998 or 1999. This is getting hairy! Tomorrow there will be live coverage of the Judge and his first accuser. IF I understand correctly, the 2 are the only ones that will be questioned….which may end up sounding like “he said, she said”. If that happens, the old dudes will fall on the side of the judge, I’m afraid. I’m just wondering why they won’t let the FBI investigate this accusation as well as the others. What is the GOP worried about? Seems from things I have heard, the judge is or was a heavy drinker. What a horrible mess.

  5. The documentation is in the video. The comments in question were sent to the printer, presumably with the oversight of the yearbook committee and/or their faculty advisor.