News in 10. Oct 20, 2018

News in 10. Oct 20, 2018 October 20, 2018
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Jedimentat44

The News in 10. Oct 20, 2018

1. Russian Woman Charged with Attempted Meddling in Next Month’s Election

2. Don’t Be Fooled. How to Spot a Russian Bot Online. 

3. Are you ready for the March for Life? Organizers Announce 2019 Theme 

4. San Francisco Giants Owner Denounces Shockingly Racist Ad He Helped Pay For. 

5. Scalabrini Shelter in Guatemala Swamped by Hondurans Seeking Safety

6. Nancy Pelosi Cursed at Called a Communist During Political Event in Florida

7. Pope Accuser Blames ‘Scourge of Homosexuality’ for Abuse

8. Right Wing PAC Won’t Pull Ad Saying that Black Men Will be Lynched if Democrats Win Mid-Terms

9. Alaska’s Governor Drops Out of Re-Election Bid

10. Lawsuit Asks Illinois Diocese to Release Names of Accused Priests

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