Did the Mainstream Media and Bill Gates Avert Trump’s Death Plan for Americans?

Did the Mainstream Media and Bill Gates Avert Trump’s Death Plan for Americans? March 31, 2020

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I don’t think I’ve ever prayed harder than I did after President Trump announced that he was going to re-open the economy at Easter. If he had gone through with that plan, it would have brought down an immeasurable tragedy on the American people. 

I don’t think that my prayers turned the day, although prayer from anyone is a powerful connection with the Power that holds all life and existence in existence. 

Without the love of God, nothing, anywhere, would exist. 

I give most of the credit for Trump’s change of heart to the same mainstream media that he loves to excoriate. Without them, standing up to him, I have no idea how many Americans he would have murdered in the name of the economy. The whole idea reminded me of Joseph Stalin and one of his economic “Plans” that murdered so many Soviet citizens. 

I also think that Bill Gates, prominent billionaire that he is, and his willingness to step forward and speak out against Trump’s plan may have had influence. Trump responds to power and money. 

On the other hand, I consider the long list of commentators and billionaire businessmen who backed this idea to be a list of shame and infamy. They were willing to kill Gramps and Granny, young people and old, throughout this nation to preserve their wealth. 

Taking a page from their leader, they spun webs of self-serving lies in their statements, claiming that they were “willing to die” themselves. That was rot. They were willing for other people to die for their money and to further their careers. Other people. They intended to stay insulated inside their money and power. 

President Trump has reversed course on this plan to kill a lot of Americans. But the fact remains that the President of the United States was willing and fully intended to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. 

I have held public office. I know the sense of responsibility and love that a good elected official feels toward the people they govern. Evidently, the current President of the United States does not feel this sense of responsibility for and love of us.  

There have always been leaders willing to kill their own people. Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin come to mind, but they are certainly not alone. Dictators up and down South and Central America have repeatedly practiced every sort of brutality against the people they were entrusted to govern. Similar stories run around the globe and throughout history. 

But not here. Not in a country where we elect our leaders from among us. Democracies get rid of leaders like that. 

I’m guessing that the simple fact that President Trump is facing an election in November may have provided the final push to back him off his death-dealing plan to re-open the country at Easter. Even Trump bots might stop lying to themselves on his behalf when they start burying their own loved ones. 

All I can say for sure is thank God that he backed down. 

I am grateful to the free press, that much denigrated mainstream media, who kept on reporting the truth while Trump’s media blasted out smarmy exhortations for people to be willing to die for the economy. I have wondered if there are any limits to what the Trump media will do for Trump. Now I have my answer. There aren’t. They’ll do anything he wants, no matter what it is or how many people it harms. 

I am grateful to the religious leaders who at least were willing to stop services. I didn’t hear any of them speaking out against this plan of his, and I did hear a few speaking for it. But at least they’ve been willing to cooperate with the shut down.

I stopped everything I was doing and went to the Source of all Life this weekend. I prayed for life. I prayed for lives. I prayed that the President of the United States would not go through with his plan to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American lives on the altar of mammon. 

How terrible that I had to. 

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