Trump is Behind the Protests Against Governors. He is Using Brown Shirt Tactics Against America.

Trump is Behind the Protests Against Governors. He is Using Brown Shirt Tactics Against America. April 20, 2020

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

President Trump and his billionaire cronies are behind the protests against stay-at-home orders sweeping the nation. Organizations funded and controlled by billionaire dollars, which they funnel through their “foundations” and 501c organizations, are organizing these protests. 

Any one who is not totally brain dead can see the reasons why. 

1. First, and always, it’s money. They’re losing money because of this pandemic and the stay at home orders.

2.Second, it’s vengeance. Trump is not only massively incompetent. He is crazy. Anybody who is not willfully blinding themselves can see that Trump is crazy. He is also vengeful and a psychopath who has no conscience whatsoever about who he hurts or what he does to people, including the American people. 

Most of the governors of various states have tried to save their people’s lives. They’ve been forced to go their own way and not bow before Trump. They’ve criticized crazy Trump and even defied him. This is their punishment. 

3. Three, Trump failed in every way that he could fail in this emergency. Now, he wants to shift the blame. 

He never developed a national response to this national emergency. His venal destructiveness, unconcern for the welfare of this country and absolute incompetence placed us all in this position. 

Instead of governing, he engaged in fights with reporters, pushed quack cures, blamed President Obama and bragged about his ratings. 

4. Four, the reason that Trump washed his hands of the whole thing and said that he would allow the governors decide to open the country without federal guidance or help — which would result in a piecemeal operation that would be doomed to less than total effectiveness — is that he didn’t want to take the blame if many more people died as a result of his actions. 

He decided not to be president because being president was too risky to Trump.  

We needed a cohesive national plan such as the many national plans developed by previous presidents in time of crisis. They exercised leadership rather than making grandiose claims about themselves that trampled on the governing principles of our democracy and deliberately tearing the country apart to hide their failings.

What Trump gave us was an act of lying and manipulative cowardice, followed by using the network of billionaire-controlled foundations to organize protests designed to disrupt whatever national response to this virus that this country’s governors have managed to put together. 

Trump is doing everything he can to tear this country apart. He does not care if he kills Americans in the process. He does not care if he destroys our nation. He is a monster. 

History is replete with leaders who use gangs of thugs to attack their own citizens and foment chaos and insurrection in times of crisis. They always do this in order to either seize or hold power for themselves. 

Hitler used thugs dressed in brown shirts. 

Mao Zedong used gangs of young people carrying books with his “sayings.” They were called the Red Guard. 

Ayatollah Khomeini and Osama bin Laden used religious zealots. In bin Laden’s case, he paid them out of his personal fortune, which echoes the billionaire-funded organization behind the crowds we see now.  

What Trump is doing is no different. In fact, it is exactly the same. 

I am writing a separate post with links to support what I say. You can read it here. 

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