Trump’s Private Army is Committing War Crimes

Trump’s Private Army is Committing War Crimes July 24, 2020

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He has refused his assent to laws,

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice,

He has kept among us … Standing Armies without the consent of our legislatures. 

He has affected to render the Military independent and superior to the Civil Power.

For quartering large bodies of troops among us.

For protecting them … from punishment for any murders which they should commit on the inhabitants of these states. 

For declaring (himself) in all cases invested with the power to legislate (laws) for us in all cases whatsoever.

He has abdicated government … by waging war against us.  

Declaration of Independence


I want you to look carefully at this video.

The video was taken in Portland, Oregon. It shows a group of medics at a position that appears to be somewhere near the area in which demonstrations have been occurring. No demonstration is occurring in this video.

A group of men who are identified clearly as Medics by the red crosses on their sleeves and back packs are caring for another person who is lying prone and still on the sidewalk.

Men who are dressed in full battle gear as if they were going into heavy combat against armed forces of an enemy government in a full-on war march up to the medics. The medics signal to the armed government attackers that there is an injured person lying on the sidewalk.

At no time do the medics offer resistance. They appear to be confident that the approaching government attackers will respect their position as medics who are engaged in treating an injured or sick person who is lying immobile on the ground.

The government attackers basically charge the medics, shoving them and repeatedly beating them with clubs. When one of the medics falls to the ground, the government attackers beat him while he is on the ground. If they offer assistance to the immobile person on the sidewalk, I do not see it. I do not know for sure if the government attackers assault the injured person or not.

Not only is this an unprovoked incident of excessive official violence, it is a war crime.

Let me repeat that.

It is a war crime to attack an unarmed medic who is tending to the wounded or injured and who is not engaged in hostile activity. We put people on trial for war crimes in international courts for things like this.

I have several questions.

First and foremost, who are these government factors who committed this crime, as individuals? I think we can use this film to track them down and identify them.

They should be charged with a crime and prosecuted.

Second, who are these armored-up cowards in general? Are they actual government agents, or are they mercenaries from independent contractors who specialize in deploying trained killers-for-hire such as Blackwater, posing as military?

This question is particularly interesting since Blackwater was founded by Eric Prince, who is the brother of Betsy Devos. DeVos is Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education.

She was linked to the armed insurrectionists who shut down the Michigan legislature with their threats of violence and murder earlier this year. Trump publicly supported that insurrection.

Whoever these unidentified brown shirts are, the President of the United States has taken responsibility for their actions. He has announced plans to deploy similar squads of heavily-armed and violent attackers to other cities with populations that are likely to vote against him in the upcoming election.

This is not a guess. He specifically said in his own statement about this that he intended to use federal troops of some description to bring what he terms “law and order” to Democratic cities around the country. He himself specified that the targeted cities were governed by elected officials who are registered as Democrats. That was the selection criteria for these armed invasions that he gave himself.

He singled out his political opponents and said he was sending troops to bring them to heel. He said it several times. As usual, he mixed in a lot of lies. But that’s the gist of it.

Following the trend of other presidents who decide to engage this nation in one of their undeclared but deadly little wars, he even gave his war on the American people a name. He’s calling it “Operation Legend,” which I suppose is fitting in a way.

No American president has ever declared war on the American people before. No American president has ever used heavily armed troops or mercenaries or agents or whatever they are to attack cities which are almost certainly going to vote against him in this way.

This is not the way things are done in democracies. It is the way that tinpot dictators treat their countrymen. It reeks of the Pinochets, Idi Amins and Hitlers of history.

We don’t even know who these invaders are that Trump is sending into our cities. They are armored up to the point that they don’t look human, but there is no identifying insignia on their uniforms or their vans. I won’t call them “soldiers” or anything else that speaks of honor. Right now, they’re functioning as Trump’s personal SS in his own personal war against people who would vote against him.

Trump’s SS have shot pregnant women with their rubber bullets and attacked medics caring for injured people. I’ve seen clips of them beating people who just walk up to them to ask a question. They routinely lob tear gas at peaceful demonstrators who are standing with their hands in the air asking them not to shoot.

They invaded Oregon without the governor or the Mayor of Portland’s request or consent. It has been revealed that someone who organized this invasion for Trump did talk to the local police union. But the police union has no authority whatsoever to invite anyone anywhere except to the next union hall gathering or their own personal homes.

Oregon’s elected officials, the Governor of the state and the Mayor of Portland, are the only ones who could invite a federal invasion of their state or city.

This use of federal troops of undetermined origin to intimidate and attack civilian populations in states that are known to have a high percentage of people who will vote against the president is an armed, military-type attack on this country and our democracy. It employs many of the abuses that led to the American Revolution in the first place.

Look at this video and be afraid. If Trump is not stopped, you are as close as being on the wrong street at the wrong time to having this or worse happen to you.

Even Fox News says Trump’s Crackdown is Illegal.


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