Filthy Coward Trump Attacks Shaye Moss and Miss Ruby

Filthy Coward Trump Attacks Shaye Moss and Miss Ruby June 23, 2022

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by r. nail Bradshaw

The first Democratic witness testified on Day 4 of the hearings on Trump’s attempt to overthrow America’s government and make himself a dictator.

The other witnesses have all been career Republicans who have held high positions in our government for years. Most of them have been attorneys and White House staff or Republican elected officials. They were, to a person, active Trump supporters in the 2020 election.

Many of them had spent years working as Trump’s toadies. They had been instrumental in helping him create the chaos and cultic fervor that enabled him to almost destroy our democracy.

Most of them appear to be victims of cult thinking themselves. Even after what Trump has done to this country and to them personally, they proclaim that they will vote for him again if he’s the Republican nominee in 2024.

I’m grateful to them for refusing to go along with Trump’s coup attempt. But I am stunned by the fact that they say they would vote to hand the power of the presidency right back to a man they know is a treasonous lying scum who came within a hair’s breath of destroying this country and plunging us into a bloody and devastating civil war.

I have no idea how many people would have died, and how much suffering would have been incurred if Trump had succeeded in his attempt to make himself a dictator.

I do know that America would be dead as a world power and democracy all around the world would be in a precarious state. I also know that Trump’s brain-dead followers would lose everything they have, including their lives, just like the rest of us.

Yet these people say they will vote for him again if he’s the Republican nominee. I have no understanding of this. I think it shows how sick the Republican Party has become, that even their most honest members are capable of the insanity of overlooking flat-out treason against America in order to support the Republican Party no matter what it does or what it has devolved into.

As I said, Day 4 was the first day that someone other than a high-ranking career Republican testified.

We heard the testimony of Shaye Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman. In 2020, Ms Moss was an ordinary election worker in Georgia.

My mother was an election worker. What that amounts to is giving a day of your life every election to help make our democracy work. They are paid a tiny amount of money that wouldn’t even buy dinner in a nice restaurant.

Ms Moss has a real job where she earns a living. She did election work as a public service. Her mother was a small business owner. In addition to testifying about what Trump did to them, they also testified to their faith in Christ in an unconscious and sincere way, just by alluding to it innocently.

Innocent is a good word to describe them. They are good people, defenseless innocents, who were attacked by a tyrant who does not care what harm he does to other people so long as he gets what he wants.

Trump directly targeted Shaye Moss by making totally made-up claims that she had carried illegal votes into election headquarters “in a suitcase” in exchange for “money for cocaine.” Ms Moss is black. I think Trump picked her out and alluded to “cocaine money” because she is a black woman.

Trump knows his base. He knows the red meat to feed them to incite them. He is the kind of man who gets off on abusing women, and his supporters back him in this. His racism, including being sued for racist business practices and using race-bating in his campaigns, is well documented.

Trump’s claims about Ms Moss were, like most of the things he says, lies.

Ms Moss suffered horrible abuse from Trump’s followers. I’ve read news stories in which people close to Trump say that this did not bother him at all. I’ve thought Trump is a psychopath from day one. This is certainly in keeping with that.

The testimony of these two women really got to me.

What a filthy coward Donald Trunp is to attack these two innocent Americans.

If he gets away with this, none of us is safe from an abusive and insane president who is backed by an equally insane political party.

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