Ukraine Aid Passed. Putin’s Repubs & Putin Still Won

Ukraine Aid Passed. Putin’s Repubs & Putin Still Won April 22, 2024

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The United States House of Representatives finally passed aid to Ukraine, after long, destructive months of delay by Putin’s Republicans. 

I would guess that a lot of people — die-hard, knee-jerk Republicans in particular — breathed a sigh of relief. Now, in their thinking at least, everything is right as rain and they can go back to believing we live in a land of ponies and rainbows because the political party that they hold in deeper reverence than they do Christ the Lord has shown them that it’s still the party they think it is. 

Sadly, the truth of this situation is not a scenario of ponies and rainbows. If you are an honest Republican, it’s really just icing on the cake that proves that the Republican Party you revere and worship is as dead as the proverbial Dodo bird. 

Putin’s Republicans voted en masse against aide to Ukraine. We got a serious and for-real headcount of just how many of them are in Russia’s pocket, and it came to more than half the Republican Caucus in the United States House of Representatives. There are 217 Republicans in the House, and 112 of them voted against aid to Ukraine. No Democrats voted against aid to Ukraine. 

Those 112 Republicans are how many members of Congress Putin absolutely and completely controls in the United States House of Representatives. They are his puppets. 

Now, if you are a Republican who puts America ahead of his or her political party, you know just how bought, bribed and sold out to Russia your political party has become. You have a list of names that need to be replaced with anybody of any party who is not in Putin’s back pocket. 

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If it’s America vs your political party, you’ve gotta vote for America. Unless, of course, you’re so loyal to the Republican Party that you will put it ahead of the security and survival of America. 

I know that sounds like an extreme statement; the survival of America. But it’s not extreme when you realize that Putin was able to use his control of the Republicans in the House of Representatives to block aid to Ukraine for months. Putin’s Republicans in the House were working, right out front and in plain sight, to help Putin win the war in Ukraine. Traitors in his pocket in America’s Congress are more valuable to Putin than any number of tanks. 

Think for a moment about the damage Putin’s Republicans have already done to this country and to Ukraine. Everything was not set right by the bill’s passage last Saturday. Not by a long sight. 

Ukraine’s military was left stranded for months. In that time, Russia gained ground. In that time, Putin demonstrated to the whole world that his control within the American government by means of the Republican Party is enough to force this country to its knees any time he wants.

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Putin’s Republicans made it clear to anyone who is willing o see things for what they are that the Republican Party is honeycombed with traitors to this country who are willing to sell this country’s interests and the interests of our allies right down the drain at any time and in any way that they can. 

Putin’s Republicans did not lose. Putin’s Republican won. Putin won. In our House of Representatives by means of people you and I voted into office. 

The damage that Putin’s Republicans have done to this country with just this one action of blocking aid to Ukraine for months is incalculable. The potential for the destruction of this country which they revealed in this action is terrifying. 

If Putin’s Republicans take control of the Senate and keep the House next fall, Putin will have effective control of the entire United States Congress. 

Putin’s Republicans in the House have given us a powerful demonstration these past two years of just what we can expect if they get control of both the Senate and the House. 

They will hand Ukraine over to Putin. They will deep-six NATO and allow Putin to, in Trump’s words “do whatever the hell he wants” to Western Europe. 

Do you think America will be safe if that happens? Do you think your life will continue unchanged after that? 

If you think that, you are lying to yourself. America is so strong that no enemy can overtake us from without. But if Americans themselves elect known traitors to high office and hand their government over to them, then no foreign enemy has to overtake us from without. 

Putin can and will bring America right down to its knees without firing a shot. All he has to do is keep laundering money into our billionaire class who have in turn bought up the Republican Party, and then use this money to get our Republican elected officials to open the door and let him walk right in. 

Putin will destroy America. All he needs is for millions of Americans who have developed a pathological loyalty to a political party (of all things) to blindly vote for Republicans, even when they are known traitors. 

I am an American. From the top of my frizzy gray hair to the soles of my Okie feet, I am an American. Political parties are not America. I’m a life-long Democrat. I took a lot of crap off my political party when I was in office, and I stayed Democrat. 

But if the Democrats had sold out America to a hostile foreign power, if they had stood up at their rallies like the Republicans did a couple of months ago at their big fund raiser CPAC and said “Welcome to the overthrow of democracy. We are here to end it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on January 6, but we will endeavor to replace it with this,” and hold up what looks like a Bible, I would be out the door faster than you can say lickety-split. 

Political parties don’t mean that much. They are affiliations, but they are not — or they shouldn’t be — God in your heart and mind. Do not confuse your political party with Jesus. 

A lot of Republicans have based their certitudes about life on voting R. It is a visceral part of their individual identity. 

But America is where you live. American is what you are. 

Our Constitution, our democracy, have given you this wonderful country and the freedom to enjoy it.  

If the Republican Party loses an election, your life will go on just fine. But if America is handed over to a hostile foreign power by traitors you elected to high office, we will all suffer the consequences. 

In this election, you either vote for America, or you vote Republican. It’s that simple. 

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