VIDEO: Lacrae Performs Deeply Personal ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ on ‘Tonight Show’

VIDEO: Lacrae Performs Deeply Personal ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ on ‘Tonight Show’ November 4, 2016

Hip hop artist LaCrae recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, sharing the personal song “Can’t Stop Me Now,” accompanied by Lalah Hathaway. The deeply personal song chronicles the artist’s struggle with doubt, depression, and anxiety stemming from racial injustice in America:

LaCrae photographed by DeWayne Hamby
LaCrae photographed by DeWayne Hamby

I’m glad that Jesus ain’t American
And that’s the reason why I care again
People started praying for me
And homies telling me I was being arrogant
I quit popping them pills
And even though we get killed
I know that God got a greater plan
For the death and blood that we spill

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