Former Amazon Exec Talks Growing Faith-Based Children’s Streamer Minno and Newest Series, ‘Young David’

Former Amazon Exec Talks Growing Faith-Based Children’s Streamer Minno and Newest Series, ‘Young David’ November 9, 2023

“Young David,” an animated series about the life of the biblical king, is the latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of the Minno streaming app, aimed at providing Christian entertainment to younger generations. The project is a partnership between Slingshot Productions and the streamer developed by Minno CEO Erick Goss.

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Minno’s mission revolves around delivering high-quality, faith-based content to children and families, addressing the ever-growing need for uplifting children’s entertainment. Goss, a self-described “unconventional” CEO for a children’s media company given his background, shared his unique path that led him to the helm of Minno.

“’Minno’ is based on the Greek word for ‘abide’ from John 15,” he said. “It’s based on John 15:4-5 where Jesus saying, ‘if you abide in me and I abide in you, you will produce much.’ The mission of our company is really what can we do to use media and technology to help kids experience Jesus every day and with that, what we can do to impact their parents to experience Jesus every day through media and technology.”

Goss’ journey includes attending the Naval Academy, working as a Pentagon spokesperson, obtaining an MBA from Michigan, and spending seven years at Amazon during its early days. His time at Amazon was marked by significant contributions to the digital media initiatives, such as launching the first e-book business and print on demand business. His diverse experiences paved the way for Minno’s creation.

His transition to a faith-based focus began when he helped establish a church in Seattle, emphasizing the impact of a dynamic children’s ministry on new believers’ families. It highlighted the need for engaging faith-oriented content for children and their parents. This realization ultimately led him to the founding of Minno, a streaming platform with a mission to help children experience Jesus daily through media and technology.

Minno’s commitment to providing families with a daily utility for spiritual formation is driven by the understanding that the formative years, from 0 to 16, are critical for instilling faith in children. Goss pointed out that more than two-thirds of believers make a profession of faith during this period, making it a strategic investment. Furthermore, children’s media, unlike adult-oriented media, is more cost-effective to produce, offering a high return on mission and capital. This combination of factors shaped Minno’s core mission.

The new project “Young David” at Minno is a testament to their commitment to high-quality children’s media. The project emerged when Bill Cunningham of Slingshot Productions and Sunrise Animation in Cape Town pitched a film centered on David. While Minno couldn’t engage in a full-fledged film, they recognized the potential for a children’s series. This series aims to set a new standard for Christian children’s media quality, while also delving into the profound story of David and his journey towards becoming a man after God’s own heart.

“It’s basically a story hidden in plain sight,” he said. “David is probably one of the biggest stories in the Bible and so important, but no one’s really done anything significant around the life of David and media. As we looked at it, we recognized that David is the only person that God says is a man after His own heart. And you see that David clearly grew up with a God-sized imagination as a child.”

Minno goes beyond streaming content, offering companion books for “Young David” and other resources. The goal is to provide families with tools to elevate the voices of truth in children’s lives. Companion books for each episode of “Young David” allow children to delve deeper into the world of the character. Minno also recognized the need for thematically appropriate early reader books, as many mainstream media options often lack such content.

In addition to streaming, Minno has developed “The Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids,” a unique children’s Bible that caters to kids rather than just being written for grown-ups to read to them. This Bible includes a companion video series, allowing kids to explore the Bible stories through both reading and viewing. The aim is to create a fun, engaging, and kid-friendly approach to biblical literacy, offering 52 stories instead of just the “greatest hits” found in traditional children’s Bibles.

For parents interested in exploring all that Minno has to offer, the streaming app is the best place to start. It provides a one-week free trial and offers competitive pricing options, making it accessible for families. Minno can be accessed at or through major streaming app stores.

Minno’s efforts in providing uplifting and faith-based content for children and families have the potential to shape the future of children’s media and have a positive impact on the lives of young believers. Goss and his team are committed to creating a space where children can experience Jesus every day and families can engage in meaningful spiritual formation. By focusing on kids, Minno is contributing to the cultivation of strong, faith-grounded individuals who will positively influence the world.

“Young David,” created by Bill Cunningham from Slingshot Productions in partnership with Minno, is currently streaming on

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