Matthew West Digs Deeper in New Book ‘My Story, Your Glory’

Matthew West Digs Deeper in New Book ‘My Story, Your Glory’ March 19, 2024

Matthew West, the chart-topping Christian artist behind hits such as “Truth Be Told,” “Hello, My Name Is” and Don’t Stop Praying,” is making waves not just with his songs but also with his newly released book, “My Story Your Glory.” In a recent interview, West shared insights into his journey as an artist, the inspiration behind his latest book, and his perspective on using gifts for God’s glory.

Before he ever considered writing a book, West had a pivotal moment with his mother, who foresaw his future as an author long before he did.

“My mom has always had a gift for seeing things or giftings in my life that maybe I’m not paying attention to,” he said. Despite initially dismissing her prediction due to self-doubt, West eventually embraced the idea of writing books as an extension of his storytelling abilities beyond music.

“What does it look like to unpack the message of that song in a deeper way, and explore the deeper truth of it?” West pondered, highlighting his desire to delve into meaningful narratives beyond the confines of a three-minute song. His journey from skepticism to embracing his calling underscores the theme of using one’s gifts in service of God’s greater purpose.

Embracing the idea of divine redirection, West emphasized the importance of remaining open to unexpected paths in life. “I get really excited because the day is gonna come…it’s not about what I’m doing on stage. It’s how I’m living my life,” he stated. West’s willingness to adapt and evolve creatively reflects a profound trust in God’s guidance, transcending the limitations of predetermined plans.

On the music front, West is riding the wave of success with his latest single, “Don’t Stop Praying,” resonating deeply with audiences across the country. Describing the overwhelming response to the song, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to inspire a recommitment to prayer amidst challenging times. The success of “Don’t Stop Praying” mirrors West’s unwavering commitment to using his platform to uplift and encourage others.

As he continues to work on his upcoming album, West finds himself in a season of celebration and transition on a personal level. With two daughters in high school, including one on the brink of graduation, he embraces the role of a father navigating new milestones with a sense of awe and gratitude. Amidst the excitement of family milestones, West remains grounded in his mission to faithfully steward the gifts entrusted to him by God.

Matthew West’s journey shows the transformative power of surrendering to God’s plan and utilizing one’s gifts for His glory. From music to writing and beyond, his story serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when we relinquish control and allow God to work through us. As he continues to inspire audiences with his music and writings, West’s message resounds with a timeless truth: our stories, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary, can become vessels for God’s extraordinary grace.

“My Story Your Glory” is now available. Click here for more information or to order.

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