Mickey Bell Combines Laughter, Inspiration on New Album

Mickey Bell Combines Laughter, Inspiration on New Album April 18, 2024

Mickey Bell, who released his sophomore project, “Live from the Paramount,” on April 1, found an unconventional route to comedy Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, he found himself teaming up with GRAMMY Award-winning artist Jason Crabb, traveling around to assist churches in reopening. “I did about 120 dates during COVID, which is crazy,” Bell reminisces. “That’s when I got to actually work on my craft.”

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Bell’s comedic chops shine in navigating the delicate balance of humor within the confines of religious settings. “In the church world, not everybody has a good sense of humor,” he notes. “But I’ve learned to find that line, especially as a clean comic.”

The Alabama-native found that church people will laugh about their denominations, their own personal quirks, but frequently draw the line at jabs at their political candidates. He also says that even though he is a clean comedian who frequently appears in nightclub settings, a church setting requires an extra layer of caution.

“If you went into churches and did what people do at comedy clubs, that’s considered clean comedy,” he says. “But some people still call that sacrilegious. So, I have to have an extra bath. That was one of the hardest things for me to learn, knowing where that line was, because that line is determined by each individual, not the specific location of where you are.”

Beyond the laughter, the comedian has a deeper message to share—one of struggle and redemption. Bell has been transparent with his personal battle with mental illness, a journey that led him from the pulpit to the stage.

“I didn’t know that I was supposed to talk about my feelings,” he admits. “But I’ve realized that my platform is more than just comedy. It’s about reaching out to those who feel unheard.”

His decision to incorporate mental health advocacy into his comedy sets him apart, offering a safe space for those grappling with similar issues. “I want my concerts to be considered a safe place,” Bell emphasizes. “People come because they know I understand.”

The release of ” Live from the Paramount” marks a milestone in his career, garnering praise and reaching the number one spot on iTunes’ comedy charts. Yet, Bell acknowledges the challenges of maintaining originality in an era of social media saturation. “People feel like they already know your show because they’ve seen clips online,” he explains.

Despite these challenges, Bell remains steadfast in his commitment to his craft. “My material is going to be online either way,” he says. “I’d rather control it and make a little bit off of it.”

Indeed, Bell’s resilience and adaptability shine through in the face of adversity. He credits the COVID-19 pandemic for catapulting many comedians into the spotlight, showcasing the power of humor in times of crisis.

With “Live from the Paramount,” now streaming on digital platforms, Bell invites audiences to laugh, reflect, and be inspired with the hope of redemption and restoration.

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