August 2, 2023

Corrie Ten Boom’s classic book “The Hiding Place” comes to life on the big screen this week through a filmed live stage show releasing from Rabbit Room Theatre, Matt Logan Productions and MA2LA in partnership with Trafalgar Releasing. The play, filmed before a live audience, tells the heroic true story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family, who risked everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds during World War II before being discovered and ultimately facing the consequences. Adapted... Read more

August 1, 2023

Kingdom Story Company and Lionsgate  Studios have announced the release of their newest film, “Unsung Hero,” starring Joel Smallbone, Daisy Betts, Kirrilee Berger, Jonathan Jackson, Lucas Black, Candace Cameron Bure, Terry O’Quinn, and Hillary Scott. Following the success of “Jesus Revolution” and the music biopics “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe,” the new film details the history of the Smallbone family, which spawned the Christian music artists for KING + COUNTRY and Rebecca St. James. “Unsung Hero,” which... Read more

July 26, 2023

One of my most memorable interviews has been with the enigmatic Sinead O’Connor. In 2007, she recorded “Theology,” an album of songs inspired by the Old Testament (with a New Testament song as well) and sought to speak to religious audiences. I mostly covered Christian music and didn’t know what to expect when I called her. I had images of the outspoken rebel shunning the mainstream in my mind and wondered if her hesitation and awkwardness might choke the life... Read more

July 7, 2023

Playing the seasoned country artist Colt Young, singer-songwriter and internet influencer Coffey Anderson lends his deep baritone and charismatic personality to the new film “God’s Country Song.” The film, which centers on an up-and-coming singer Noah (Justin Gaston) trying to make his mark on the industry while grappling with family issues, has a rich soundtrack and themes of faith, fatherhood, and forgiveness. Anderson rolled his viral internet stardom into the Netflix reality series co-starring his wife and kids, “Country Ever... Read more

July 7, 2023

Justin Gaston and Justene Alpert, who star together in the new PureFlix film “God’s Country Song,” recently opened up about their transformative experiences on set and it’s inspiring themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the power of faith. Reflecting on the memorable moments from the set, Gaston noted the remarkable camaraderie among the cast and crew, describing it as a true team effort. “It was clearly like a team when we stepped on site,” Gaston said. “Everyone was so kind and... Read more

July 4, 2023

The new independent thriller “Sound of Freedom,” featuring the true story of Tim Ballard, has already made a splash at the box office, earning more than $10 million in pre-sales even before its release. The movie stars Jim Cavizel as the former government agent who left his job to journey into some of the darkest places on earth to save children sold into slavery. During premiere week, Ballard spoke with DeWayne Hamby about the feeling of the film finally being... Read more

July 1, 2023

In the new film, “Sound of Freedom,” releasing this week from Angel Studios, Mira Sorvino (“Mighty Aphrodite,” “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”) co-stars as Katherine, wife of Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel), a former government agent fighting for the release of abducted children. The film sheds light on the worldwide epidemic of human trafficking, a cause dear to the heart of the Academy Award-winning actress and former United Nations Goodwill ambassador. “I’ve been an advocate against human trafficking since 2004,”... Read more

June 30, 2023

As the closing credits roll in the new independent drama “Sound of Freedom,” moviegoers will be treated to a top tier theme song thanks to an A-list music produce and songwriter. Fernando Garibay, who helped Lady Gaga craft her quadruple platinum “Born this Way” album and subsequent tour “The Born This Way Ball,” was moved by the film and realized his talents in creating hits for artists such as Gaga, Sting, Shakira and Sia, could be utilized in taking the... Read more

June 12, 2023

“You can’t just watch a movie; you have to spiritualize it.” Well, not always. But sometimes a film lends itself to a spiritual thought or two and such is the case with the new big-budget superhero extravaganza, “The Flash,” starring Ezra Miller. In addition to a DC comics character cavalcade, it features a profound thread with the purpose of pain and suffering. As one of the most highly anticipated superhero projects, ‘The Flash,’ releasing Friday, carries with it the burden... Read more

June 6, 2023

Colton Dixon recently released his newest EP “Canvas” through Atlantic Records, featuring the new single “My Light” and his chart-topping “Build a Boat,” along with his remake with country singer Gabby Barrett. The singer-songwriter, who toured the country on the “Build a Boat” tour with Jordan St. Cyr and Apollo LTD, says the new songs were his way of bringing hope after a trying time in the world. “No matter how dark it may seem, in the world that we’re... Read more

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