Gay Christians and the UMC and Lambeth Controversies

Gay Christians and the UMC and Lambeth Controversies March 26, 2019

Given how much this subject has been in the news lately, and on blogs and other sources that I read regularly and subscribe to, it seems that a round-up is in order. The convergence of the United Methodist Church’s vote, and the Archbishop of Canterbury rescinding the invitation to same-gender spouses of attendees, showed that even in progressive demominations there is still significant ongoing debate. I know a number of people who are involved in these denominations at all levels, from laypeople through Sunday school teachers to seminary professors and people in leadership roles in the church hierarchy – as well as at least one individual who is contemplating going to seminary and wondering what all this might mean for their future vocational path.

Below is a selection of links to blog posts and articles on these topics. I think that setting these different yet related events from two different yet related denominations is instructive. Let me know if I missed anything that you think is particularly helpful or insightful!

Erin Wathen asks why Christian homophobia is trending at the moment, and says insightful things like “It is the fear of change itself that keeps our faith so small and scared.” Inside Higher Ed looked at how United Methodist schools are reacting. The University of Kent responded, being the prospective venue for Lambeth 2020.

Christian Century has had articles on what the United Methodists should do now that their meeting offered no clear way forward, as well as wrestling with the fact that people can be both bruised and blessed by scripture.

Americans Show Broad Support for LGBT Nondiscrimination Protections

Bad Theology Hurts People

Behold LGBTQ+ Stand at the Door and Knock

Bart Ehrman hosted more than one guest post by Jeff Siker on homosexuality and the New Testament:

Homosexuality and the New Testament. Guest Post by Jeff Siker.

Why the Uniting Church should be louder about its LGBTIQ inclusion

Union Theological Seminary shared its response

Hacking Christianity shared a reader’s response to the vote, a collection of regional responses, the Nordic UMC response, as well as an extensive discussion of flawed arguments used in the debate.

Eboo Patel focused on the way reporting about this exposes a false simplicity in the progressive and liberal narrative represented in much of the media.

Methodist Pastor Will Keep Officiating Gay Weddings Until the UMC Kicks Him Out

The Largest Christian Charity in America Gives Millions to Anti-LGBT Hate Groups

Evangelicals and the Gay Closet: Is Ray Boltz Still a Christian?

A Saturday Church (Reflections on General Conference)

A Gay Church Janitor’s Song About His Place in Heaven Wowed American Idol Judges

The Truth About LGBTQ Christians

Pastor Fired for Officiating Former Student’s Same-Sex Wedding Has No Regrets

Christian Group Runs Anti-Walmart “Survey” After Gay Men Appear in Blind Date Ad

Anti-Gay Christian Who Broke School Rules Claims She Got Punished for Her Faith

Evidence of improper voting raises questions about Methodist gay clergy vote

Changing our Mind

Bishops and spouses respind to Lambeth disinvitations

The way of love and Lambeth

The Guardian had an article on “the gay church.”

Lee M asked whether the world needs another Methodist church.

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