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Paul around the Blogosphere April 30, 2019

I hope to be able to resume the Paul APB series soon. In the meantime, here is a collection of blog posts related to Paul and his writings that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Steve Wiggins shared thoughts on the UMC debates about human sexuality that drive a wedge between Paul and Jesus in a manner that is very common. Here is an excerpt:

Ironically the UMC has lined up against the Gospels.  Christianity’s sexual hangups began with the apostle from Tarsus, not the carpenter from Nazareth.  We have been forced to see, time and again, what comes of making priests remain celibate.  It’s against nature, and none of us has a free hand to grope for a stone.  Instead, we queue up ready to judge.  Love, the church says, is wrong.  God, says the Gospel, is love.  There’s a mansion with many rooms above our heads.  We’re not told if the doors come with locks or not.  Unless this seem unnaturally profane, anyone who has truly loved another knows it is more than just a physical act.  Such spiritual intimacy is difficult to spread too thinly without cheapening it to the point of a tawdry sit-com.  Even then, however, we shouldn’t judge.  There aren’t stones enough in the world for that.

Keith Giles blogged about fake letters of Paul in the New Testament

What’s up with Paul’s language of “the flesh”?

Paul and His Co-Workers

Ferrell’s Favorite Fotos # 14

Phil Long has been blogging through key passages in Acts related to the life and mission of Paul:

Acts 9 – Was Paul from a Wealthy Family?

Acts 9:19-22 – Paul in Damascus

Acts 13 – Gentiles and the Church in Syrian Antioch

Acts 14:8-18 – Paul and Pagans

Acts 15 – Why is Circumcision So Important?

Acts 15 – What Was the Jerusalem Council?

Acts 15:7-11 – Peter and the Yoke of the Law

Acts 15:13-21 – James and the Jerusalem Council

Acts 15:40 – Who was Silas?

Acts 15:36-40 – Disagreement with Barnabas

Acts 16:1-2 – Timothy and the Law

Acts 16:1-2 – Timothy and the Law

Acts 17 – Paul’s Speech on Mars Hill

Acts 17 – Paul and the Poets

Acts 18 – Corinth in the First Century

Acts 18 – Corinth as “Sin City”

Acts 18:1-4 – Paul in Corinth

Acts 19 – Who is Artemis?

Acts 19:13-20 – The Magicians of Ephesus

Why Were Aquila and Priscilla Forced to Leave Rome?

Acts 21 – James and the Law

Acts 21 – Accusations against Paul

Acts 22 – Paul and Citizenship

Acts 22 – Paul’s Defense

Acts 23 – Paul the Faithful Jew?

Acts 24 – Who was Felix?

Acts 25 – Who was Festus?

Acts 26 – Who was Agrippa?

Acts 26:16-18 – Paul and The Reasonable Faith

Acts 27 – Travel to Rome

Acts 27 – The Storm

Acts 27 – Lost at Sea

Acts 28:1-6 – Paul on Malta

Acts and the Rhetoric of Roman Imperialism

Ben Witherington gave a lecture about Paul and the rhetoric of evangelism and shared it on his blog.

Scot McKnight began a series about a particularly important and influential book about Paul, E. P. Sanders’ classic, Paul and Palestinian Judaism:

E.P. Sanders, Our Series Begins

John Barclay’s Very Brief History of Paul

According to James Ware, “Paul’s revolutionary teaching on sex, marriage, and celibacy was a powerful liberating force, especially for women, slaves, and children.” See also Beth Allison Barr’s post on Paul and patriarchy.

AJR started a forum on the goy, i.e. the Gentile, many of the contributions to which focused on Paul’s role in the definition of the category within both Judaism and eventually what became Christianity. Lionel Windsor blogged about Bishop Donald Robinson’s interpretation of Romans.

A review of Paula Fredriksen’s recent book appeared in Bryn Mawr Classical Review. An opposing viewpoint is articulated by Don Hagner.

Don Hagner on Continuity and Discontinuity in the New Testament

Jesus Creed had a post about preaching on Romans:

Romans, O Romans, How Do We Preach Thee?

Charles Allen mentioned Paul’s views on same-sex marriage and love in an article in the Butler Collegian.

Richard Fellows blogged about the background to Galatians, and about text criticism and the authenticity of 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.

Paul Davidson wrote a post a while back about the plausibility of the shipwreck story in Acts.

Scot McKnight blogged about the impact playing Paul in a movie had on actor James Faulkner.

Preaching Romans—A Quick Look (Gupta)

Romans, Four Views, Four Preaching Approaches

Bob Cornwall blogged about Paul being “all things to all people” and about the “eschatological meal” in 1 Corinthians 11.

Ben Witherington shared a video of a discussion of the “New Perspective on Paul.”

Libby Anne blogged about women prophesying in 1 Corinthians

Some key themes in Galatians

See also these posts from James Tabor:

Paul’s Six Greatest Ideas: Part One

Paul’s Six Greatest Ideas: Part Two

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church USA appealed to Paul in the discussion of whether same-sex spouses should be invited to the Lambeth Conference:

It reflects our commitment to be an inclusive church, not based on a social theory or capitulation to the ways of the culture but based on our belief that the outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross are a sign of the very love of God reaching out to us all. It reflects our belief that the words of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians should be true for the church today: ‘All who have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, for all are one in Christ.’

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