ReligionProf Podcast with Adam Lee and Andrew Murtagh

ReligionProf Podcast with Adam Lee and Andrew Murtagh March 13, 2019

In this week’s episode of the ReligionProf Podcast, I share a long-overdue conversation with Andrew Murtagh and Adam Lee. Both of them are humanists, but Andrew is a Christian humanist while Adam is an atheist humanist. Both are also Patheos bloggers: Adam blogs at Daylight Atheism and Andrew blogs at Soapbox Redemption.

Why did I say that we were long overdue to record a podcast? Because we talked about doing so prior to Andrew and Adam’s visit to Indianapolis last October, when they spoke at Butler University. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to make it happen until later.

In the podcast, we talk about topics such as whether the ability of people to collaborate based on shared moral principles across a significant ideological divide is a problem for either worldview.

In case you are wondering, having pressed Adam on his espousal of mythicism during the Q&A at Butler, I didn’t see the point in focusing on that again, although if he is ever interested in coming back on the show to do so, I’d be happy to continue that conversation. There will be a post on that topic featuring a lot from Bart Ehrman in the coming days, that will hopefully satisfy anyone disappointed by the omission of this topic from the podcast this week.

The book that Adam and Andrew wrote together has the title Meta, and so of course I asked whether that might prove a hindrance to finding a suitable title should they ever decide that they want to write a sequel. Perhaps Mega, followed by Ultra if it turns into a trilogy?

Adam and Andrew have also appeared in Randal Rauser’ podcast, and you can find videos of some of their talks online on YouTube.

Finally, let me highlight the charity that brought them together, the Polaris Project. Please consider giving to support their efforts to combat human trafficking, something that you can presumably support, as they can, regardless of your religious views.

Feel free to discuss other topics that you think atheists and Christians should be able to agree on, or could never possibly agree on, in the comments below!

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