Indianapolis Book Tour with Adam Lee

Indianapolis Book Tour with Adam Lee October 24, 2018

The Meta tour continues! Adam and I are back it with another double header in my hometown.

We’re up first at Butler University on Thursday at 7pm. Our discussion, “A Christian Humanist, a Secular Humanist, and a Theologian: On God, the Big Questions, and Ending Human Trafficking”, will be moderated by Dr. Charles Allen, theologian, Episcopal priest, and chaplain of Grace Unlimited, the Episcopal/Lutheran Campus Ministry at Butler.

On Friday, we’re at Crosspoint Church in Fishers at 7pm. Our discussion, “Faith vs. Doubt”, will be moderated by pastor Curt Walters. As always, both events will celebrate an evening of truth-seeking among friends while raising money to support the fight on human trafficking, a shared cause for Adam and I with this project.  

Your attendance and donations are always appreciated! 

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Indianapolis Book Tour with Adam Lee

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