Religion Professor Podcast with James McGrath

Religion Professor Podcast with James McGrath March 16, 2019

Adam and I had a very fun discussion on James McGrath’s ReligionProf Podcast. We had the privilege of meeting James at our exchange at Butler University, where he is a Religion Professor.

Many of you know also know James as he’s a fellow Patheos Progressive blogger. It’s been a real privilege to have been able to meet James, not to mention collaborate with fellow Patheos bloggers in person (James @ Religion Prof, Adam @ Daylight Atheism), along with continuing the discussion over the airwaves. James has a very interesting podcast that I would highly recommend. 

At my and Adam’s dialogue at Butler, James was pumped at the openness of our dialogue, our interest in the big questions, and our shared humanistic views, though differing philosophical/theological bends. To continue to discussion, he invited us on his podcast, where we discussed our book Meta, how our exchange kicked off, our shared cause on rallying around ending human trafficking, and how to have discussions on the big questions. We also jumped into the ethics (and Vampire ethics on Mars!), religious epistemology in light of our evolutionary history, free-will, along with what’s next for Adam and I.

I’m hopeful we can continue the conversation with James, and perhaps a return to Butler University, in the future.


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