Adoptionist Christology

Adoptionist Christology July 5, 2019

It was interesting that Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day coincided this year. I wonder how many churches took the opportunity to explore the tension between Jesus’ typically theocentric, “Father-focused” teaching, and the doctrine that makes him co-equal and co-eternal with the Father.

My review of Larry Hurtado’s 2017 book has been published.

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Andrew Perriman regularly explores topics related to this:

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The Sacred Page explored the image of the divine shepherd and the language of the Father being greater in the Gospel of John.

Who Was Jesus? – Part Two

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Book Announcement: How the Spirit Became God

An attempt to explain the Trinity with help from computer programming

Finally, see James Tabor’s post about a book he is working on, related to the idea that Jesus was the natural offspring of Joseph and Mary – another idea that was widely held in ancient adoptionism as well as in much modern liberal Christianity.

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