5 Things the New Bachelor Ben Should Know 

5 Things the New Bachelor Ben Should Know  August 26, 2015


As I said in Monday’s post, I’m rooting for Ben to succeed in his journey for love (barf) as the next bachelor. So I thought it might be helpful if I offered him some unsolicited advice. Here are five things that might help Ben:

1) Look past the bikini. Yes, you will inevitably be on the beach, or by a pool, or in a hot tub with a whole bunch of women during your “journey,” but you must look past the bikini in search of someone who you can see yourself doing life with. Life is so much more than hot tubs, my friend. Take it from me, relationships are much more fulfilling when they’re based on more than just attraction. 

2) Break the rules. When you’re the bachelor, you’re pretty much in control. You don’t always have to follow the format of every show that has preceded you. If you feel like you need to break the rules to go after one of the women (as I did with Catherine several times), do it. You have the leverage in this situation, make the most of it. 

3) The world is watching. Yes, you’ll get around 10-12 million US viewers each week, but this show will also be broadcast in countries all over the world over the next several years. You have ten weeks to show the world what kind of guy you are… make the most of it. 

4) Be a light. This piggybacks off of number three but it deserves it’s own bullet. You’ve been upfront about your faith and now you have an enormous opportunity to be a light to a dim world. It might not always be easy but take it from me, it is so worth it. The world needs your light. 

5) Get massages. Okay so this one doesn’t really fall in line with the others but it’s good advice nonetheless. When traveling, you’ll always reach the destination a day before the girls do (to shoot B roll) and that will leave you with a little free time. I would book a massage or two at each hotel we visited and the show would pick up the tab. Take advantage my friend.

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