Desperate Donald is Working His Christian Supporters Even Harder by Dropping the “A Bomb”

Desperate Donald is Working His Christian Supporters Even Harder by Dropping the “A Bomb” May 2, 2019

“The baby is born; the mother meets with the doctor, they take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. Then the doctor and mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby. This is unconscionable.”

-President Trump

The quote above came right out of the President’s mouth within the last week. It could go down in history as one of the most egregiously appalling lies ever uttered by a president. There is simply no truth in it whatsoever. But as far as Trump and his supporters are concerned, it’s a post-truth era.

I don’t think for one second that Trump believed a word of his own statement. I believe he senses his administration falling so quickly he is grasping for whatever might slow the plummet. One tried and true way he returns to again and again is to stir up his right wing Christian supporters. The fastest way to do that is to drop an “A Bomb”–to play the abortion card. This time, however, his desperation is shining through his lie. This audacious claim is so over the top false that it should–should–tear his credibility to shreds. But the Christian Right is so stitched-at-the-hip with Trump by now, it’s probably not going to have any negative impact with them. Trump is counting on that.

These are the facts:

  • 88% of abortions are done within the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy
  • 98.5% of abortions are done before 21 weeks (that’s about 3 weeks before the point in a pregnancy where most fetuses become “viable”–meaning they could potentially survive outside the womb.)
  • Only 1.5% of abortions happen after 21 weeks and severe stipulations must be met for that to happen legally, including risk of death to the mother or severe health risk for the fetus.

State laws vary, but almost every state has strict limits as to the stage of gestation when abortion can occur. Most of them are either before 21 weeks, 24 weeks, or simply state viability.

Our president is either an outright liar or is crippled with dementia  (perhaps both). Shouldn’t Christians–all of us–hold the President to a higher standard? I fully empathize with my more conservative Christian brothers and sisters in their stance against abortion but, if one is going stand against anything, they should be fully armed with facts, not emotion-driven hyperbole and perfidious misinformation.

If you see a right wing Christian–or anyone else, for that matter–spreading these outlandish lies on social media, be sure to hit them with some facts.

In this post-truth era, facts are precious commodities.

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