10 Ways to Tell If He Thinks You’re a Great Catch

10 Ways to Tell If He Thinks You’re a Great Catch February 3, 2019

10 -ways-to-tell-if-he thinks you're a great catch1. You don’t have a lot of junk in your trunk. You look for solutions to your problems instead of whining about them. You’re not looking for someone to save you.

2. He trusts you. He confides in you because he knows you don’t gossip. People say good things about you. Your friends confide in you because they know they can trust you.

3. You understand God’s plan for marriage. You’re confident enough to acquiesce sometimes to keep peace in your marriage. You understand the relationship is more valuable than being right. You’re not embarrassed to fulfill your role as a godly wife.

4. He thinks you’re smart. Not the 2 plus 2 kind, although that’s nice, too. He thinks you’re wise. He believes you learn from your mistakes. You have godly opinions and views. You discern and ponder before you jump in.

5. He knows you respect him. You may not be a pro, but  you want to get better. You respect him whether he deserves it or not. You admire the man he is becoming instead of criticizing who he is. You know he’s going to make mistakes, but you believe he’s an honorable man.

6. He feels safe sharing his feelings and failures with you. You encourage him to dream. You’re the wind beneath his wings. He enjoys talking about the future  and his dreams. You keep him motivated by making him believe he can do the hard things. You lift him up when he’s down and you never make fun of him in a mean way.

7. You don’t give him attitude on his bad days. You love him when he’s grumpy. When he apologizes, you accept and forgive.

8. He knows you’ll fight for your marriage. You believe marriage is forever, and you’ll do all you can to preserve your union. You’re willing to navigate the bumps in the road because you know on either side of a valley is a mountaintop.

9. He knows you’re willing to give instead of take. You don’t ask what’s in it for you but what can you give to him.

10. You’re okay knowing he loves God more than you. You understand  his relationship with God is what makes him who you is and will keep him committed to you.


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