Why is Drinking at a Young Age Bad?

Why is Drinking at a Young Age Bad? March 5, 2019

why-is-drinking-at-a-young-age-badI wasn’t prepared for the moment my kids could legally buy and drink alcohol. And I don’t feel like I prepared them for it either. How do I talk to a young adult about alcohol?

Sure, we’d talked about underaged drinking and risks of using drugs and alcohol since they were little. But we rarely have wine in our home. Never beer or hard liquor. So, I assumed my kids would be like me. Rarely, occasional or not-at-all drinkers.

So when my son ordered a beer at lunch when he was home on Spring Break, I realized that might be the case or it might not be.

Thinking about him drinking made me feel yucky.

In that malt liquor moment, I realized–after the years of talking about underaged drinking– I’d never shifted the conversation from restraint to responsibility. I needed to talk to my son about the effects of drinking at a young age. 

Mom fail. 

Like sex, I’d rather he find out about it from us than from his friends.

At twenty-one, the drinking conversation stops. Maybe we assume our kids will make the same choices we do. Maybe we figure, they’re young adults and can decide for themselves.

Either way, I’ve got to stop assuming. If I want my kid to know the effects of drinking as a young adult, it’s best to say it.

So like a kid who hadn’t studied for a test, I tried to cram 15 years of responsible drinking thinking into a lunch hour.

With Spring Break around the corner, now’s a good time for a refresher course on young adults and alcohol. Here’s my letter to my son about the possible effects of drinking at a young age.


People assume young adults  will get drunk. It’s an expectation not a mandate.

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