The minor notes that come to serenade you

The minor notes that come to serenade you April 9, 2013

In the latest Left Behind post, we talked about the storyteller’s question of “And then what happens?” The Laura Marling video above (via Amber Haines) is a pretty terrific example of that. What’s in the suitcase? I want to know.

Being wrong is really just a form of wish-making, isn’t it? You’re fitting what you want of the world onto whatever evidence you have.”

“What if the heavens really do declare, and not deceptively lead us away from, God’s glory?”

“[The Puritans] had a tendency to identify all racial others with satanic powers, satanic control.”

“Feeling resentful about being kicked in the bollocks is a far bigger sin than kicking someone in the bollocks.”

“The alternative, of course, is that Ryan’s memory is fine and he shamelessly lies when it suits his purposes, but why be uncharitable? Let’s instead just assume that the poor congressman suffers from a terrible memory.”

“Until you change, we will weaponize your ridiculous public figures and turn them against you.”

You got your crotch area and that’s always good.”

“The NRA has quietly made enforcing existing gun laws nearly impossible by sneaking gun deregulation into unrelated legislation.”

“If conservatives want minorities to consider the Republican Party as a political home, they’ll have to begin by showing minorities they respect their right to vote.”

“The Prison Industrial Complex continues to grow and grow and grow precisely because when very bad things happen we are all too happy to see the people responsible locked away and few of us ever consider the need to find better and more effective ways to deal with violence within communities.”

“As soon as you crack your knuckles and open up a comments page, you just canceled your subscription to being a good person.”

“Let me put it like this: It doesn’t actually make sense.”

“Like so many things with Prince, it’s a little nuts, a little silly, and at least a little amazing.”

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