Fables of the Deconstruction

Fables of the Deconstruction December 20, 2021

The reflexively Spirit-quenching opponents of theological “deconstruction” are exhausting due to their steadfast refusal to listen to anyone who isn’t them. But their latest round of fretful condemnation is also tedious because they’re not saying anything they haven’t said in every previous round of this perennial non-conversation.

If they’re allowed to just repeat themselves endlessly, then it seems appropriate to repeat myself too. So here’s what I wrote in response to a previous cycle. This is from eight years ago.

I’ve mentioned this quote from evangelical author and pastor Tim Keller twice recently (see here and here), but let me take another run at it here from another angle.

Keller was paraphrasing marriage equality advocate Jonathan Rauch in order to argue that condemnation of homosexuality as a sin is inextricably bound up with the lynchpins of evangelical faith. Here’s what he said:

If you say to everybody, “Anyone who thinks homosexuality is a sin is a bigot,” [Rauch] says, “You are going to have to ask them to completely disassemble the way in which they read the Bible.” Completely disassemble their whole approach to authority. You are basically going to have to ask them to completely kick their entire faith out the door.

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