Shane Claiborne on Chris Smith’s THE VIRTUE OF DIALOGUE.

Shane Claiborne on Chris Smith’s THE VIRTUE OF DIALOGUE. February 29, 2012

Yesterday, my publisher received from Shane Claiborne an extraordinarily kind endorsement of my ebook The Virtue of Dialogue

If you have not gotten a copy of the ebook, it is available for Kindle and Nook.

Also, you might be interested in the recent blog series that I ran here, Becoming Conversational, which builds on the ebook and gives practical ideas for how churches can create space for conversation in their life together. (CLICK HERE for the last post in the series, and there are links where you can read the series backwards from there.)

Chris Smith is smart… and he’s humble — which is a dangerous and rare combo.  In this book, Chris invites you into the life of his community, but the story of Englewood is much bigger than what’s happening there in Indy.  The Virtue of Dialogue is filled with hope and possibility, even for today’s hemorrhaging and puzzled Church.  Chris strips things down and offers freedom from the mega-church obsession and the endless strategies for growth and development.  He invites us to become the micro-church —  to be filled with the Spirit of God again, to live the Gospel out of dinner tables and living rooms, and to form little communities that infect the world with love and grace… just like those early Christians did.   Chris reminds us that in our world of culture wars and stale debates, civil dialogue is an endangered art.  He reminds us in an age of Facebook and Skype chats that we can’t replace real community with virtual community.  Here is a wonderful and simple call to real community and to honest dialogue.  Chris makes sure we don’t forget that lots of great things have been sparked by a dozen or so ragamuffins sitting around a table dreaming and scheming and plotting goodness together.  Join the conversation.  And join the movement.

Shane Claiborne
author, activist, and lover of Jesus
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