Alan Hirsch offers the first blurb for the Slow Church book!

Alan Hirsch offers the first blurb for the Slow Church book! November 14, 2013

Alan Hirsch

We received our first blurb for the Slow Church book today… from Alan Hirsch:

“Chris and John have done a fantastic job of envisioning a wholesomely sustainable, spiritually alluring, and thoroughly kingdom-centric church that is simply fulfilling its purpose of witnessing to Jesus in the rhythms of God’s grace. I just have to join in! An inspiring read.”

Funny story about this.  When I inquired with Alan about the blurb, he said he’d be willing to write one, but might not get it done within the timeframe we needed it.  He joked that life was a bit “fast” for him now… Apparently, by fast he meant that he’d turn in a kind blurb post-haste, and have the honor of being our first blurb-er.

We are delighted by Alan’s kind words and very grateful for him taking the time to look at the manuscript and write the blurb!

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(will ship in late May or Early June):

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