Love Is Living With An Open Heart

Love Is Living With An Open Heart February 14, 2016


One yet to know love is as a flower yet to bloom. Let the mysteries of love lead you on. Somewhere is a love everlasting and unconditional. Such a love sees with the inner eye, and feels with a heart of compassion.

Love’s ascent is steep and treacherous. Expect nothing of love except what you give, for love grows not through supremacy but through equality. The servant of this love recognizes in the beloved a sign of the Divine. At its summit, love becomes the intermingling of two souls.

Divine love is the reason for all existence. Not for a moment does it neglect even one life. Love is a circle, and everyone is within its embrace.

As divine love remains constant, so does love’s tenderness follow love’s patience. Boundless love—a reality for all to know—takes flight from within the open heart, the heart that knows the love of all creation. Those who see with the eyes of this heart see nothing but love itself.

A Valentine’s Day Meditation, by Robert Atkinson from his memoir, Remembering 1969: Searching For the Eternal in Changing Times.

Photo by the author

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