Find Lasting Love with the Awesome Help of Your Matchmaking Angels

Find Lasting Love with the Awesome Help of Your Matchmaking Angels March 13, 2016

If you are finding yourself feeling frustrated and sad because you have not found your true love, help is on the way! God created a team of Angels to help human beings prepare our hearts and minds for real love. Once we are ready, these same Angels help to connect us together in lasting love.

Our matchmaking Angels need some help from us when we desire to bring in a lover that will stick around for the long haul. When it comes to manifesting an enduring love relationship, we need to be willing to forgive the hurt, loss, and rejection of the past, especially the memories that are buried in the caverns of the subconscious.

Why is forgiveness necessary as a critical step to bringing in love? We create like our Creator, using our thoughts and feelings, both conscious and subconscious, to create our reality.

by Vera Kratochvil
by Vera Kratochvil

Here on Earth we have the ability to manifest what we need and desire to experience most, and we also have the ability to create what we fear most. When we are stuck in the disappointment of the past, we can bring in a repeat performance of rejection by a potential mate or similar heartache to what we may have suffered in childhood. By working with the healing energy of forgiveness, we can transform the old fear of abandonment and bring in a new love story.

How do we get to a place where we can forgive? The energy of forgiveness lives within our crown chakra, the battery of spiritual energy at the top of our head. Simply by imagining the color violet, we activate this incredibly powerful healing force. When we add the words, “I forgive the past, both the past I remember and the long forgotten past that is locked within my atoms,” we create an alchemical transformation that is so deep and profound, so profound that we might even be shocked by how quickly we experience a positive change in our love lives. Once we have put the scenes of the past in the color violet, we are ready to work with our matchmaking Angels!

Matchmaking Angels are always on call. They feel elated when a human being asks for angelic help in finding their best partner. They understand that when we reach out to them, we are serious about creating a real union with the one who will help us to grow and evolve.

Here are five simple steps that help matchmaking Angels do a fabulous job for us. They ask us to enjoy each step. They say, “take your time and trust that love will find you.” It always helps when we we are grateful for our selves for asking what we need, and for the help from our Angels!

5 Steps to Finding Lasting Love

Step 1: Write a letter to God and list all of the qualities that you desire in a partner. Make sure that you feel secure that you have these same qualities inside of yourself. For example, if you want a lover who is loyal, honest, and responsible, work on these virtues within yourself. It is recommended that you leave the wrapping of the package to your matchmaking Angels. Although you may think that you want a German prince, you might be happier with a Turkish Sultan. Trust that God does know exactly what you really want including that perfect amount of sexual chemistry that will ignite your passion.

Step 2: Ask Divine Source to fill you up each day with respect and unconditional love for yourself. Receiving respect and love from Divine Source is the purest energy available to pull our self-worth up from underneath the bed. Choosing to give respect and love to our selves supports our heart magnetism in bringing us the right partner.

Step 3: Listen to the child within your heart and continue to let go of the past. Letting go of the past helps our Souls to bring in a better future. Forgiving all those who have hurt us is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. When we can identify the sorrow or regret and say, “I let this go,” we shift our vibration upward. This shift in vibration helps love to come into our lives. It helps our true love to find us!

Step 4: Give thanks to your matchmaking Angels for helping you. Focus on staying creative and alive. A relationship will not solve our problems just like money can’t buy us love. Express the creativity of your Soul by sharing your talents with humanity. Value all you have to give to others; both gifts you have discovered and those still in the creativity incubator within you.

Step 5: Say, “Divine Source (God), I ask for matchmaking miracles to happen for me now. I thank You for helping me. I trust that You can find my best partner. I surrender the timing and the way this will happen to You.” Let God know that you desire to become a better human being by learning how to really love another and experience being loved in return; this intention supports bringing in a wonderful relationship.

Whenever you find that you are worrying that love is never going to show up in your life, please repeat steps 2 through 4. Be willing to make the first move with offering love to another and remember that when you no longer reject yourself, you will not manifest rejection by another.

And when your new relationship manifests, be sure to find gratitude for all of the amazing transformation that comes with it! Learning to love your own wonderful self, unconditionally, creates deeper love and trust between you and your lover, each and every day.

Your Matchmaking angels are waiting for your call!

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