3 easy steps to get started with Oracle or Tarot cards

3 easy steps to get started with Oracle or Tarot cards March 10, 2016
Oracle cards
A 3 card reading from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck – photo by author.

Do Oracle Cards or Tarot Cards attract you as part of your spiritual practice?

You may have a few decks already and haven’t really used them much…or perhaps you are just starting with Oracle Cards or a Tarot Deck?  For those who already have some cards…you may smile and know that once you get started, the number of decks will grow!

When you choose the right cards for yourself or your practice, or both – the energy is attractive, peaceful and calming and the readings will be insightful.

How to get started?  Step one

Step one – find a deck that really resonates for you.

Perhaps you are a nature lover and pictures of flowers or plants draw you in.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn more about the Ascended Masters or deities from different religious and spiritual practices, so a deck like Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Deck would be a great place to start.  (Some cards from this  beautiful deck are shown in the photograph above).

As long as the cards really make you go ‘Ooh’ and give you a sense of energy or a heart connection, you are on your way.

Step two – clear and energize the cards

There are many ways you can clear a deck and imbue them with your energy.  First and most important – get them out of the box!  Often newly printed cards are stuck together a little at the edges because of the production process so gently ease all the cards apart so that they are separate.  I like to pull each card and lay it out so I can begin to get familiar with each picture, or at least get a sense of it and think about initial reactions.

As you are laying out the cards to add your energy use intention, touch, thought or if you like ritual, wave your hand over each card adding energy sparkles as you go.

Once you believe you have energized your cards to your satisfaction, to make sure they are completely clear and ready for use it’s a good idea say a prayer over them.

I like to hold the cards against my heart chakra (the heart area of the body) and pray for clear and accurate readings for myself and others.  Especially with Angel Oracle Decks, it can also help to invoke the energies of a protector angel such as Archangel Michael for example.

Step three – start with a one card reading

Now that you have separated all the cards, energized, cleared and blessed them they should be ready to shuffle.  Go ahead and shuffle them as you would any other card deck.  You may have an instruction book that comes with the cards suggesting how to lay out the cards for different types of readings.

There are many different types of card layouts and as you learn more you’ll also learn to ‘jam’ and pick a card layout that is right for you in the moment.  For now though if you are a beginner, make sure the cards are thoroughly shuffled.  You can always split the deck into three and then reassemble it if you like that too.

Just pick one card to begin with.

You will know you are ready to pick a card because there will be some kind of energy shift when you are shuffling, either you will feel it (I’m clair-audient so I hear “Ready!” or a ‘ding’ sound in my head) or you will just know.  Pick a card from the top or bottom of the deck and lay it down.  Take a really good look at it.

Interpreting a card

This kind of skill will come with time, initially though if you are simply reading for yourself, note your first reactions, thoughts, feelings and sensations towards the card.  Do you feel emotional?  Does it immediately pop out at you and make you think of something?  Do you like the background?  What are the details on the card – is the name or any text significant to you in some way?  Maybe the card piques your curiosity.

Make a mental note of all these things, perhaps even journal them if you would like.

Cards reflect the energy within

Tarot cards, Oracle cards or any other divination tool are a way to access our subconscious, our inner thoughts or some deep desires – or even hidden energy – by reflecting what is already there back to us.

Use Oracle or Tarot Cards this way and you will find them to be a valuable addition to your spiritual or religious practice.

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