Moving Out of the Dark Night of Soul into the Light of Everlasting Love

Moving Out of the Dark Night of Soul into the Light of Everlasting Love March 9, 2016

dreamstime_xs_51455980The 12 Archangels of the Central Soul are as ancient as the Universe. They originate from the heart of God and exist to help all Souls traveling through the Universe to learn that we are immortal and as powerful as our Creator. Whether we are aware or unaware of our Angelic mentors, they are guiding us, step-by-step, into discovering our own divinely intrinsic wisdom that allows us to change any negative experience into joy.

To gain access to the deep knowing within that can steer us through even our darkest and most painful night of the Soul, we are asked to stay anchored in the faith that God loves us unconditionally. Yes, unconditionally. Each and every one of us! God is made of Divine Love, the energy that is the Source of all that exists within the entire Universe. In our purest form, we consist of this energy called Divine Love. Human beings and Angels are made of the same energy that God is made of and Divine Love is the greatest power on Earth or anywhere in God’s Cosmos. When we understand where we come from, we can begin to see beyond our perceived faults and failures. We can begin to embrace our humanness and let the love of our Creator flow into us. As we fill up with God’s love, we may eventually feel unconditional love for our self as well as for others.

As we fill up with love, our power to change our circumstances grows exponentially. How can this be true when certainly some circumstances cannot be changed? The 12 Archangels tell us that there is nothing that God cannot change. When we fill our mind with love, these Angels say that we reconnect with our Creator and live the truth that with God, even what appears to be unchangeable can change when this change is for the greatest good for all concerned.

Sounds simple enough, but how can we actually stay strong in our faith when it feels like the dark night of the Soul will never pass? What can sustain us when we feel completely mortal, lost and alone without any help in sight? The Angels encourage us to feel our feelings and communicate them to God. We need to tell our Creator how we feel. The next step is to listen carefully for we will hear, through our intuition, what we need to do next. We will be given a ladder to climb out of our suffering, however each rung will appear only after we are securely standing on the one before it. Each rung of the ladder represents something we must learn, forgive, or transform about ourselves.

The railing on the ladder is made of the loving hands of our Angels and Guides in Heaven. They hold onto us as we stand on each rung. They gently help the logical mind to relax in its control so that the clear, still voice of God within us can be heard. Our benevolent helpers remind us that we must surrender the timing of when we will reach the top rung and achieve what it is that we most long to achieve. Time on Earth is an illusion. Time was created by God to teach us that it is through love and trust, not force and trying to be in control, that we find what we desperately seek.

The Angels offer us comfort by reassuring us that we will arrive at our destination at the exact moment that is for our greatest good and highest joy. Attachment to how long it takes for us to get what we want will only increase our despair. By fully focusing on the current rung of the learning ladder, we can master the lesson and move out of the frustration and hell we may be experiencing. All ladders take us to Heaven. Heaven is a vibration of pure love. Love is the greatest manifesting power in the Universe and because we are God’s Divine Children, we are worthy of receiving all that we need and desire, or something even better.

Let us step onto the next rung and reach up to the omnipotent love that created us. Let us listen to the all-knowing wisdom that flows inside our atoms. Let us embrace that our pain is temporary, for when we express our feelings to our Maker, we will receive the assistance to climb out of suffering and experience the lasting joy that is our birthright. Angels welcome us to rebirth ourselves into the powerful beings of magnificent potential they know us to be. They hold out their hands and hearts to show us the way forward, out of the dark night of human hell and back to the Light and everlasting love of a new day.

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