Your Soul is a program, your body is a smartphone

Your Soul is a program, your body is a smartphone January 10, 2017


The nature of our Soul is a big subject

When studying and working with spiritual subjects, we can get a sense of the mystical and magical while meditating or doing some other form of spiritual practice…but when it comes down to talking or describing our experiences and discoveries it can be difficult to put that experience into words.

There we were out in 5D experiencing the Greater than Self – then we plop back down into our incarnated body, 3D and our belief-making brain and the tools of description are quite different.

How can we effectively describe our experiences and new knowledge?

John Edward Psychic Medium mentioned the internet

This summer I was lucky enough to be part of a private group working with John Edward, well-known psychic medium and presenter of the popular ‘Crossing Over’ TV series and creator of the ‘Evolve’ online movement.

He mentioned that it used to be much more difficult to explain how people who have passed could be contacted through the veil by a medium, until that is, the internet was invented and Facebook too.  So the internet doesn’t really exist in incarnated 3D reality – does it?  But people use graphical interfaces to create Facebook pages, groups, conversations and even memorial pages for those who have passed.

We may not be able to touch Facebook, like we can a pen or a table, but we can see it, interact with it, comment and lend our energy to it.

His point was that this analogy is useful to help us understand the world of spirit – it’s in a different vibration, yet the network still exists and if we shift our awareness through meditation and focused spiritual practice we can make a connection.

Just like upgrading our software on our smartphone so we can make better use of new apps.

Back to – your Soul is a program, your body is a smartphone (both an analogy and a metaphor)

As an Akashic Records Reader I often get asked by new clients what exactly the Akashic Records is and why opening the Akashic Records might help us.

Both great questions.  One way to help us understand what the Akashic Records are is to consider the smartphone, its software and apps.  Most of us have a smartphone of some description now – unless you love your trusty flip phone and are sticking with it until it burns up!

I had the iPhone 4 for quite a few years but there came a point where it just wouldn’t run all the the apps I needed in a reasonable amount of time.  Its’ memory was full and it was struggling with managing new upgrades.  I used it up and kept it going as long as I could.

So I bought a new iPhone and downloaded all of my saved apps and data through the great Apple Cloud in the sky.

Now I have a new and more powerful iPhone where I am adding new apps plus being able to use the older apps from the previous iPhone’s life as well.

Please understand that I do get that this analogy is nothing like the wonder and mystery of our being here – our consciousness, our awareness, our personal relationship with God or Universal Consciousness and the magic of life lessons.  I am just a simple human being using an analogy!

Using this Past Life for spiritual growth with Akashic Records work

Think of this body you have now as a smartphone (the latest most upgraded one, of course!), and your soul or spirit as the downloaded information or apps, photos, backgrounds and all.

You have a new or upgraded smartphone this time around and probably some new apps too! However the older apps will still get downloaded in order that the programs can be run this time around.

You can’t delete them yet because they make up an aspect of your Soul and Soul Contract.

That’s why — if you believe your current issues are connected with Past Life experiences — it’s a good idea to use the Akashic Records or Past Life Regression to work through your older programs – so you can delete them this time around and create new ones!

You can think of older apps which are running in the background and not noticed as your subconscious and/or Karmic load.  They are taking up space in your life and weighing you down – yet they may no longer serve you.John Edward is right, thinking of some of our deeper more complex Soul level issues using technology as a metaphor really does help.

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