Of Roses and Reiki

Of Roses and Reiki April 5, 2016

of roses and reiki

The way of the energy worker seems to be a particular journey here on Planet Earth given the stories I hear from my clients on a regular basis. Oops, I’ve gone Cosmic already.

Let me reign my energy in a bit here.

Getting a bit more grounded, people who are particularly energy sensitive and/or a Highly Sensitive Person (aka HSP) can sometimes have a tough time of it to start with. Clothes are too rough and tight, people talk too fast or loud, everything is overwhelming but nobody else seems to notice.

Foods which everyone else seems to enjoy are a struggle to eat, games and activities which others treat as normal are scary and intrusive to the quieter more sensitive soul.

But we will get there!

It may take us years to figure out what is going on and how to manage our energy highs, lows, encounters with energy vampires and experiences of energy drains.

Yet, we will get there!

Yesterday I created a podcast for my home site about how to allow the energy of love through into daily life. I regularly spend time meditating and writing in my Akashic Records, a spiritual practice I would recommend to anyone who is comfortable with the idea of getting more familiar with their own energy and spending time meditating within their personal energy field.

As one of my teachers always says, ‘The Wisdom is within’.  It just takes us some time to get there! And again I say, we will!  I know I mentioned this phrase in a previous post, but it bears repeating.

March comes March-ing in

March energy has been really loud and insistent in the spiritual realm. I’ve experienced powerful downloads, 3 new energy courses in their entirety, lots of writing, lots of new ways to interpret the world from the place of energetic observation, sensitivity and balance.

In the middle of all of this, I am having an awakening to Reiki energy and starting Reiki Attunement.

Reiki has never attracted me on the path, then suddenly several signs about roses and the Rose Seichem Reiki Order kept appearing spontaneously, starting of all places in a Facebook group and then resonating throughout the rest of my spiritual practice.

At the weekend I planted 6 roses

Two Tiffany roses (pink with yellow touches, my absolute favorite color roses, one bright red and very fragrant rose — at least that’s what the packet says — two more pink Queen Elizabeth roses and a white rose too. I may need to go back for one more pink rose I can fit one more in I am sure!

While planting I realized that I was ready to add a Reiki energy symbol to each rose, so I did. The digging, planting, watering and mulching went very smoothly and I am sitting here looking at my roses as I type.   <<Happy energy smile.>>

Guided to plant particular rose colors

Now sitting here reflecting on my work, I realize that I chose the exact colors of roses I use in my spiritual practice to work with spiritual medium-ship.

Whenever I need to, I imagine a crystal rose bowl in my aura.

White roses mean – all disembodied spirits, leave me alone, I would like to live my 3D life with people in bodies only thank you very much.

Pink roses mean – spirit guides, Angels, come for a chat.

Red roses mean – OK you lost and lonely, disembodied that can feel me (usually people who have passed on and are in shock) come see me I am ready for you!

Now I have my own Reiki ray of light rose bed right outside my front door.

The Wisdom is within!

of roses and reiki
Took this picture a couple of years ago – rose mallows. I asked them to show me their energy and this is what happened! This year, I’ll do the same with my roses. Picture by Sarah Lawrence Hinson












White rose picture from Thomas_G at pixabay.com

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