The 12 Archangels Message Concerning Our Extreme World

The 12 Archangels Message Concerning Our Extreme World April 21, 2016


Tiffany Toland
Tiffany Toland

The 12 Archangels, whose energies flow out from the magnificent Central Sun, are assigned the mission of helping humanity to move through their continuous cycles of evolution. They are a team of all-loving benevolent forces that work together with our higher selves to help us grow beyond our fear based perspectives. Because we create our lives into being with our thoughts and beliefs, ouranxiety has the potential to create havoc and suffering. When we shift the vibration of our thoughts to love and gratitude, we create very different experiences. If this is true and so many of us are committed to our personal transformation, why is our world fraught with intense dramas that seem focused on destruction? The 12 Archangels wish to address this troubling global scene with us. They want to offer a greater illumination of higher truth and reassure us that God’s plan is unfolding. The Angels tell us that we can help!

Message from the 12 Archangels to humanity:
Your planet is going through a purging of the heavy darkness of fear that separates you from your Creator and from one another. This darkness must be released from all corners of the globe and lifted up by the Light of the Sun. The golden energy of the Central Sun (Heart of God) is Divine Love in action and works like a super magnet to pull the fear up and out so that love can flow in where it has been missing. This purging of fear and lack of respect for the sacredness of humanity and Planet Earth is in a process that cannot be stopped. You can help bring peace and forgiveness into the global experience by being willing to be a part of this magnificent healing. We need you to bring love into your own vessels by accepting all of the selves within you that you hate, reject, judge or diminish in importance. These selves are your feelings and thoughts that come from your own critical self-judgments. Too many human beings hate aspects of their vulnerable human selves because they have forgotten that they are God’s beloved children, and that God, the Creator of all that exists in thought, feeling and form, loves, forgives, and accepts them unconditionally.

We ask you to breathe and, with your in breath, to say, “I am willing to embrace all aspects of my personality that I have judged, imprisoned, murdered, and detested. I call you forth into the Light and Sound of Divine Love so that I can forgive you and we can become whole once more.” It is not important whether or not you are aware of these suffering selves, what matters is that you are willing to love them, now.
How can embracing your entire self make a positive difference in the world? Because by loving your own rejected selves you positively impact the rest of humanity. All of humanity lives within YOU and you live within God for all are One. Because of this truth, every human being has access to all of the violent, insane, destructive and lost people in the world by connecting with them right within your own being.

How can this be? We are all made of God’s energy, whether we are an Angel or a human, tree or star. When a particle of God’s energy vibrates with love and healing, it creates a shift in the particles all around it. Angels walk among you, touching you and shifting your particles with our particles. We are all made of the same energy. This is the energy of LOVE.

We encourage you to love and to forgive the unlovable and unforgivable aspects of your own personality. As you do this, your own subconscious lava of past life hurts and ancestral fears rushes up and cries out, “love me, too.”

We thank you for understanding that your world is not falling into destruction. It is ascending out of the lie that God has abandoned Planet Earth. And with this ascension, the fear that causes the suffering is transforming back into love.

Let our healing love flow in and lift you out of the darkness of confusion, despair and insecurity into the Light of unconditional love and respect for your divinity. As you resurrect the awareness of your true identity, all those other human beings who are also in despair begin to experience the transforming power of love. Love brings the positive change that is happening here and now. Surrender to it. Embrace it and feel a profound safety that only wholeness within yourself and unity with God can bring.

We are touching your atoms and you are changing! Glory be to God.
Blessings and Infinite Love,
The 12 Archangels of the Central Sun

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