Your Akashic story is so important to spiritual growth

Your Akashic story is so important to spiritual growth May 5, 2016

your akashic story

Your Akashic Story?

If you are focused on practicing spirituality you may have been hearing a lot more about the Akashic Records during the last few years.

I had an awakening to the Akashic Records when a book I didn’t order came in the mail. I thought I’d never read it but then on an impulse decided to keep it anyway. The book was Linda Howe’s How to Read Your Akashic Records.

Once I really dug into the book, I had a big energetic opening to the Records. I ended up taking some classes with Linda (who is a wonderful teacher, by the way) yet almost immediately I felt and knew that I could read my Akashic Records and read the Records for others, too.

Since 2010 I’ve had the honor to read for clients and can only say how much I love my work, how inspired I am by people’s stories, their courage in sharing and their deep desire for change and purpose in their lives — and how important I believe Akashic Records practice is as a tool for spiritual growth.

What are the Akashic Records?

There are many definitions out there, since we are in a period of awakening on the planet and many people are waking up to an awareness of their own Akash.

I believe the Akashic Records are a planetary recording system at the microcosmic level, floating all around us and within us. We can access our own human Akashic Records to discover more about ourselves from this life or other lives too if you ascribe to that belief.

Just imagine a big multi-dimensional tape recorder with every thought, emotion, sensation, word and action recorded upon it, that will give you some idea. It records everything in your awareness, and also many microcosmic things below or out of your conscious awareness.

Yet these ‘out of awareness’ things can be incredibly useful to meditate upon or ask about on the Spiritual Journey — and can be accessed if you ask to read your own Akashic Records.

Now we are Akashic Royalty too

I’m quite sure that many world leaders, from Royalty through to politicians had their own Akashic Records Readers in ages past.

A famous Akashic Records Reader in US history was the great Edgar Cayce, founder of the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He gave many readings during his lifetime including giving readings for Marilyn Monroe and (so I’m told) President Kennedy.

Edgar Cayce’s focus was the physical health and wellness of an individual being read. Indeed, through the ARE and his Heritage Center many of his health products are still in use today and there are doctors who practice the Cayce method of health.

Before I knew anything at all about the Akashic Records I ended up living 2 miles from the ARE when I first moved to the United States (this irony was lost on me at the time, later on the journey I’ve connected the dots). Whilst living there in 2002-2003 I qualified as a reflexologist at Edgar Cayce’s excellent Cayce-Reilly school of massotherapy.

What about Your Akashic Story though?

When working with a client recently in a reading, I commented that often when reading for others I am directed to retell a life story of my own. When accessing the Akashic Records I find I am in an altered state of consciousness where minute details are immediately available to me (back to that multi-dimensional tape recorder).

It’d be great if I could manage that when I’m out shopping!

Back to the reading, though, I was marveling at a particular story which came back in totally clear detail. I hadn’t thought of it for years yet was directed to it because it was relevant for my client.

My client wisely pointed out that part of the Spiritual Journey is to share our life stories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to us. Somebody will benefit from them in some way.

Your Akashic Story is just as important as anyone else’s

So, you may be amazed to think this way, but your Akashic Story is incredibly important to someone, somewhere. Just think of yourself as a completely individual recording on a multi-dimensional tape-recorder, totally unique and different to anyone else on the planet in any way, shape or form.

Who wouldn’t want to hear that story?

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