33,400 Reasons Why Obama Can’t Recognize Hollywood’s Gun Hypocrisy

33,400 Reasons Why Obama Can’t Recognize Hollywood’s Gun Hypocrisy June 23, 2015



Did you see this?

Hours after delivering a statement on the shooting massacre of nine people at an historic church in Charleston, S.C., President Obama and a group of entertainment industry donors had a lengthy discussion about the roots of gun violence in the first of two Hollywood-centric fundraisers in Los Angeles on Thursday, according to an attendee who was present.

About 30 people attended the event at the Pacific Palisades home of Chuck Lorre, executiveproducer of “Two and a Half Men.” Tickets for what was billed as an intimate discussion with the president sold for up to $33,400 each, with proceeds going to the Democratic National Committee.

Among those attending were Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, Conan O’Brien, UTA’s Jay Sures, Bob Broder, Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon and writer-producer James Burrows.

The attendee described the meeting, which lasted an hour and 15 minutes, as different from other events in that it offered an opportunity for Obama to have a “long, thoughtful” and serious discussion about issues, including gun violence and his presidency, in a much more “macro” sense than in other forums. The discussion about gun violence touched on gun laws, mental health and race, among other factors, the attendee said.

Other factors?  I wonder if those “other factors” included the ultra violent movies that Hollywood spits out as regularly as Duggars spit out children?

Here’s the thing about Hollywood.  They walk around with personal body guards while arguing for stricter gun laws for regular people who have normal job off the silver screen.  They say they hate guns, but they make movies that glorify their use.  (I, for one, love these shoot-em-up movies…  the higher the body count, the better!)

It seems like the President shouldn’t expect to get answers from people who have so many conflicting feelings about the 2nd amendment.

But I guess at $33,400 per ticket, I guess he’s not really expecting answers.  He’s already got what he wants.

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