Some members of Hollywood are quietly supporting Trump, but here’s why they should speak out!

Some members of Hollywood are quietly supporting Trump, but here’s why they should speak out! March 22, 2016

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting story:

At an undisclosed location somewhere in the Los Angeles area, about 200 members of Hollywood’s private group of conservative Republicans — known as “Friends of Abe” — gathered to watch Thursday’s GOP debate between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. It was an invite-only list that included everyone from recognized actors to rank-and-file studio workers.

One industry worker clapped and looked around to see if others were equally enthusiastic. Some were, including one invitee sporting a hat emblazoned with “TRUMP.”

It was a snapshot of what could be the entertainment industry’s rare conservatives (and independents) lining up behind Trump, the real estate mogul considered one of their own as a former TV star and producer.

“For every Cruz or Rubio supporter I talk to, there are 10 Trump supporters,” says one conservative wealth manager who has a deep bench of entertainment industry clients. He didn’t want to speak publicly, though he admitted most of his firm’s left-leaning clientele support Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Could this be a turning point among Hollywood’s conservatives?

Hey Hollywood, this could be a turning point if more conservatives would SPEAK out!  Luckily for Trump, there a small handful of conservatives leading the pack.  Actor Jon Voight said, “I pray all Americans who have seen and felt the meltdown of America with the Obama years, to please fight for Donald Trump.”

And rocker Ted Nugent said,  “I know it for a fact, but vowed not to out them.” Also, Kid Rock, Stephen Baldwin and Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson support Donald.

To all you secret Trump admirers, grow a back bone. Hollywood is filled with supposed “role models,” so use your celebrity for good.

Trump said, “I think the liberals in Hollywood support me behind my back.”  He’s right.

That’s why I love the guy – he’s the one person who can get Hollywood to give a Republican a second glance.

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