Emory University President Vows to Hunt Down Student Whose ‘Trump 2016’ Message Wrecked Safe Space

Emory University President Vows to Hunt Down Student Whose ‘Trump 2016’ Message Wrecked Safe Space March 30, 2016

The PC culture has taken University life by storm. If your beliefs no longer represent the mainstream, then your opinion has no place. The original intent of free thinking and personal expansion is stripped away by governing bodies wanting students completely comfortable…at all times…

Emory President James Wagner backed this ridiculous ideology in response to an “act of pro-Trump political advocacy.”

Reason  shared Wagner’s response to the campus chalking of “Trump 2016:”

Emory University President James Wagner will not allow an act of pro-Trump political advocacy to go unscrutinized: the administration will review security footage in hopes of identifying the person or persons who committed the heinous act of scribbling “Trump 2016” in chalk all over campus.

The messages horrified many students on campus, who complained to Wagner’s office that they felt intimidated and unsafe. In response, Wagner tepidly endorsed the perpetrator’s free speech rights while making every effort to assuage the offended students’ fears.

But that’s not the end of the story: Wagner also announced that he would review security footage in hopes of identifying the perpetrators and subjecting them to the “conduct violation process,” according to The Emory Wheel. If the perpetrators are not students, trespassing charges will be filed.

Would he dream of prosecuting Hillary supporters? Absolutely not!

Campus Reform provides more insight from the Emory students and photos of the horrible chalk scribbles:

Emory’s Student Government Association (SGA) and the College Council released a joint statement Tuesday after students voiced “genuine concern and pain” over pro-Donald Trump chalkings on campus saying that “the messages represent particularly bigoted opinions, policies, and rhetoric.”

“I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one student said, “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well…I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”

No, you are not meant to feel comfortable. If that was really the experience you desired, you could have stayed home.

Libertarian writer Jeffrey Tucker took it a step further and equated the chalking with a “cross burning.”

“It was like cross burning. It was on private property. It was extremely damaging and the students and faculty were totally embarrassed…it was absolutely intended to intimidate everyone and it worked,” Tucker told Reason.com.

Don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration? Cross burning…chalk scribbles — definitely the same thing.

In his campus-wide email, Wagner outlined four steps that he plans to take, which includes immediately refining certain policies, providing opportunities for difficult dialogues, starting a process to institutionalize identification, and reviewing and addressing social justice issues.

The SGA and College Council pledged in the statement, obtained by Campus Reform, to stand in solidarity with the “threatened” communities of this incident and to also make emergency funds available to “any student organization looking to sponsor events in response to this incident.”

The most frustrating reality of this  issue: the students are begging the Emory President to take action. The student body initiated the man hunt at an anti-Trump protest. They so strongly feel they have a right to comfort they are willing to prosecute a student who does not agree with their mainstream, liberal ideology.

Their combinded voice is loud (and obnoxious) but there are still a few individual voices speaking out:

Zak Hudak, The Emory Wheel’s editor-in-chief, says that it shouldn’t be the role of an educational institution to tell students which opinions they are allowed to have.

“If we shut down the opposition, we lose our purpose as a university. We lose the courage to inquire, and we lose the ability to engage with the contention that we will encounter outside of the Emory community,” Hudak argued.

While the Emory President and SGA largely overreacted, Instapundit provides a proper response for the “complaining students”: Shut up, you’re idiots. If this brothers you that much, you don’t belong in college. Would you like me to call your mother to come get you?

I think somebody should write that in chalk all over the campus…

Isn’t strange that it’s okay to have an entire student body and the school administration go after this kid for his opinion? Who’s doing the the FEAR mongering really?

This is terrifying, because it’s one step from communism…

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