Hillary admits she panders to blacks… you’ll never guess what racial stereotype she used

Hillary admits she panders to blacks… you’ll never guess what racial stereotype she used April 20, 2016

All politicians pander to all sorts of groups. That goes without saying.

But Hillary Clinton continues to up the ante, blatantly pandering to numerous racial groups in ways that continue to insult Americans of every race, even prompting one radio host to straight up ask if she was pandering to black people.  Wait until you hear her answer!

Yesterday, on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, Charlamagne Tha God asked Hillary what was in her purse.

Whether she was trying to allude to Beyonce’s “Formation” lyrics or just plain ol’ stereotypes of black people, she said she always carries hot sauce in her purse.

I’m no politician, but here’s a hint to all politicians out there: if someone asks you whether you’re pandering to black people, you’re probably pandering to black people.

Hillary didn’t even deny it, simply asking, “Is it working?” in between her usual awkward cackles.

Enough is enough. If black people can’t see what Hillary is doing here, then I don’t even know what to say. She’s insulting their intelligence. She’s playing a dangerous game of identity politics. And most insultingly, she’s taking the black vote for granted.

It’s why I’m not surprised that she’s having a hard time locking down the nomination against an elderly socialist. It’s why I’m seeing a lot of my black friends supporting Bernie.

Hillary – let’s grab lunch one day in New York, honey. You bring your hot sauce. I’ll bring some common sense and dignity, something you show very little of these days.

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