Moral Cowardice: How Obama’s EPA Abuses Native Americans

Moral Cowardice: How Obama’s EPA Abuses Native Americans August 19, 2015

Have you heard about the 3 million gallons of toxic sludge that is currently making its way across three western states?  The Navajo Nation sure has because the flood of toxins is heading straight for their tribal lands.

And who admitted to causing the breach in an old mining wall that led to the release of millions of gallons of pollutants into the Animas and San Juan river system?  The Environmental Protection Agency – the very government agency that is supposed to protect us from the pollution in the first place.

And if that isn’t crazy enough, now the Navajo Nation is reporting that the EPA is trying to coerce its members into signing documents that would waive their right to any future compensation they would be entitled to as a result of damage caused by the spill.

“The federal government is asking our people to waive their future rights because they know without the waiver they will be paying millions to our people,” said [Navajo Nation President Russell] Begaye in a press release. “This is simple; the feds are protecting themselves at the expense of the Navajo people and it is outrageous.”

The Navajo Nation says the EPA has been holding public meetings in which it is “seeking signatures from the Navajo People on Standard Form No. 95 which, if signed, will waive future claims against the U.S. EPA.” The nation warns that anyone who signs will limit their rights to compensation, “and any future claims for injuries caused by the Gold King Mine will be waived.” […]

“The U.S. EPA has admitted they are at fault and stated this disaster will last for decades,” Begaye said. “This is unacceptable. The damages to our people will be long-term and the Navajo Nation will not settle for pennies. I have consistently stated that the Navajo people deserve to be compensated for every penny lost.”

It is morally wrong that the government is asking the Navajos to sign a waiver to cover their butts in case there are reverberations from the toxic spill!

In the meantime, they won’t let us frack because it will “harm the environment,” even though the EPA itself has said there is no “evidence that [fracking activities] have led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States.”

The events surrounding the Gold King Mind spill highlight what we have already know -the EPA and Obama’s liberal bureaucracy are most concerned with themselves, not the U.S. citizens they are supposed to be serving.

It is insane to me that liberals get up in arms over the name of a football team—the Washington Redskins—but then they treat the Navajos like this?  They are willing to put their full weight behind trivial matters, but when there are real issues that affect people’s lives, they run like cowards and hide in order to cover their own behinds!

Shame on you EPA!

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