Dear Donald Trump, Meet Me in the Bronx?

Dear Donald Trump, Meet Me in the Bronx? August 18, 2015

Earlier, I posted a video of two great black women speaking to their fellow Americans about how to really show #BlackLivesMatter. They suggested that minorities support Donald Trump, and I have to admit it.  I love the guy.  But here’s my message to Mr. Trump.

You’ve got minorities who are beginning to support you — now, it’s time to go into the inner cities and show them that you really care. I’m talking about you.  Not your representative or your “people,”  but you.  Will you go into the inner city and let them know they matter? The greatness of our nation depends on them.  Will you tell them you’re going to make sure they have the education they deserve so that they can take advantage of the opportunities that America offers?

I love how wealthy you are — but I mostly love how America can give opportunities to ALL Americans to make a life for themselves. I believe your strength and fortitude are what our country needs to be the super power we once were. Keep standing your ground and speaking the truth. Screw the PC POLICE.

You’re a man of action — let’s see you go into places like my hometown the South Bronx and show them how capitalism can work for them.

If you like, I’ll meet you there and show you around!

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