Why Black History Month is Ridiculous and Why BET Should Not Exist

Why Black History Month is Ridiculous and Why BET Should Not Exist October 27, 2015


Morgan Freeman was on 60 Minutes when Mike Wallace asked him about Black History Month.

I bet Wallace regretted it.

Listen to Freeman’s brilliant response!  He is right I agree with him 200%

I also think there should not be a BET.

We are Americans. Period.

I don’t need a special month or special channel. What’s sad is that these insidious things only keep us segregated and invoke false narratives. 

Listen to Morgan explain his position so well:

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  • Roggiedodgie

    Her solution is to stop having exclusively BLACK labeling (like programs, history months, or whatever fits the category the media creates to separate us all). What you are calling complaining is actually constructive criticism, and suggesting they KNOCK IT OFF, or cease the nonsense immediately.

  • Dividing the population by race, gender, ethnicity and religion is divisive. We should all strive for equality under the law and that’s really the only thing that matters.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    I think we should continue to have black history month and BET and black water fountains and black college fund and black only restrooms. …..libtard attack in 321……….

  • Dee Dee Mae Kavanaugh

    I couldn’t agree more. Just see you as a man!!! As a fellow human being!

  • Alan Peterson

    History should be used as a tool in determining how to or how not to proceed in the future. Unfortunately, some groups have chosen to rewrite history in a false narrative to promote a deceitful agenda.

  • Schyler Jones

    I don’t see what the big deal is… “BET exists for this reason, BET shouldn’t exist for that reason…”, same with BHM. Maybe I’m blind, but to me, they’re no different than any other network or special-event month. Whether you’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever, you can choose to a) ignore them, b) participate in one or both, or c) start your own network or special-event month that caters to whatever cause you choose – after all this is America and it’s a matter of our choosing. I will say, and I’m about as white as they make ’em, that I believe there is still prejudice in this country, though I don’t think it is as widespread as some would have us believe. For that reason, I think BHM is important to reinforce the idea that we should not forget the struggles of black Americans and to emphasize that we are all created and should be treated equally. And when I say “struggles” I refer to those of the past, but it is not the cultural and systematic problem we saw during the civil rights era and before. I think the larger problem these days is the small but vocal group of black, and yes even white Americans, that seem to insist that the past still exists. I’m willing to bet that a vast majority of reasonable people, of varying skin colors and ethnic backgrounds, don’t really care what others around them look like WE all recognize that we are living, breathing, mindful, and soulful human beings. Some of the most important people in my life have been black – I was closer to them than I have been with my own family. In fact – in a lot ways they WERE my family. Although we joked and ribbed each other about “white dude this” or “black dude that”, it was always along the contexts of the “Polish guy – Italian – Frenchmmen – Amercian” jokes, and never anything about somebody being better or worse than others. Isn’t that the way it should be?


    Sometimes people need a symbol of hope the Jews have Christianity the Muslim have Islam the fictional character Superman has a S that reminds him of his heritage of being a alien. Yes we all are allowed to have a opinion but at the end of the day we are simply humans of color removed from our heritage violently and abused by other humans of complexion who were peasant Christians and hand maidens of the United Kingdom Royal Family that ran to the Dutch to be hidden and snuck out of the country on the Mayflower and brought to The Americas which then they met the indigenous people of the Americas and killed and stole their land. So what is wrong with wanting to identify with your history? Yes it maybe tampered with by the the term black because it’s not the Africans original nationality name but if that is it we still find hope in knowing our history even exist. Even if it will take us to finally clear up the derogatory terminology of the stigmatized month. But hope never hurt nobody! Maybe we need to be not so much caught up on the embarrassment of the segregation of the month be cause it does feel like segregation which maybe the point of this discussion. But the one thing that made Dr. King A Leader is that no matter what they called us or how we felt about our dignity in this country King knew it was the about healing through equality and he made it his focus. Black history month is the focus of the African American Quest to continue the plight of peaceful equality in America. Life is not perfect so neither is our opinions and that’s all Morgan Freeman’s Statements were just his opinion. Stay fly stay strong and keep the faith of God!

  • Roggiedodgie

    IF there’s a historical program that ignores great things done by men or women (or very monumental in an evil way as well- seeing it would be historical) because of race, call them out on it, or inform them WHO they are forgetting, and WHY did they do so? THEN, people choose to watch or NOT watch, support or NOT support. We are free to choose that way. It’s kind of like watching the main stream media. I choose to watch when there’s NOTHING else on…but usually don’t because it’s garbage imho

  • Craig Chambers

    Awesome Morgan Freeman.

  • I’m shocked! More than once Morgan Freeman has gone off on racism and how he has been discriminated against, and how the racists in the country want to bring down Obama because he is Black. Why did Freeman change? And when? If he keeps this up, he will redeem himself in my estimation.

  • Still playing the role

    Stacy Dash is black? Wasn’t she in the movie Clueless?
    Oh yeah.
    She played the black best friends of a weathly spoiled ignorant white girl, and they had no idea of what was going on in the real world.
    Ahhh Stacy.
    Hasn’t anybody called “Scene” yet?

  • Clear, simply stated logic. He appears to extol a worthy goal of removing this plague from our world.

  • Paul Turney

    Black History Month and BET are both a RACIST thing … start up one that is White History Month or a WET = White Entertainment Television and you will see every crack headed retard come out claiming it’s Racist … even though there is one for Blacks only the white one would be racist

  • Paul Turney

    the racist want to take down Obama .. you also talking about most of the Blacks who voted for him during the first election and found they got nothing but a screw job ??? oh yea I guess you can also call them racist due to he 1/2 white … so I guess you never talked out about any past president who YOU didn’t agree with ??? if you did since they were white were you being RACIST or like most American’s just didn’t agree with the POTUS …. how is it 1 way for you but for others it’s racist … you ain’t nothing but a racist who race baits to get your way … you don’t like what someone says … they racist … due to most people won’t defend themselves against that comment … yea I am racist but not of color … I am racist of STUPID IGNORANT LAZY JACK A$$’$ LIKE YOU WHO THINK THEY ARE SPECIAL … tell you what if you that special start wearing your helmet so we have a heads up that you SPECIAL

  • You leftists only see in colors. I see the policies. I endorse those who support and protect the constitution regardless of color. You do not.

  • Genetically speaking race doesn’t exist. Of course when it comes to the historically determined circumstances of certain groups the reality of racial (and national) oppression can’t be denied. But our society has these different questions muddled and has also grown proficient at making up senseless terms by which to divide people. The word “leftist” has no meaning anymore and is used as an empty epithet mostly by those who can’t or don’t want to identify whatever specific phenomenon it is that they really want to denounce. “Liberal” and “conservative” are also prime examples of words used in as many different ways as there are people to use them. These days when a lot of people have been getting religion and politics mixed up that seems to be more true than ever.

  • wayne8734

    If only most other Black Americans felt the same way,there would be no racial problems.On the negative side,race relations has been sat back 50 yrs,thanks to our “Community Organizer”!!!!!

  • wayne8734

    elle,do you have proof of your allegations,I have always heard Morgan state just the opposite!

  • I respectfully disagree. When the left rants against the right wing, they do have specifics in mind. Just as when I have my say against the left, I have specifics. Take about any issue, and either side of it will fall in one camp.

    Gun rights are on the right, gun control/grabs are on the left. Abortion–right is pro-life, left is fine with abortion sometimes right down to infanticide. Many more issues could be examined easily, but this is enough, I hope, to make my point. “Left” and “Right” are umbrella terms each for a body of beliefs, attitudes, and policies.

  • Morgan was all over the news not that long about about bringing down Obama because he is black. I would have to do some searching to find his various comments and don’t have time for that. You can find them. My family was a major Morgn Freeman fan and would see a movie just because he was in it. Then he made his comments about doing anything to bring down Obama because he’s black, and they were no longer such big fans. Who wants to be insulted.

  • This is a true statement. Very disheartening. The Black community has done the worst under Obama, yet they support him almost completely, and now so many feel justified in killing cops thanks to Obama’s rhetoric and policies. Very sad.

  • I would try to post a link, but you never know if the mods will let them through. So go to youtube and search Morgan Freeman: GOP goals are racist. It’s an interview with Piers Morgan.

    Never mind that it was the Republican party that was formed to abolish slavery and only the GOP that has advanced liberty for the Blacks. Hundreds of thousand died to end it. The democrats fought to preserve and spread slavery. Then founded the Kay kay & kay. Then Jim Crow, segregation, dogs and fire hoses turned on the blacks.

    GOP had Abe Lincoln, the Dems had John Wilkes Booth.

  • Yes, equality under the law. That is the only correct and effective and constitutional approach.

    I liked the movie LINCOLN in 2012. Equality under the law point was made very well. Every kid should see it.

  • Accepting the single issue premise, I still have to wonder who decides what is left and right from moment to moment and issue to issue. As it is now it has all the signs of being decided arbitrarily to suit the whims of political demagogues with the freedom to make things up as they go along. The terms are totally abstracted from their historical meanings and as they are being commonly used nobody can trace them to their roots any longer. Which has led to them being used in bizarre ways. For example, armed revolution is traditionally associated with the left. This is well-known. How that tradition can be reconciled with the myth that the left is against the right to bear arms I’ll never know.

  • seti111 .

    Why ( why?!? ) do people give such elevated credit to what an actor thinks? But apparently this is what it takes for you dimwits to listen to anything. Of course Freeman is correct, but is him saying it anymore relevant than your own god damn common sense?

    Freeman is no better than his degenerated Hollywood counterparts. Let’s not forget because of his low level intellectual brainstorm here he’s a pedophile incestual scumbag

  • seti111 .

    ” Genetically speaking race doesn’t exist ” Wrong. Where did you get this information? Genetics can determine what race you belong to down to the few common ancestor level…

  • It is a predominant view in the fields of anthropology and biology. There are an overwhelming number of sources available. So to stick with just one I’ll mention one of my favorites – “The Descent of Man” by Charles Darwin.

  • True. DNA can now determine skin color, “racial” physiology, and eye color, hair color and type–and more. However, I think those factors are of no more importance than a finding of red hair, freckes green eyes.

    To type someone by skin color is “racist” as we use it these days, and very damaging to those in that “race” and those who have an attitude about them. But I do believe that attitude is over blown. Obama said we have racism in our DNA. He does, I truly believe, but the vast majority of the citizens do not–or did not until stirred up by comments like Obama’s.

  • Also, whenever making a classification (such as is involved in the term “race”) the taxonomist must know the basics of the field at issue and the practical purpose the classification would serve. Here’s another source less technical than the one I mentioned earlier: http://www.councilforresponsiblegenetics.org/viewpage.aspx?pageid=72

  • Roggiedodgie

    But if an individual is INTERESTED, an individual will do their homework, and INDIVIDUALLY complain, or praise, or do whatever…NOT take money from people (through taxation or government programs) to promote a race or a religion. Why do you think the muslims are starting to make such a stink? Because demented logic says THEY’VE been held back. And when/if they become the majority- do CHRISTIANS get the right to demand people’s money through taxation? You know what the muslims would do- KILL.

  • Stan

    Morgan Freeman is a very smart man.
    He would never get sucked into a cult like scientology 🙂
    Some Hollywood people do

  • Stan

    Elle .. have you seen the letter where LRH uses the “N” word ?


    Smart and very correct. Don’t identify by color but by the nationality.

  • Vin Tagerocker

    What makes him a pedophile? An incestual one at that?

  • Michael Milburn

    But Stacey, if we become ONLY Americans and where no longer divided. What will happen to the Democratic Party?? Where will they get there votes from?
    BTW.. YOUR AWESOME!! Keep it up!!


    Damn you’re a sellout.

  • Deplorable_45

    She’s a sellout because she does agree with you? Stacey is way too smart and intelligent to be defined by skin color. People like you are the problem with the world, people like Stacey are the solution.

  • amoureux de Dieu , la vie , et

    First off Stacey Dash you agree with what he said but no it’s not right. American history is not black history. Black people in America came out of Africa where everything else started. The only black history we are taught is that we were slaves and the only people even emphasized in the history books are slaves and the black people who had to fight for our rights in this country. We are raised up believing that we were nothing. Self- hate is taught to us. We are taught that throughout history we were slaves. In our history books, the “hero” are white. We were just good for labor. Your black and you don’t think black children growing up should be able to know how we started out before the Atlantic slave trade? I mean do you know the history of your black ancestors before the slave trade or do you just choose to strive to be like the white people. There are children of color who have not grown up like you and who may feel like they could never get where you and other people are at just because of how they grow up, because their family doesn’t have money. They see all these white people and think they can’t possibly be anything and their environments aren’t always helpful. Something has to help them realize that they can. I do agree with one thing though, there shouldn’t be a black history month because we are taught white history all year around and we made a huge contribution to this country. I really wonder if you hate yourself. You have money but are you really happy? I just really wonder. Don’t be brainwashed lady

  • DJ Cross

    How about asking ALL the Islamic countries why they still have Black slaves TODAY.
    11 Million at last count.

  • DJ Cross

    And the cock holster on your face offends me.
    Who cares?

    You must say everyone of color who thinks like Ms. Dash is a sell out.
    This coming from a little twat who has a WHITE guy in a MASK for a profile pic……lol
    Jim Carey sucks too.


    That was corny white bread.You fake @ss Dj.Is that your picture?

  • DJ Cross

    The picture is the real me.
    Proudly serving for over 25 years,
    Fake @ss DJ?
    LMAO, you don’t know me Ma’am..
    You must be high or overdosing on the drugs you sell…..lol

    Whenever you want to do battle in the tables, hell yeah, I’m ready for that.


    You’re dumb ass posting your real picture.You buddy are a racist i read a comment you left on another page

  • DJ Cross

    I post my REAL picture because I don’t feel the need to hide.

    As for being a ” Racist.”
    Is that the best comeback you can come up with?
    That is the typical Liberal, Democrat thing to do.

    If I am such a ” Racist.”
    Prove it Ma’am., Prove it!


    That link there shows the racist comment you post


    November 28, 2015 1:47 pm

  • DJ Cross

    So please tell me how I’m a Racist again?

    I was stating my point, My opinion.
    My point, Blacks are not the problem but THUGS are.

    These assholes made FALSE claims against Whites. It is the Thugs who are the Racists.


    You didn’t say “thugs” you said “N*iggers”.

  • DJ Cross

    They ARE!
    They are THUGS as well.

    Again, there IS a difference between Blacks & N*&&ers.
    Just as there is a difference between Whites & Crackers aka Wiggers.

    ANYONE who accuses someone of a false crime should be punished SEVERELY.


    These ARE YOUR WORDS “I have NOTHING against Blacks but N*GGERS like these, yeah, I would love to hang them or drag them behind a truck for a mile or so.”

  • DJ Cross

    They are.
    So *ucking what?
    Am I not entitled to MY opinion?

    What a strong woman you must be to let a few words hurt you.
    Damn, go wash the sand out of your vagina.

    You are the type of woman that if people don’t think like you, act like you & believe what you do, they are Racists, Sellouts or plain dumb.

    I will not apologize for my own opinion.


    Wow sexist and racist you are scum

  • DJ Cross

    Come on now.
    Can you not do any better than that?

    It is just an OPINION. I am very sorry you got all twat hurt. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/389291be1c66cd1670b20007c9b917112047c39ecf46e62f4957aa4970c3cb03.jpg

  • DJ Cross

    Suck a dIck Dj bItch boy.LMAO


    You look like a fat out of shape gay Dj.lol

  • DJ Cross

    Far from out of shape.
    My last PT test was 87 P.U in 2 Minutes
    91 S.U in 2 Minutes
    2 Mile Run – 16:36

  • DJ Cross

    I am so sorry that you have to bring the race card into this thread as a validation of your argument.
    By doing so, you completely Invalidate anything you have or will say.

    Oh & I bet your Mom sucks a good dick as a Street Whore. After all, she has to find a way to support her Lazy, Mommy Issues, Basement renting, Drug dealing, Sand in the vagina, Little girl.


    That run sucks d1ck breathe

  • iamgrandmacarol

    Your smart,and I am happy you spread respect to all.Many people the media perceive as white ,do not know they are considered white. Is white a skin color or a idea of reverse racism. #IamnotwhiteIamAmerican.

  • bobby1122

    But can you stop calling Freeman a cradle robber who leaves his wife for his adopted grand -daughter.?

  • bobby1122

    Did your history teach you that in Africa the losing tribes were made slaves by the winning tribes and sold.??

  • DrSnake

    Interesting that you cut the conversation down to 55 seconds. What’re you hiding, Dash? Shame at being African American or just guaranteeing your contract will be extended at Fox News?

  • DrSnake

    Yeah, you’re white. And your privilege reeks.

  • Erin Meddaugh

    I think you are thinking about Woody Allen there.

  • Nevermind the furthermore

    But Mr. Freeman, there’s money in keeping racism alive. There’s power in keeping racism alive. Follow the money. Always follow the money. Cynical, but true.

  • Stratcat

    I am now following you on Twitter, sir! It’s an honor to meet a REAL American in this day and age!

  • Stratcat

    He looks like a United States Soldier…which is obviously something you would never be strong, honorable or brave enough to be.

  • GlockG23

    “How are we going to get rid of racism?” STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!! You must lose RACE CONCIOUSNESS before you lose racism! Thank you, Morgan!

  • Kieser Soze

    Thanks for your service DJ as far as slap stick, she sounds like a typical liberal. it’s a disease.

  • lesrolfe63

    “Happy Birthday, Stacey!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! You are the best!!!

  • lesrolfe63

    I do not think you are being fair at all. Also, I do not think you have researched “slaves” either. If you did, you would know that the first slaves here were white. They were also indentured servants as well and were treated just as bad. Please open your eyes and wake up. You are doing exactly what our Government wants you to do… DIVIDE!!! We are all the same. We are exotic to each other. 😉

  • FrenchKiss

    This is hilarious. Morgan Freeman says he VOTED for OBAMA because he, Obama, was BLACK! So was Freeman lying then, or is he lying now?

  • Aj Smith

    LMBO!!!! that’s what you got out of that?! He was saying he didn’t want a Black History Month because they should teach Black History ALL YEAR!!!.. but guess what boo.. they don’t..they do not teach about our African American forefathers the same way they do the Gen. Grants and Daniel Boone’s ..if the school systems did ( which are regulated by who again?lol oh government) a better job of covering ALL Americans then ALL Americans would feel represented and valued..but we are given a section in the books, a segment of the year, and a few brief periods of recognition (the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights) like that’s all we contributed to this nation..No thank you I do not teach my children to beg someone to play with them or include them. They are taught to show themselves friendly but value themselves enough to do their own thing. We can’t be the kid that keeps throwing a fit because the others won’t share. We have to simply just get our own. It does not have to mean we are excluding others; they are welcome to play. Just that we will not wait to live.

  • AssHoleKiller

    It’s obvious to see that Stacey has lost her soul. Her money and affiliation with the “Hollywood Liberals” has led to tunnel vision. She is oblivious to the fact that racism is real and remains a topic because it still exist. You can’t talk about what you don’t see or know. Let’s face it. Racism is REAL!!! Our people are being gunned down and imprisioned daily. I pity Stacey. These months of recognition are so important because it helps us remember that nothing has changed since the birth of Racism. Again it’s a shame to hear her comments and I pity her soul.

  • Kemetic Genius

    Stacey im disappointed honestly. I can appreciate you being brave and going against the grain in your political views. However i think that you shouldnt have to spread misinformation to appease your audience. The fact is, BET was made out of necessity in a response to a lack of diversity on other networks. The BET and NAACP awards have given out plenty of awards and nominations to non blacks. I can take your arguement and respect your point of view but im sadly disappointed in the misinformation gave today. If it had not been for BET i can say you yourself would have been without work for substantial periods in your career. It as well as VH1 and many black publications allowed you to maintain the relevancy that gave you the opportunity on FOX… please dont kick the ladder Stacey. We still look up to you

  • Michael Wright

    I also don’t think BET should exist any longer, its really not relevant to the black experience any longer. Its not like it has stories about blacks overcoming adversities or a show about science technology, or black themed game shows even. You’re right Stacy, lets start a channel where we can see shows about Black Cowboys, or documentaries on Mae Jemison. Lets get it done Stacy!

  • lesrolfe63

    “I am a man. My color does not define me. I have only one face. My friends are my friends. I am not responsible for the past. The past is responsible for me! I am a Proud American!!!”

  • marco polo

    Well I’m sure you’re disappointed with Morgan Freeman then.

  • marco polo

    Stop the double standards is all she’s saying. You want your own black this and black that, but exclude whites intentionally, then whine and cry about “racism” when outta Compton doesn’t win. A lot of blacks agree with me. And whites and Latinos aren’t gunned down by police? And where’s your anger with blacks killing blacks at 50 times the rates that cops are doing it? We keep asking, You’re not answering. Stop dividing America.

  • marco polo

    I think she means well. She’s the hottest uncle tum I’ve witnessed.

  • marco polo

    Does that mean he’s stripped of his opinion and life experiences? Maybe we should march and ask him to stand down.

  • marco polo

    White privilege is a myth. Check your brain cells, they seem to be low.

  • marco polo

    You can’t erase history. But you can move forward.

  • marco polo

    Ha ha! Oh lets cry racist when losing the battle. So typical.

  • marco polo

    Peanut butter is racist on white bread

  • marco polo

    Oops..she’s lost.

  • marco polo

    That’s racist racist racist troll!

  • marco polo

    Go DJ! You hold your own.

  • qpasausa

    Morgan Freeman is so right. Why do we have to keep on talking about race? My best friend was black I never say my best black friend. Never our color was an issue unless it was about something that we can have fun with it. Why is there a group that calls itself Black Lives Matter? That sounds as bad as the KKK. What is it? The life of people of other colors are not as vauable? Hate brings about hate. Stop hating so much, stop mentioning it, stop thinking that you are less or more because of your race. Only then your race will be unimportant. I am what I am what you or anyone else thinks about me does not define me. I am God’s creation all great and perfect until I make it otherwise.

  • Anthony Wingers

    Why? cowboys came in all colors. why single any out? If someone is history worthy, like say Martin Luther King, or someone like that, they are already all over history. They do not need to be singled out, they are there.

  • Anthony Wingers

    What has changed is that now YOU are the racist. look in the mirror. See who is promoting racism and talking about it all the time. The rest of us wish you would all STFU and let us all get on with our lives. I do not know you and I do not give a shit about you. If I knew you I might care. I certainly would not give a good rats ass about your tan or lack of one.. If you had been around in the fitties you might have some idea what real racism is. You are gunning each other down, and a good part of the rest of us as well. Your folks get imprisoned because they are criminals.. Unless you are a criminal, why are you even identifying with them? Do you admire thugs? You are frightfully ignorant of history sir.

  • Anthony Wingers

    Hey there AJ. History is history. It does not have a color. When I went to school, George Washington Carver was held up as an example of a great American who overcame great odds. He and others did not lean back on the old race card, they did the things that smart men do and prospered and were admired because of it. When you begin segregating history into months and colors, you are part of the problem. Get your own? Really? Are you some kind of special snowflake who needs to have something no one else has, or what? Stop trying to be separate, and you won’t be. It is about that simple. Oh yea, and pull up your pants, speak english, have manners and respect for others and authority… All good qualities for anyone.

  • And the term “African-American” is also an exclusionary term. I am not an Irish-English-German-French American – I am American and so can you.

  • Mark Williams

    I am sorry the black p[eople who fought for your rights.. uh who exactly was that? You mean the white people that fought other white people to give you your rights… Stop biting the hand that fed you


    You like d1cks in your mouth too?

  • Thom_Hartmann_WCPTfm

    You need to focus on how to write. There should not be “a BET”? 200% with no punctuation ending that sentence. “I don’t need a special month or special channel. What’s sad is that these insidious things only keep us segregated and invoke false narratives. ” In the words of the Princess Bride .. I do not think the means what you think it means.”

  • Thom_Hartmann_WCPTfm

    You mean pHOtosHOpped HO

  • Gina Dunn

    I bet you learned about George Washington Carver during Black History Month.


    Foxnews HO

  • souponastick

    Grammar nazi, you need to focus on your writing as well. “I do not think the means what you think it means” does not make sense.

  • souponastick

    Thanks for having common sense, Stacey 🙂

  • Kemetic Genius

    Listen to his full response its a completely different point of view from what shes asserting… so to answer your point, no

  • MrDrapes

    Sounds like Stacey Dash keeps good company and has enough intelligence to know whether to agree with the likes of Al “Dullton” or Morgan Freeman. Should be a no-brainer (if one has a brain).


    Hey dIck breathe.I served my country,i m not a lame going around bragging about it.

  • Louisa

    Thanks Stacey. Keep it up, please!

  • bobby1122
  • NPWF

    This chick is hot.. Wonder if she bangs white dudes? Seems like she is down…
    If only all black people were like her the USA would be much better.. By the way I don’t ever want to hear about Police against Whites ever again… Just yesterday I got pulled over because I did not get a new inspection sticker on my car withing 7 days and had a cop pull a gun on me over it… I’m white, I put my hands on the steering wheel and let the guy who clearly is a “tough guy” and wants to show how “tough” he is have his little 10 min of power and then I was on my way

  • Twino1

    No bitch don’t make it like you was talking like him bitch because you was not, and why would you talk about the NAACP you u a brain washed bitch, but hay everyone has the rite to there own opinoin..

  • Mars

    Thats just Crazy! You didn’t run? you didn’t try to wrestle him for his weapon?! You didn’t try to drive off? You didn’t resist? “You’re a wild man Clarence”-True Romance, and I totally agree, I get lost in her eyes! I’ve been a fan ever since that movie Clueless!

  • Eric Adams

    delusions of grandeur

  • Ron Koci

    You’re really citing “The Hollywood Gossip” as a factual source? I don’t care whether the story’s true or not – just the reference is hillarious!

  • Lol! You say “How are we going to get rid of racism”? Stop talking about it!!! The KKK and those Neo-Nazi groups, you forgot about them also. You can’t stop racism.

  • Michael Wright

    Because do they ever have tv shows about black families homesteading on the range? Do they ever talk about the heroes of slave revolts? How about the black poet laureate that helped the wright brothers fly? Or the unnamed black man that McCormick took the credit from for the mechanical reaper? Mansa Musa? or any other kingdoms of Africa? If your concept of just let all the stories be told ever held and water or weight, then we would not be having any sort of discussion on this topic. It threatens what you have held dear in western canon as truth, but how much faith will you have in your teachers when you find out they have lied to you? What does it take away from you for black people to have some pride in themselves for the accomplishments of our ancestors? White people get that everyday like you’re the only ones entitled to such distinguishments. You eat our food, dance our dances, and sing our songs. You want to be us, but don’t want us around while you cabbage patch and running man yourself into a frenzy to the latest iggy azalea song.

  • Ron Koci

    Not all blacks were slaves, not all slaves were black, certainly not nearly all whites owned slaves and not all slave owners were white. It sounds like you picked-up only on the portions of your history lessons that fit your narrative, or if not, your instructors fed you a lot of hatred. Your characterization of a “white history” and a “black history” is inaccurate, racist and serves no other purpose than to divide people. There are plenty of good folks and plenty of idiots in any population. “Pushing” any one ethnic group over others in public schools for a ninth of the year (school is generally only 9 months a year) is ridiculous and should be prohibited. Just teach truthful history without trying to skew it.

  • Saitoh

    She DID NOT say it in that context and you know it. And he rectified what he meant by not wanting a Black History month with his statement “Black History is AMERICAN HISTORY”. Meaning the two are synonymous with one another. You can’t have one with out the other. That dusty & ditzy self hating bitch said it to suck up to her FAUX Network Massa, to get a pat on the head.

  • Chris Miller

    One thing that you are able to know is the country you are from. Majority of black people only know the continent. We (our ancestors) never had the opportunity for the most part to come here by choice. Irish people, German people, French people all show pride in America but they know their homes. Add the FACT that for white people, many of you consider yourself “real” Americans. That people of color are “thugs”, “Immigrants”, “lazy” and so on.

    Know that in many towns there are “Little Italy”, “Germantown” and areas where only Irish live.

    Don’t act like people of color are some odd group that does something different than you. Where do you live and how diverse is it?

  • Why are you picking on him for?
    You need to get that “we are the world” crap out of your head. This world in human society doesn’t operate like a fairy-tale ending with a happily ever after sequel for all ethical backgrounds. The one thing is dividing America is racism, if you don’t think so, talk to your local Neo-Nazi and KKK members or any racist groups. Google this in “Top 10 list of racist countries in the world” and guess what, you’ll have a lot of hits that’ll pop up and America is in the top 3 or on their number 1 top list.

    Get with reality!

  • NW Cowboy

    What is truly unfortunate is that “African-American” is so encompassing. How many countries are there in Africa? Are we to assume that each country in Africa share the same values and culture? Not even close! What is also sad and should be noted is that very few people of color (blacks) can trace their ancestral roots because of slavery. That is a travesty. As someone who is white, at least I am privileged to know my roots on both sides of my parents’ trees. Not many black people have that luxury.

  • NW Cowboy

    Well said! Funny and true!

  • Anna

    Stacey Dash is so beautiful. I admire her willingness to state her OWN opinions, which she is entitled to, like everyone else.

  • Well-Manicured Man

    Stacey Dash is a visionary who “gets it.” Like the black “Stump for Trump” ladies duo, boxer Mike Tyson, and all the other blacks, Latinos, and Asians from all walks of life who are tired of the liberal BS segregation and will vote for Trump to bring back a single American identity where everyone gets a chance.

  • Swally

    Yikes, I think I’d rather communicate with a brainwashed “bitch” as you have called her than with someone like yourself that just destroyed the English language and made yourself look like you have made zero attempt at obtaining an education.

  • Tony

    I agree anyone claiming to be Blah Blah/American is not an American

  • amitia

    Yeah you were on your way because you are white, had it been a black man, he would have been shot to death.

  • ted wagner

    The sad thing is, whenever you get a person brave enough to say something true, he or she will get attacked by people who happen to look the same, but benefit from the distinctions drawn by the false narrative. The difference is Stacey, and a few people like her, have realized that the short term, self-serving, profits gained from maintaining segregation are far less than the long term societal benefits gained from cultivating integration.

  • Dee Jay

    Lol. Her context was different. OMG, this girl is so brainwashed. lmao

  • Dustin Mooney

    your an idiot amitia… plain and simply an idiot..

  • Bernard Lee

    Stacey Dash, for her bit of butt scratching, will likely get a ‘well done’ from the ‘massa’ at the Fox plantation. Morgan’s statement is intentionally distorted to appear in opposition to what black history month is meant to accomplish. But for the racist suppression of black history, perhaps the need to revive and espouse it to our youth would not exist. As it stands we perhaps should not be amazed that a people whose own history includes the holocaust would be opposed to preserving the deeds of the past as a source of pride for blacks or social indictment of themselves.

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Bernard is living proof that ignorance is color blind.

  • David Mitchell

    Just about all history taught outside of BHM is white history. Almost all TV programming outside of BET (and a few other channels) is white entertainment television. The reason these things have to exist is because everyone except white people has been marginalized. I don’t expect you willfully myopic folks on the right to see the truth though.

  • Methadras

    People recognize stupidity when they see it. Then when you express how stupid something is, the ones who’ve held onto these stupid notions become angry and incensed. Not because they stopped to think about what was being said, how, and why and the motivations, but because all they see is the face value of the words being used to denounce a long held belief that is clearly unnecessary because it is detrimental to the cause that it purports to champion. Morgan Freeman is right and so is Stacey Dash and many others who think the same way, but these two at least have the courage of their convictions to state the obvious while the rest of the black cultural collective attacks, right now cue, the very thing they claim they are not, a mob.

  • Methadras

    Who is racially suppressing Black History Month. You got a whole month for God’s sake to recognize that you are black. Never mind the reminder that you are 24/7/365. It takes a whole month year after year to remind people that *GASP* there are black people. Oh no, whatever shall we do.

  • Makar72

    I have a question for you? Do you celebrate the accomplishments of all Americans regardless of their skin color? Also, do you seek to avoid the discussion of slavery, even seeking to diminish its significance? Also, can you at least articulate the counter argument to Dash’s assertion? One more question… In the interest of integration do you celebrate Dash’s heritage and would you embrace it in your immediate family?

    I don’t completely reject her argument. However, I do reject the construct of race, totally. I also believe that America and so-called white Americans have benefited from the distinctions of race since the inception of America as a nation. Moreover, I am not IN ANY WAY moved or surprised when I read the comments of white people who adore Dash all of a sudden; when before her embarkation on this new path she was irrelevant. How self serving!

  • Methadras

    Everyone also has the right to ignore you ignorant near illiterate use of the English language and they should.

  • Makar72

    And so are you, Mars and OperationPinhead.. Pinhead “America would be great if the fricken black people would just agree with me.” Does that just about sum up your position? I think America would be great if everyone thought like Karen Hunter.. Go ahead and look her up!! How myopic can you be?? All people of color really want is all of the phoniness to cease. Love, fully accept, and even embrace us for who we are. See yourself as in no way shape or form deserving of anything more than us. If that happens I will call you friend.

  • Makar72

    What would be really original is if every white person stopped checking the race box that say’s I’m white. Is that not exclusionary? I guarantee that companies would stop putting the designation on applications if people (especially Melanin challenged folk) stopped responding to it. So if we are going to be a true Caesar salad (not a melting pot) wouldn’t all designation of race being removed be the point?? Emphasizing that we are all the same..

  • USAFPhotog

    The reasons for the BET, Ebony, Jet, Images Awards, Soul Train, etc etc is because “they” didn’t give us our own so we made our own TV channels, magazines, award shows, etc etc! I think there should be a Black History Month, I remember when it was Black History week! #BlackPride #ImBlackandImProud

  • USAFPhotog

    Damn what school did you attend? You just butchered the English language!

  • Makar72

    We can stop when all of us have the the exact same privileges.. Not just lip service but when people are truly no longer discriminated against based on color, gender, or any other physical orientation. Anyone who says we do has his/her head in the sand. Are you really that clueless about why the Black Lives Matter movement came about, or are you playing dumb? Even if you don’t agree with it you should at least know why it exists. You are really showing a lot of ignorance by asking that question. It actually formed within the last two years. That question alone underscores your level of acceptance.

  • Makar72

    Have you ever heard of Claudette Colvin or Esther Jones? These names you won’t hear of in mainstream American history books. Here’s what we need to stop… white supremacy… If that one thing is abolished America will take a big step toward healing.

  • Makar72

    You are if you let yourself continue to benefit from its (skin color) advantages if you are of the dominant culture. If you check the race box each time you fill out an application you are responsible for the privilege you receive. If your color does not define you, you will never disclose your so-called race (a construct created by white men to gain advantages) again when asked. Nor will you make the distinction about anyone else.

  • Charles Dickerson

    Somewhere along the 30-50 year old line, after the death of Martin Luther King, his message has not just mutated, but has been perverted into a grotesque caricature of itself. It now lives in a virtual alternate universe of reasoning. How many thousands of times has MLK’s message of “not the color of one’s skin, but the content of one’s character” been endlessly ignored? Today it is as if the real MLK had never lived. Race baiters and racial charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson et al invoke MLK as if he actually stood for the OPPOSITE of his spectacular wisdom regarding the peace that will eventually result if our goal is a violence free unrelenting quest for a COLORLESS society.
    Black this, Hispanic that, black lives matter, affirmative action, quotas, all have the general purpose of keeping victims…victims for the control of self-appointed black leaders and non-black power brokering politicians that crave the votes of a permanent underclass. It is an underclass that is fertilized and nurtured as such with lies and democrat ideologies of dependency, govt largess, racial anger and consequently an impenetrable shield of victimhood.

  • iamgrandmacarol

    you insult yourself,what would your grandma say? my family has no history of spreading hate.Can you say the same?

  • Makar72

    Anthony Winger… This profanity laced rant is full of contradiction… Your statistical run down is filled with what you have been told.. Black people kill black folk as much as white people kill white people. That is a fact and REAL statistical data supports it. And White folk kill white folk… get it straight fool!

    Because this person had the audacity of to bring up race as real topic they are now a racist?? That is no more true than a person who brings up the word millions is now a millionaire. A racist is one who believes they are superior based on the so-called construct of race. As such institutional discrimination is practiced based on this deeply held belief. He might be a bigot (one who hates people different that them)… I don’t know that either..

    I tell you what.. if you believe that the 50’s was when racism was in existence you are deeply delusional. You probably think that the drug problem in this country was started by black folk too don’t you? How about welfare.. you probably think black people have benefited most from that too don’t you? And affirmative action you think that was created for black people? Come on man get an original thought, not something told to you by Rush!

  • ted wagner

    That was a lot of questions, wasn’t it?

    1) I think human accomplishment should be celebrated. I do not care what color or gender someone is if they are moving us in the right direction as a society. Do you?

    2) Slavery happened and it was a terrible institution to maintain in a new found country that was struggling to promote freedom. However, slavery has been illegal in America since 1863. It is gone and not should forgotten. However, it should also not be used as a 150 year old crutch. What good does bringing up slavery in America get you today? Especially when the ILO and WHO estimates that there are 20-30 million actual slaves in 2016. Not, by the way, owned by white American males. What are you dong for these people? Also, how are current free African Americans supposed to get free of victim hood if they keep identifying with it?

    3)The counter argument to Dash’s assertion is that perpetually celebrating black history as a distinct entity will serve to raise the collective awareness of the contributions blacks have made to American society and thereby make them more accepted. Hmm. Has it worked so far?

    4) I have tons of black friends! Sorry, I couldn’t resist making you think I was that easy. My real answer is, I do not care what color someone is. They are a good person or they are a bad person. I do discriminate based on who people chose to be. You don’t judge based on skin color, do you?

    5) I do not suddenly Adore Dash. She said something that struck me, so I made a comment. As a rule, I try not to instantly dismiss people I do not know as being so 2 dimensional. That would almost as bad as instantly dismissing someone based on the pigment of their skin, wouldn’t it?

  • Makar72

    We will get rid of racism when you stop practicing it. Not when we stop talking about it. When my melanin challenged brethren stop identifying themselves as a race because it benefits them we well get rid of it. Stop checking the box on an employment app (I certainly have) because it benefits you. embrace all cultures and we will see it go away.

  • Makar72

    Man cool your hormones dude!.. You have no shot!

  • Makar72

    First of all thank you for attempting to answer my questions… many though they were.

    1. My concern is that the American discourse is as multi-headed as that of a Hydra. There is no singular solution. On one hand there is all this discussion about a colorless society. Which is a fallacy… The multiplicity of colors is what makes America great. You say that you celebrate anyone who has contributed to making America great. Yet you cannot tell me who Claudette Colvin or Bettie Coleman are. Why because they won’t show up in American history books.

    2. I was in the line at my local grocery store and saw a column in People Magazine which listed the 15 most beautiful women in the world… you probably know where I am headed… Not one woman of color. How should I talk to my daughter who might read the same article? Is that not White Entertainment? Do you not honestly see that these black institutions were created as response to blacks being excluded from mainstream culture as a whole. Do you not remember Rosewood Fl, and Greenwood Oklahoma? Are you naive enough to think that this kind of exclusion is a thing of the past? I have been told that there is no more racist institution than the American cinema. We (black people) are too resourceful to not create our own institutions. Now that we have them, is somehow that now we are the racists?? Come on!!

    3. The response to your third response is this.. Is the lack of an increased awareness because of those who support Black history month or is it an indictment of the dominant culture? Hhmm…

    4. My response to your third statement is this. I don’t think there is something wrong with caring about a person’s color, it is just emotionally and intellectually lazy to marginalize a whole culture based on the actions of a few. With that line of thinking I could make some serious assertions from the “To Catch A Predator” show of a few years back. Which was surprisingly removed from viewing very abruptly.

    5. I have no comment about Stacy Dash but to say that she is a by-product of FOX which I see as the dark side of the force. :-).

  • “The content of a man’s character.” That truly is all that matters, the rest is just BS.

  • Diet dee

    You don’t fight racism by ignoring race. Many institutions blindly follow racist practices without actual malice. Its just profitable to target minorities. And those institutions need to be corrected

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    I understand what he is saying. However, I was raised in Jim Crow south and know very little of black history and know very little of the artist of color who have not been awarded for their craft by the long established venues as the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Tonys etc. Since history books have been slow to integrate the history of white America and black America and for those of us who recieved no education on those of color, appreciate the fact that one month a year, this history is celebrated and brought to my attention. Every year, I choose a personality to learn about and become familiar with because I believe that it is important to know these people of color whom I know to have their impact on our society and our overall history. If there were no Black History Month, I’m not sure I would even be aware of my less than adequate education. While I believe that Black History month will not always be necessary, it has served it purpose to make me aware that there is history and knowledge which I have not been exposed to. Perhaps that is the difference between Mr Freeman and myself. He is already aware of these things and needs no reminder that there are those of us who need to remember who we were. Mr Freeman may not need it, but it has enlightened me.

  • Sherry Jon

    Stacey should not be ridiculed for this. Fox News should not be a monopoly for conservative thinking. The idea is this country gives you opportunity to be responsible for yourself is what people are moving away from. As if this is a bad idea. Many hispanics for years insulted Cuba’s communist regime and said how it makes a society dependent . We are praising these ideas today and to deny blacks don’t have opportunities is lowering our standards. Hispanics are for some reason trying to do the same when their failures don’t work. Now don’t get me wrong. I grew up and am familiar with the hood. I remember it was cool to be dumb. To talk back to the teachers, to not respect authority. If you did you were seen as a “teachers pet”, “herb”, or “ass-kisser”, I understand the society itself is whether from the govt to keep the black man down or society itself doesn’t allow for a progressive environment, but its not wrong to take accountability. I know many many people who take it upon themselves to get out of the hood and given opportunities. I have seen many dominicans and blacks in business jobs and doctors as well. We are failing ourselves to make excuses and ridicule someone like Stacey Dash for coming out even if it is on Fox News. Even if she isn’t in on the joke and fox is making a fool out of her. However if we are to ridicule her and i’m not saying to support Fox. I know how evil Fox can get with supporting wars and supporting loobyists and some of the corrupt things it does, but the message itself should not be relegated to a “fox supporter”

  • Calie Cal

    Very well put. I wish more people would see it that way. BHM is also needed to educate our kids of our the people who contribute and made great sacrifice for us all. Morgan is not particular about it because he lived that life as it was. For those of us that didn’t BHM is greatly needed because its not taught in schools.

  • Diet dee

    That’s nice but allot of people are discriminated against for being black and our society doesn’t want to persecute those responsible

  • Bernard Lee

    Now that you have commented on my post you should read it. I didn’t say anyone was suppressing black history month. I referred to the suppression of black history. As in the contributions of blacks having been surgically removed from the ‘history’ I was taught in school. Black history month is an attempt to bridge the cultural void that acts to deny black youth the shoulders of their forebares.to stand on. Yes “there are black people” but Black history month is not asking you to acknowledge anything. It was ‘you’ who effected the omission and erasure of historical fact. Now the aim of conscientious people is to set the record straight and provide for black youth especially a source of pride and life-changing motivation.

  • Methadras

    I’ve never denied the tribulations that blacks have suffered, that would be folly and ignorance personified. What I would deny is the idea that the entire rhetorical mechanism of highlighting a history of an entire people and co-opting an entire month to do it in as a function of a way to ‘bridge the cultural void’ is a false premise that resides in the martyr complex that seems to reside in cultural collective of American Blacks. We get it, we got it. Now, can we move along as one please? The entire notion of Black History Month at this point is akin to a wife or a girlfriend that will perpetually nag you about every mistake, error, insult, slight, and abuse perceived and non-perceived you’ve brought on her. You lose the hearts and minds of people that way. The record has been set straight or do you believe it hasn’t. What else is there that everyone needs to know to get the record set straight so that even cultural segregation can become extinct?

  • Jaele

    Stacey is ABSOLUTELY LOGICAL, REASONABLE, CORRECT!!! So is Morgan Freeman in regard to this topic…

  • Jaele

    Race…. HOMOSAPIEN …

  • Jaele

    ” “they” didn’t give us our own” …

    I think your post poses a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the mentality that OH SO MANY people are tired of.

    Your reasons for BET, Ebony, Jet, etc. are BASELESS because there were no White Entertainment shows then and still are not today. No one can force another to participate and Black Americans were NEVER EXCLUDED from or in those television shows. MTV aka “Music Television” had many black American artists videos along with all the others. WHERE is your argument?

    You are NOT a different race than anyone else. NO ONE enslaves you. YOUR OWN character makes you a worthwhile person to others or not. Nothing more, nothing less. Time for you to reflect on #SelfResponsibilty and stop #VictimMentality

  • jr565

    The way to stop discriminating on the basis of race… is to to stop discriminating on the basis of race. If you want color blindness you have to get past racial hangups.

  • jr565

    They are not synonymous if you have a separate black history month. Yes, black history is part of american history. That doesn’t require a separate month called Black history

  • jr565

    do we has the rite to our own opinions?and I not a a brain washed bitch! But, hay! hay!

  • jr565

    How many times are blacks pulled over by cops? and how many times do they wind up shot? You’ll quickly realize that being shot by cops after being pulled over is a statistical improbability.
    You’re probably ok. Just don’t act like Michael Brown and you probably will be fine .

  • jr565

    Except blacks are nominated for academy awards. They are not exclusively white. It just so happens that no black is nominated this year. It does’t mean blacks can’t win.
    The BET awards though are strictly for black people

  • jr565

    We need to have separate baseball for whites and blacks again. Right? Right?

  • jr565

    You need to learn HISTORY. not just BLACK history

  • USAFPhotog

    No, you’re wrong they are not, JUST FOR BLACK PEOPLE! Do a google search why don’t you?

  • USAFPhotog

    I am sure you’re not an African American and how old are you?!?!? MTV, give me a break, I guess you do not remember when MTV didn’t play African American music and Michael Jackson was the first R&B video! Do you remember when popular magazine publications didn’t feature African Americans? This is why Johnson publications was created (Jet,Ebony,and Black Enterprise)! Before you come at me with your “His-story” go online, using a creditable source maybe a library and learn how African Americans were EXCLUDED from all mainstream media (Print,TV, Radio) in the 40’s,50’s, 60’s,70’s, and 80’s! This is why we had our OWN and we include non African Americans in our award shows too! Even Soul Train featured David Bowie back in the 80’s. search on YouTube, African American media is always welcoming to other races because we know what it feels like to be EXCLUDED!
    Time for you to #ShutYourMouth and #KnowWhatYoureTalkingAbout

  • Diet dee

    What do you do when you discover some institutions are discriminating anyway. Such police as departments and educational institutions. If you have a black sounding name it has been shown that you are less likely to be called in for an interview than someone with a white sounding name. How do you fight that? Not by ignoring it.

  • Michael Taylor

    how about just changing it to history month in general. rather than african american history month. mind you that would actually require the american education system to do something rather than just do what it already does which is nothing.

  • Tank5000

    The problem is Stacey & Raven do not understand why Black History is important. Every race Black, White, Asian and Hispanics have good people and each race work hard to make America Great! However, there is no denying that only White America enjoys the “America Dream” to the fullest. Other races get a carrot now and then to keep them calm. African Americans do not want handouts they are denied economic equality (Jobs). Black History reminds us that Blacks are proud, history sets the reason why we are here at this crossroad. Stacey what you think about white police murdering innocent blacks? is that equal? Take time out to think! Black Wall Street, Greenwood shows how America took wealth from Blacks

  • Saitoh

    It’s apparent to me you didn’t even understand what I said. “I say unto thee, Bye Felicia”.

  • kat Ritter

    I could not agree more with Stacy, and Mr Freeman!! We are American, and that is it.. if there is going to be a black history month then there should be a Latin history month, a Asian history month, A Arab history month, An South East Asia history month And A White History month, a Hebrew/Jewish history month!! plain and simple.

    I also agree if people STOP Bringing up Racism.. and calling every thing Racist… Racism, and its baiters will fade away into the sunset!!! We are one people, and if you Believe in the holy book of the three MAJOR religions.. we are all brothers and sisters, we all come from the same Ancestors (if you believe the bible then we come from Adam and Eve!)

    And as Ms Goldberg said on the view.. don’t like how you are being represented, or see a lack of representation of your ethnic group in the Entertainment you watch.. don’t watch it.. don’;t go to that movie!!!

  • Makar72

    Your discourse sounds like rehearsed rhetoric. A colorless society would be the most boring place in the world. What needs to happen is that we accept and even embrace each others differences instead of needing so desperately to be the same.

    There may be some who have changed King’s message to mean something else but the majority of darker brown people are still motivated by the examples of those who struggled for equality. Moreover, if you listen at Dr. King in the days before his assassinated by a white man, you might be surprised at his tone. Your language sounds like nirvana… The idea that somehow we are going to arrive at this place of equality by a singular plan is totally flawed. It will take pressure on all fronts. It will take hard work, it will take protest, it will take debate, discussion, and encouragement; sometimes loudly and other times with measured strategy. The notion that if we stop talking about the problems they will go away is absolute folly. Change in this country has only come through great pressure. With your approach I am not sure slavery wouldn’t still be in force.

    I for one believe the experts such as the American Association of Anthropologists who believe that race is a myth. It is a construct incubated on the continent of Europe but got its highest endorsement in the good ole U.S. of A. It is, and always was a divisive tool which allowed Europeans to justify their sense of superiority. Now that it has run its course and is being dismantled who refuses to talk about it? You guessed it… the descendants of those same Europeans who still benefit from its horrible ideology. They are those who run like hell from the conversation. I’m not running, nor am I playing. This is serious business.

  • Makar72

    Lorin, I get nervous when it seems as though a person has to wipe everything off the table just to get their point across. I do believe that the content of a person’s character should the be the final judge of that person, but most of us will never take the time to get to that assessment. Most are way too intellectually lazy to do that. Hopefully you practice this since “the rest of it is just BS. “

  • Diet dee

    What does say about country where race biaters can get so far and so rich.

  • Makar72

    I agree that her message is not completely wrong, but it has to be set inside the context of a very complex problem. To simplify it in the way she has done is to insult all those people who are busting their anuses to take care of their families and are still somehow marginalized by the dominant society. We must never forget that all of these black institutions were created as a response to total exclusion from mainstream society. I do not believe that it is time to take them away just yet. They still serve a purpose far beyond her simple suggestion.

    I have had to opportunity to get undergrad education at Howard Univ. and grad. education at the University of Massachusetts. They both were important to me. The education I received and Howard was priceless. In addition to learning math and science I learned more about my history and who I am than at any other place on this planet. For some it is not necessary, but for me I would not trade it for any other school.

    Her comment seems flippant and off putting. It is a play to the dominant crowd which is ultimately a play for fame and money. Attractive she may be but she is foolish and I am not surprised that the basic white person would gravitate to her message.

  • Makar72

    She is entitled to it… and whatever backlash comes from it too.

  • Makar72

    Bring it back!!??!!… from where? That has never been the American culture. White men were the primary beneficiaries of “a chance!!”

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    Michael Taylor…do you truly believe the school system is doing nothing? Well then why aren’t you visiting the schools, attending every PTO meeting, attending every school board meeting and writing letters and phoning you local and state government who formulate and oversee the education system.The school systems are educating our young people. They may not be teaching the things that I want them to learn or the things that you deem appropriate, but they are learning many skills and bits of knowledge. In fact we teaching them so they can do better on whatever measurement test of the moment. We have so many protocols – planning tools – test measurements and so forth, The question which is foremost in everyone’s mind is: When a child finishes their public school, education what should they know? What skill should they have? What are the minimum standards? For many who have completed their education, they are unable to write complete thoughts, they cannot figure percentages to compute say a tip on a restaurant bill or sales taxes and they have no idea how the government works. And the biggest surprise of all is that they believe they have completed their education!!! It is sad. For if I didn’t learn anything else from school, I learned that education is a lifelong pursuit and didn’t end with a high school or college diploma or whatever level formal education you achieved. And I know for a fact, that the American schools are not “doing nothing”.

  • Diet dee

    I really don’t know what will set the record straight. But judging by the protest movements and state sponsored racism. I would say that the record isn’t straight

  • Brittany Hernandez

    I want you to google all those months for those ethnic backgrounds you said we DON’T have so you can see we do have them smh education is so key…every culture DESERVES to have their history be highlighted and they do…just because you are not aware of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    Generally the schools are running 10 months per year. Most adults do not attend school but live 12 months per year. One month is 8% of the time in a 12 month period and 10% of a 10 month period. The population of African Americans is approximately 25% or more. Considering that all history which is taught in schools for decades is white American history, well that is a actually shorting the history its appropriate time. I presumes that the classrooms are incorporating the history of all Americans in the classroom. And that may or may not be true depending on the school system.

  • Diet dee

    Re 2: slavery has been gone for some. But the there was Jim Crow, black codes, convict leasing and separate but UNEQUAL. we have a black president but the opposition whipped up the racists in its base.

  • rjrollins

    Some of your comments substantiate a reason to move in a different direction with this issue. According to your simple-minded comment, a Black cop has never killed a black person. It’s just white cops killing black people right? Give me a break already from this nonsense. Blacks kill more blacks than white people do. That’s not even a debate. Black people kill white cops too. How about adding these facts to your rhetoric? Until people like you stop promoting one-sided propaganda, nothing will change. You will alienate yourself from progress and from cooperation from people who are for peace, prosperity, and equality for all.

    You are missing the point made by Morgan Freeman and now Stacy Dash. They have a bigger picture in mind for a solution to the problem, Stop identifying as people of color, white, black, yellow, etc and eventually people will just be people. It may take 50 or 100 years, but we are 50 years since the civil rights movement and still issues of color exist on a large scale. Black leaders have done a huge disservice to the cause in the past 50 years. In order to remove the race card issue, stop talking in color. Yes, that means celebrate all accomplishments collectively, not in color isolation. Maybe in a generation or two there will be progress……certainly there wont be if people like you continue to preach color lines.

  • Diet dee

    Black history month started as a week. Its just something that grew in popularity. USA has a history of white washing(pun intended) railroad riots, black wallstreet and labor strikes. Are often passed over.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    Makar72..I believe you to be absolutely correct. BET and the Image Awards and other black institutions were created to meet a need within the society. The society was and to some extent still excluding African American from opportunities which these institutions provide. When the need is no longer there, the institutions will disappear. To me, it is obvious that the need is still there when people like Ms Stacey suggest they should disappear and appear to be offended by their very existence. I hope some day that the need will disappear, but as long as people are not getting equal opportunity to jobs, promotions, education, awards and their ability to pursue the life they choose, then these institutions play a necessary role in the society, to give opportunity where it may not exist elsewhere or is very limited.

  • Tank5000

    you may call it simple minded comments because you are not affected by race issues, hence you miss the point, you believe there is no race issue in America, that is a very simple minded thought process and response people like you believe. Look at Corporate America, who sit behind the big desk making decisions? Let’s use the Oscar Awards as a example why do you feel Blacks do not get nominated? Do you think
    there are no good Black Actors worthy? Did they get it right? How do you explain the exclusion? 90 percent voting are White! You say stop identifying color? Right! Color lines unfortunately is the world we live in. All the Rhetoric you preach about no color lines are ridiculous.

    Black on Black crime a huge problem I don’t condone, very sad situation. Police are paid by our taxes to protect and serve, not use blacks as target practice, Black Police killing Whites? Don’t see much of that and not done out of hate for a race. White people commit mas murders as well..i.e shooting up schools etc. Until people like you recognize race is a problem nothing will be resolved.

  • Makar72

    Kat Ritter your response is predictable. We were kept out of clubs, so we built our own.. We were kept out of major leagues so we started our own. We were kept out of Universities so we started our own. We were kept out of the history books so we started writing our own books. When we are included without stigma then it will be time to do away with these separate institutions. They still serve a major purpose at this point.

    I explained in an earlier post that I was in the food line at my local supermarket and saw in a popular magazine the 15 most beautiful women in the world. I leafed through it while waiting… Not one woman of color… I asked myself how should my daughter take this? We created our own magazines (BTW one of which Ms. Dash has had her arse on the cover of). Ritter it seems you agree with the only two people who support your opinion. I don’t personally think her opinion should not be part of the debate, but it is only part of a much larger discussion which is in no way settled.

    I would also submit that of all of the ethnicities you mentioned in your post no one has contributed more and been discounted as much as black folk. Jews are still getting reparations for their persecution.

  • Makar72

    Maybe not but States like Texas are already lobbying to have the account of slavery and its horrific story removed from their history books. What’s next?

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    Stacey Dash and most on this comments miss the point. The objective is not integration! Its equalilty! Its having the same opportuinities as everyone else. Integration is a process to the society to move toward more equality. Diversity is a measurement of sorts for equality but not a complete measurement. Therefore having institutions which are specifically designed to increase opportunity for a minority increases equality benefits the society, even though it does not use integration as a method. They are the communities response to the problem they precieve. And when the problem goes away, the institutions will be desserted and die as a result of lack of participants.I just find it rather close minded to think a minority should do away with institutions because some think that they are for the benefit of the minority only and it is what-insulting? Of course, there are white people who are members of the NAACP, and who are employed by the BET network, and recieve Image Awards, and attend traditionally all black colleges. As long as there is a need, these institutions will continue and in my opinion, they should.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    I think that was one reason for Freeman. But I am sure there was more to it than that. I do not think he supported the Pizza Man when he ran even though he was black. There must have been a reason for that too. I assure you that if Obama espoused the views of some of the candidates we are listening to in the current news, that his blackness would not have garnered his vote.

  • rjrollins

    Make some sense Ray because your reply makes zero. My response stated QUITE CLEARLY that the race issue continues to exist, it was at the core of my response. You choose to put your head in the hole, that’s your problem, not mine.

  • Methadras

    Oh come on. State sponsored racism? Where? Is there an official edict that the state will exercise racism against anyone? Please, this is just foolish double speak for projecting your fears onto things. If you don’t know what will set the record straight with everything we know so far about the history of blacks and their existence in pre-colonial, colonial, civil/post-civil war, post industrialization, post civil rights, to the now information age, then neither blacks or anyone else knows nothing and the record will never get set straight. If that’s the case, then you better enjoy division, divisiveness, and a never-ending stream of guilt-thought, guilt-talk, and perpetual anger about the entire subject.

    How long do you want that to go on, hmmm? How long will blacks maintain this level of anger and to what end? How will that do anything good for them? You either get over it and move on, forgive, but never forget or you stay stuck in a martyred state of perpetually aggrieved anxiety. I hope you think it’s worth it.

  • Tank5000

    Like I said before I clearly read your silly comment about color, I will say it again you, Stacey and Morgan clearly do not have a clue, their solution will not work until they admit this problem cannot be resolved by their silly statements like banning B.E.T or no Black History…etc, which she clearly profited from, otherwise she did star in the a couple of movies before then but not much after. Now you go make sense of THAT! Mr. Superior Man!

    Answer my question why African Americans are not nominated? clearly B.E.T has nothing to do with that!

    Why are no Blacks Nominated?

  • MissLB

    What do you mean “Not one woman of color…”? What is color? White is a color, pinks, yellows, browns are colors. I just googled 15 most beautiful (just to see what would happen) and there were Latinas, Indians, Italians etc on the list. To me, those are colors. And just because a person or group of people don’t say you’re beautiful doens’t mean you’re not. And as far as how should your daughter take it; that could be a lesson to any girl that we should not let magazines or even our appearances set the standard for beauty. We should strive to be better people, rather than always better looking people. Imagine if our inside efforts matched our outside efforts.I do believe that racism still exists, but it exists on BOTH sides. The only way to stop seeing people as color, is to get on the same side.

  • bpeddle

    I love this man!

  • rjrollins

    Okay Ray, you can call my opinion “silly” and name-call. You are obviously an angry and bitter person and I am sorry you place blame elsewhere for it. Complaining about no blacks being nominated is about as constructive as complaining that there aren’t more whites on the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team. As I pointed out in my original comment, continuing to discuss color gets us nowhere. I’ll depart this conversation because I am going to work, yep hand in hand with both black, white, and latino yellowish people, perhaps someday we won’t identify people by color, only by who they are, humans created in the image of our creator. Until then, let’s call it the White Academy Awards and the Black Entertainment Awards, and give the latinos, asians, and middle-easterns their awards too. We’ll see how far we get.

  • Tank5000

    Yep, at least everyone will be represented. You don’t even remember you started the insults with your first response. Good day to you.

  • Diet dee

    you could lookup the term redlining in housing, also during world war 2 black soldiers were exposed to chemical weapons just to see what would happen. If you were white then you would be in the controll group(Non poisoned) In 80s the Cia sold crack in black neighborhood to raise money or terrorist in South/central America. The penalty for using crack( Drug of the poor and black) is roughly 10 times harsher than cocaine ( Drug of the Rich) it is the same substance. would you like to know more?

  • I start from a default position of “distrust” in every new person I meet. If they earn my trust then it is given. If they prove untrustworthy then it is taken away along with my association with them. That is the only way since I cannot read people’s minds and since trusting strangers seems dangerous.

  • Candice White

    Of course you agree with these jackasses white people love when dumb ass blacks put other blacks down.

  • Mark Lloyd

    She has become the only honest person on The Fake News Network. The only reason I listen to the telly midday brcause she offers some reasonable insite and she does not look like the rest of the Fox Bimbos painted in place she seems to be a person and not persona.

  • enichols

    Mankind continuously judges its own by skin color, culture, faith, gender, sexual preference, height, girth, etc. Ignorance and arrogance are at the heart of the all the bashing and dividing, and only humility opens closed eyes.

    History is important because it gives us a glimpse of our treacherous past, yet it gives us cause to at least try making the present and future better for our children. Blacks were hanged for being black, Jews were burned in ovens and discarded like trash for being Jewish. Today all of Islam is judged by the radical behavior of a few, and Christians are beheaded for being Christians.

    So the real questions are “Will you continue to advance the chaos?” OR “What are you doing to promote harmony with others who don’t look like you, or believe what you believe? The world is inhabited by millions; all from different cultures, beliefs, and walks of life. Stacey is entitled to her opinions. Some will agree with them, and others will fervently disagree. Her pedigree was once considered only two-thirds human, but the sacrifice of many others paved the way for her access to fame. Should she or Morgan Freeman choose not to embrace that, its purely prerogative. But their platforms help to espouse their beliefs to millions, which (positive or negative – silly or wacky – right or wrong) encourages the sorely needed discourse these issues most assuredly deserve today.

  • Methadras

    I know more about this than you do. Half of it is conspiracist nonsense. Redlining has been around since the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act of 1973) started, but that wasn’t due to the institutional racism in government, but rather a regulatory push from government to lenders who viewed blacks as bad lending risks for a multitude of reasons and you can thank Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society / War on Poverty for that, which like every other leftist intention becomes unintended consequences. The Japanese/Germans/Italians were interred during WW2, sure, there were experiments done on soldiers and it is a stain on our military, but considering that for example a shining light in the Tuskegee Airmen was there during all of their hardships, one can’t offset a shameful act by highlighting a positive one. As far as the CIA spreading crack in black neighborhoods to raise cash to fight communist terrorists in South America, that’s conspiracy nonsense. Even if it was true, there is one aspect of the entire affair that rests solely on the shoulders of the black community and that is for their responsibility as being addicts to this particular drug. Drug addiction isn’t exclusive to the black community, but the impact of this particular drug is on them. No one holds a gun to the head of a drug addict and in that respect your argument doesn’t really have merit. The sentencing structures behind drug use are of no consequence either since they are secondary to the response of the criminality behind drug use/abuse and it’s distribution.

    Either way, I still fall back on my earlier assertion. If you want to continue play the blame game, you will never leave it and you will never become content with the life you have now. It’s got to stop somehow.

  • Diet dee

    Im not playing the victim Out government tends to scapegoat minorities. Im not saying that the CIA is responsible for ALL of the drugs coming into America. Im saying that they THAT THEY SOLD DRUGS TO RAISE FUNDS AT ONE TIME. This is matter of public record(Gary webb). The CIA assisted some drug traffickers ( Freeway Rick Ross) When that face of the drug war was black we spend million locking up users. Now that Heroin is hitting middle class white America a more gentle non criminalize approach is being started. Im not playing the victim but allot of people have been victimizing people that look like me and usually they get away with it if the they happen to be cops.

  • Makar72

    Let’s not resort to semantics MissLB… what I meant is not , and the point being made is that we created our own institutions. I for one never concern myself with those magazines and I never buy them. My point is we are damned if we do or if we don’t. Ebony and Essence Magazine celebrated us and did wonders for the esteem of black women. Your superlative about beauty not being used as a standard sounds good but how many women (including yourself) totally live by it? Getting on the same side requires trust.. Have you been working to create this kind of trust in your community?

  • Figgle Piddle

    It’s easy to judge when you have so much money to be free with.

  • Makar72

    Based on what i just read your approach is just as heavy handed and you claim Ray’s to be Your words were just as combative if not more. We have a serious problem in this country, and it is not all Ray’s problem. rjrollins you seem to have a problem yourself. The tone of your words seem very condescending. And yet you are trying completely deflect from yourself. There is a lot of double talk about equality but it is just that… talk. Until you experience what Ray has experienced you would do better to try to listen more than seek to lecture. Do you actually expect for someone to respond favorably to your what you are saying? You would never talk to Ray like that face to face so why do it in the anonymous forum?

  • Makar72

    That’s fine as long as you expect the exact same approach from anyone else.

  • timbo59

    One point to note in this Oscar crap. Since 2000 there have been 64 awards handed out to actors and actresses in the four categories. How many black people won? Eight – one of whom was actually African. That’s 12.5%. Now please go and and check the demographics on the African-American population in the USA. BINGO! Pretty much on the money, right? In the last 6 years three black women have taken out Oscars. That’s way over the demographic – is there a conspiracy? Same happened in the early 2000’s when three black men took out the best acting award – I don’t recall white people screaming about discrimination then. Black people dominate sport – do white people kick up a stink? Will Smith says how are black children supposed to feel when they look at the Oscars? Okay, given how much boys idolize their sports heroes,tell me how white kids are supposed to feel when they see NBA and NFL teams dominated by blacks? Should we get a quota going to make them feel better? What about the music scene? Black artists have a huge influence on popular culture far out of proportion to the population – should we look into the industry to check on why there’s so much apparent bias in that direction? The big problem is that no one cares if black people do exceedingly well in a given area – if they’re that good, so be it, they deserve their success and the kudos they get. But hey, Will Smith’s wife gets pissed that her hubby missed out on another nomination, and all of a sudden all those same people who handed Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, and Forest Whitaker Oscars three years out of six are suddenly out of touch and racist? Will Smith has now ruined the Oscars, not least for blacks, because every time one of them gets an award now they’re going to second guess why they received it – as will everyone else. Might as well put an asterisk next to each winner’s name now – asterisk for a white because he/she will have received one out of a backlash against all this crap, and asterisks next to the names of black winners because they received their awards for the sake of being PC.

  • Makar72

    I agree that there is no longer state sponsored racism. But people practice it all the time. You can’t change what is in a man’s heart. What needs to happen is this… remove white supremacy. Stamp it out at every turn. Never allow it to rear its ugly head again.

    What we black folk need to do is stop trying to convince white folk to love us. White folk won’t and even can’t solve our problems (What they do love to though is to spend their spare time helping straighten us out). They have enough problems of their own to deal with. Here is what I do… I love my children and put in them the necessary esteem and personal sense of community needed to help their generation thrive.

    That third sentence in your above post was way too wordy to understand. Here is what I do know. You telling me to get over it is like a rapist telling his victim to get over it. You don’t have that right even though you certainly have the nerve. I personally am taken back by your tone and language here. So much so that here is my response to your question in the last paragraph. We will maintain this level of anger until we are no longer angry… and we ain’t going no where!!

  • Jerry Albee

    Run for Prez Stacy, I will vote for you!!

    Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration
    Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation

    Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya
    Sayin’, ball of confusion
    That’s what the world is today, hey, hey
    Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya
    Ball of confusion.

    -the Temptations

    One of the greatest songs of all time by one of the greatest groups of all time!!
    Here it is forty some odd years later and we’re no closer to being less confused!

    The enemy is within, not the color of your skin.

  • timbo59

    So you push for history to be more inclusive, rather than set it up separately. I have lived in your country for 16 years, and I never seen color when I’m dealing with people except when they bring it to the table themselves. It bothers me that we have no black friends to show for my time in your country, though on the other hand I’m obviously not going to go out there and be so pathetic and condescending as to try and deliberately befriend someone based on their race. If my daughter came home one day with a black boyfriend it wouldn’t bother me in the least, and if she gave us black grandchildren their color wouldn’t even register with us – why should it? Yet in my time here I have seen all the minorities going about their business here, and no one carries a bigger chip on their shoulder with the world at large than the African-American community. I have traveled extensively, and I’ve had friends from Eritrea,Kenya and Tanzania, and from my experience I have always found African people to be an absolute joy in so far as I can just deal with them as people, rather than individuals perpetually walking around with an axe to grind. That’s what I think you and your friends are missing, in that you can either spend your allotted time on this earth walking around weighed down by that huge log you carry around, or just let it go. I wouldn’t disagree that there’s still areas that could be addressed, but by and large this country is far removed from what it once was, yet no one does more to keep the divide going than the black community itself. That’s the point Freeman, Dash and others are trying to make – the black community has been crying out for an equal society, yet it sets itself apart in a manner that makes that nigh impossible. You want white society to break down its barriers? Then break down yours as well. It takes two to tango, you know? Things like BET, Miss Black America, etc are anachronistic aspects to black society that are long past whatever useful purpose they served. And please don’t tell me they’re not a hypocrisy.

  • timbo59

    Well put. I often wonder what MLK would think of how much his message has been perverted, but sadly, that’s often the direction idealism takes as it’s appropriated by self-serving people who use it as a euphemism to excuse their behavioral excesses. To me people like Sharpton and Jackson are basically the mirror images of their black-hating counterparts in white society, each doing their best to keeping the divide going. When will it ever end?

  • timbo59

    Clearly you have never traveled in Asia nor studied its history.

  • Tank5000

    So your statistics support the bias in the industry, however, stats are interpreted many different ways and presented in a way to make people think differently. You can almost count the African Americans on one hand. You indicated African Americans dominate sports but you only listed the NBA and NFL. What about Baseball, Hockey, Soccer and the most prestigious of all Golf. Blacks can not even become a member of Golf clubs, but to me that is ok. So white kids have a lot more to look up to than Black kids.

  • Then why not do something with your life to earn “so much money”?

  • Diet dee
  • Bigger_Mike

    And so-called White leaders have done exactly what to change the cause?

  • Bigger_Mike

    I’ll bet Ms. Dash doesn’t even know who was the creator of Black History Month (originally Black History Week) or why it was created in the first place. If you don’t know who created it or why it was created, you are the reason that it should not be eliminated.

  • Makar72

    Good question… why do we relegate it to a month? Texan legislation is asking why do we even have a discuss subjects like slavery? They want it removed from theipeople ry books.

    Your words sound so condescending. We have to hear about the ridiculous fables of George Washington and his cherry tree. We hear every abridged story about these people and you can’t take one month (and the shortest one at that)… I do agree that it should be part of curriculum all year.

  • The Clandestine Samurai

    You called his comment simple-minded and then turned around and said some of the dumbest things in the world. Blacks kill more blacks than white people do?
    Where is your proof on this?
    Did you go out and conduct this research yourself? What the hell are you talking about? Of course it isn’t a debate, because you’re 100% wrong.
    What are you blabbering about with this “black people kill cops, too”??
    How many cops kill black people, UNARMED black people mind you, in comparison to how many blacks kill cops?
    White on white crimes has almost the same statistics as black on black crime. So how come the cops don’t target whites as often?

    This so called point that you and Morgan Freeman and Stacey Dash have is bullshit. Black are underrepresented in the media and the institutions in this country, so they began to make their own media and institutions to represent them. Now that they’ve begun doing, NOW you three want to speak this garbage about them segregating and that they only see in color. You’re trying to adopt progressive language into your agenda to hide your racism, but you come across as stupid.

  • The Clandestine Samurai

    “It bothers me that we have no black friends to show for my time in this country.”

    “If my daughter came home one day with a black boyfriend it wouldn’t bother me in the least, and if she gave us black grandchildren their color wouldn’t even register with us – why should it? Yet in my time here I have seen all the minorities going about their business here, and no one carries a bigger chip on their shoulder with the world at large than the African-American community.”

    “from my experience I have always found African people to be an absolute joy in so far as I can just deal with them as people, rather than individuals perpetually walking around with an axe to grind.”

    “by and large this country is far removed from what it once was, yet no one does more to keep the divide going than the black community itself.”

    You say you never see color, yet you sit here and consciously think about scenarios of your children dating someone of color, and you say blacks have a chip on their shoulder (while simultaneously showing yourself to be the REASON they have that chip), and you rate Africans like they’re objects for your entertainment.

    The hypocrisy in your language should show you your own ignorance.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    According to tas he 2010 census – 17% of the population is consider themselves African American with another 2.4% as multi-racial ethnicity and 5% are Asian. To me the complaint is not so how many win, but there were no nominations. That means that there was no way to even get a vote. Now that is also reflective of the number of minorities which are hired to do roles which have a potential to be nominated. Perhaps this is an unusual year, and there were no performances worthy of a nomination. But the fact that Will Smith was nominated by the Golden Globes and not nominated by the Oscars is a sore point. The winners are voted on by their peers and by the entertainment reporters and critics. What would be the harm in one more nomination? Will did not win the Golden Globe…he probably would not win the Oscar. The entire awards thing is purely political anyway…so why not just go ahead and do the politically correct thing and find one minority who can be nominated for something and nominate them. Oh yea…the awards I have seen award to black performers in my opinion have been well deserved. But that’s just me.

  • Makar72

    Obviously we are well represented in the sports category. The good thing about that is that the best man now truly does play, for the most part. In these circumstances the only thing matters is your who is the best on the field of play, really. But we suffer discrimination in almost every other category. I am not willing to say that any of these institutions which were put in place as a response to being excluded should be taken down. I certainly would hear that from some one white. We will decide, not white people.

  • Makar72

    I don’t discount your argument here. It is well thought out. I would only add that if there is a white kid who is good enough to play cornerback in the NFL make no mistake about it he will get his chance. I couldn’t care less about Will Smith’s Oscar snub. He is doing pretty good for himself. But let’s not get it mistaken we are discriminated against probably more that any other group in this country. When that goes away along with white supremacy you will begin to see change in the collective black mindset. You already see that change taking place. Just don’t tell me I see a dog when a chicken is standing before me. Don’t play me for a fool.

  • The Clandestine Samurai

    How long should go on? That depends.
    How long will you keep trying to sweep it under the rug?
    How long are you going to assume that everyone knows and it’s been settled? How long are you going to call blacks trying to get representation in the media and the institutions “division and divisiveness”, yet say that someone else is using double-speak? You complain about the level of anger and perpetually aggrieved anxiety, but then present yourself as the reason why it’s there in the first place.

  • Makar72

    I have not but my wife has.. in fact she has lived in Japan and speaks the language fluently. We have talked at length about it and I will get there… Why?

  • Makar72

    Dude you have an answer for everything. Your statement that you more about this than Diet Dee is hilarious. What you know is what you want to know. And I am not shocked that it all has a slant toward vindication of white folk.

    You know nothing of the nihilism that exists in the black community. I know why most black folk do drugs… You probably don’t believe there is a school to prison pipeline either do you. 28 grams of Crack will get you a 5 year mandatory minimum. It takes 500 grams of powder cocaine for the same. I could go on all day with these facts but you seem to have a response for everything.

    truth of the matter is very few of us believe a word white folk say. And it may be the same for you. But if you expect anything you say on this subject to be truly a point for change in any black person’s mindset you are delusional. You are so bent on getting your point across that I don’t think you have stopped one moment to consider

  • Makar72

    I don’t disagree with that. What I do disagree with is the thought that they should go away. They matter too!

  • Makar72

    Dude I read that post.. you have cleaned it up for this setting but your words are filled wit hate. After all that we have gone through with this word out of the mouths of hateful racist groups, what makes you think it should have been used in that setting? You lose all credibility man… All of it. There is nothing you can say and please don’t try to justify your language. Anyone who would listen to you is a complete fool!! You are not an honorable man.

  • Ole White Woman from GA

    There has been a push for history to be all inclusive. But there has also been a push by certain groups to omit certain parts of our history and to portray the American people and its government as inerrant in all that it does. The problem is that most folks do not want America’s bad decisions and bad behaviors aired to their children. There was a commercial movie put out about two years ago which was some kind of documentary on American history. My sister in law went to see the movie, praised it to the high heavens and said “…so far, America has not done anything wrong, I don’t think”. And all I could think of was the wholesale genocide committed on Native Americans including the Trail of Tears pushing peaceful well educated, landholding Cherokees, Creeks and Seminoles to the Oklahoma Territory in the late 1820’s inorder to possess their land. And the encampment of Japanese Americans for the duration of World War II because of their heritage. And the perpetuation of slavery writing into our Constitution giving slave owners more representation by counting their slaves (property) as 3/5th a person. To the commission of war crimes by our government in our name against POWs in Guantanamo Bay by performing enhanced interrogations in the name of public safety. These enhanced interrogation methods are described in the Geneva Convention of which we are a signatory as being per-see a war crime. To the Airmen of Tuskegee in using them as the control subjects in the experiments with treatments for syphilis and other venereal diseases without their consent or knowledge and preventing them from receiving proper medical treatment for such. All of this has been done in the name of the American people. And though we cannot turn the clock back and fix these things, we need to acknowledge that they were wrong and put appropriate measures in place so that these thing cannot happen again. History should be taught in an unbiased a manner as possible and it should include the good, the bad and the ugly. For I personally do not think we can be a great nation by believing that we are always right and that we are somewhat superior to the world in our decisions and actions. We are composed of human beings and as such we will make bad decisions as well as some really good ones. And our history education should reflect that.

    In summary….yes history education should be all inclusive, but there are many who believe it should not. And those folks are the one who current control state and local school boards who define the curriculum and select the textbooks. So Black History Month is a means to put some history out which otherwise would not be available. Hopefully, it will not always be that way. For the moment, that is where we are.

    Since you were not raised in America, you have not experienced education where you never saw a person of color in your classroom until your last year of school. You have not experience living in the south where if you hired a black woman to assist your spouse with the kids and the household chores, she would not be allowed socially to ride in the front seat of your vehicle. You have not experience white only water fountains and bathrooms in the public buildings. You have not experience the emotional distress that the white neighbors experienced when the first black family moved into the neighborhood. You have not experience the evaluating of young black students for their athletic skills rather than their intellectual capacity. Every achievement by our black citizens has come not through natural attrition or association but by struggle, demonstrations, bringing notice to the public of the inequities of the situation. It will take at least another generation for a majority of the people to think not in terms of the color of one’s skin but in the content of their character. And for me there is a barometer which will tell that this has occurred within a majority of the population. And that is the prison population. As has been discussed before, African Americans compose about 17% of the population and there is about another 3% of multi-racial backgrounds. But the prison population is about 60% African American. It is my belief that crime is directly related to economic resources. And if there is equal opportunity for everyone, then the economic resources ( which includes education, skill training, jobs, inventiveness, entrepreneurship, financing, etc) will be spread proportionate to the population. By that I mean 20% of the poor will be black or mixed race and 5% will be Asian or South Pacific and 63% will be white and the balance will be other. And if the economics are proportional and the justice system is equitable (not biased by race or economics) and applied not based on race, then the prison population will reflect the same proportions as the general population , whatever that is. When that happens then I will know that we have reached a state of color blindness that most of us desire. But these thing take a lot of dynamics and changes in the society for this to happen. And this will take time… we are now raising the third generation of people since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Old prejudices still reside in much of the population, perhaps not consciously but it’s still there. The fact that many people resent black only institutions is a symptom of that prejudice. These people fail to recognize that for many generations, there have been white only institutions and that it is only in the last 40 years that people of color have been allowed to participate, and not always on an equal basis. I see these institutions as providing a service or a need which is not being provided elsewhere. When the need goes away, so will those institutions.

  • Lawrence

    I learned more about black history in our then one black history week than I learn my entire 1-10 grade in my 10th grade year. And it made me understand why blacks are lower in the jobs education than whites.

  • prhayz

    I disagreed 100% with both Dash and Freeman. It is obvious that Dash is uninformed about black history and Freeman is just a grumpy old man.

  • Mark-Antonio Grant

    With Black History Month, we celebrate all the accomplishments
    and contributions that have made to the landscape of America. We see these
    efforts featured on television and recognized in many of our classrooms. The
    problem is that these acknowledgements come only once a year. We need to be more than a one in twelve month show of appreciation. Black History is American History.

    Our children should see what part of America we have contributed to all year long. We shouldn’t be “on a shelf,” to be pulled down in February and then placed “back on the shelf” come the beginning of March. We deserve more than a set aside. We deserve full recognition for what our fore-parents did to build this country – despite the fact that some of that building was done because we were forced to do so (which is a burden to be carried by those who forced us into such positions.) Yes, we were slaves, and there should be no shame in that. The shame is on those who were immoral enough to have us in such a despicable bondage.

    This is all a part of American History; as American as Joe Louis, Shirley Chisolm, A. Philip Randolph, Jackie Robinson, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

    If there is anything about Black History Month which should be kept, it’s the acknowledgement that we were once restricted to a month; and now we are a full-time part of American History.

  • Bigger_Mike

    The point is that until that becomes a reality – Black History Month needs to remain. You like her stating that we need more than a set aside is all well and good, but then you don’t state how you would incorporate it into the school curriculum. So why you cry out that we SHOULD be included, you have no solutions other than just that “SHOULD”. That’s not reality.

  • Bigger_Mike

    The reason that Black History Month came to be is that Black peoples contributions to America were not being taught at all. It was dismissed and not covered. So until that can be incorporated into the core curriculum of schools across this country – Black History Month needs to remain.

  • Bigger_Mike

    Not talking about something means you’re IGNORING it. I don’t have to say I don’t like something to practice it. If you IGNORE it, then it NEVER goes away. Wrong approach.

  • rjrollins

    I deflect nothing and stand by my own comments. I certainly would speak to Ray face to face and make the same points. I don’t pander to an audience to be PC, but I will state my points and if he or you or anyone doesn’t agree, that is okay by me. We aren’t friends nor will we be. I did not insult Ray and “combativeness?” Point out specific language that reflects this. I originally stated he made a “simple-minded comment” and that is constructive criticism, not a personal character insult. If people are going to present one-sided subjective points (Ray:Stacey what you think about white police murdering innocent blacks?) they open the door to get called out for it, and I get criticized because people can’t handle a little bit of objective thought-provoking push-back? Simple-minded because black cops murder blacks too. Blacks kills whites 8 times more than whites kill blacks. Do you really want to get into this? You make a point to boast of your education, so let’s debate shall we? No, our time is better served not arguing our points here, but having an impact in our communities. Obviously there is a problem with racial discrimination in some police departments and judicial systems, but a bigger discussion is how to solve these racial divisions in our country, being objective must be in there somewhere, and placing blame on all white people must end.

  • rjrollins

    Wow, progressive agenda? Racism? Stupid? Those are quite bold accusations and I suspect the depth of your vocabulary too. I bet you run high in life on emotion much more than logic, reason, and rationale, and so quick to insult too! Before you go spreading your own 7th grade education and media-driven propaganda for the rest of the world to see. …….Yes, black people kill more black people than whites kill black people. According to the FBI Crime Report of 2013, black people even kill more white people 9.83 per 1,000,000 whites , whites kill 0.77 per 1,000,000 blacks. (that’s 77 hundredths, less than one). But I bet you don’t want to talk about that do you? You don’t want to talk about that black people abort their children FAR more than any other race or that black men rape far more white women (white rape on black women is non-existent). No you don’t want to put the spotlight on these things, it would cause you to think. I know, your first response will be to get angry or brush off the info as FBI statistical conspiracy, when in fact, you may want to sit and ponder these issues too. I’m not taking a stand white vs black……but I will take a stand against propaganda, half-truths, and anyone who, like you, are IN FACT racist and blame white society for everything. https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013.

  • rjrollins

    Not my fight Ray. I’d rather know why black babies are aborted up to five times as much as any other color. Can you answer that? Isn’t that more important to you than a black getting nominated for a vane award in a vane industry?

  • Tank5000

    You sure jumped off topic on that response. The answer is that is hog wash just another white media lie and you know it. Go Google abortions by state and you will see that whites have the most abortions, shocking huh. http://kff.org/womens-health-policy/state-indicator/abortions-by-race/
    Just like White on White crime exist 83% of whites are killed by whites. The media does not report white on white crime because they only want blacks viewed as criminals. Just like your so called statement on abortion, that is bull S… Proves you only believe what is portrayed in the media only. I can careless about the Oscar’s. The point is what Ms. Clueless said who is paid by Fox to bash other blacks.

  • rjrollins

    You would lose most debates Ray, but you keep coming back for more huh? You went off topic in your original post, so I just keep challenging you. Media doesn’t report white on white crime? Again you keep slinging your own propaganda. Hypocritical it seems to me. I don’t watch much mainstream media, but based on your comments, I conclude you do an immense amount of it.

    Bottom line, abortion rates is not a mainstream media conspiracy against the black population Ray. There’s no argument, blacks have a dysfunctionally higher abortion rate, much higher rate, than any other population of women. But black people want to complain about the academy awards, not the fact that in many parts of the U.S. 50% (or more) of all black pregnancies are aborted. Sad right? See NYC.

    So I pointed out the much higher abortion rates by black women right? Okay. According to the Kaiser link you provided, white women 51% to black 41% of all U.S. abortions in 2012. Considering percentage of population (whites 70%; blacks 12%) blacks have an abortion rate 4-5 times higher than that of whites and hispanics! The 2010 U.S. census reported blacks accounted for 37% of abortions in the U.S, whites 34%. So in that year, more black abortions overall number.

  • Charles Dickerson

    I have come to realize after attracting 38,000 followers on Twitter, that convincing people already marinated in the usefulness of making sure our racial differences are highlighted and celebrated for any number of cultural or ideological reasons, is a fool’s folly. Gave up at about 18,000. I simply keep in mind the wisdom of one of the foremost brain surgeons of our generation, Ben Carson. When he enters the human brain…IT’S ALL EXACTLY THE SAME STRUCTURED MATTER!

  • I do.

  • DJ Cross

    You are entitled to think & say what you please as this is a Free country.
    And I have defended that right many times.
    I stand by what I say.
    As far as an honorable man. You have no idea who I am. You have no right to judge me but if it helps to make you feel better about yourself by TRYING to bully someone else, I can understand.
    You see, Political Correctness is killing our country & it needs to be stopped.

  • Tank5000

    Statistics can be swayed in any direction by changing any variable they want to achieve the desired result. You claim the abortion rate is 5% higher, in some statistics it’s lower, some higher. Statistics are all over the board, which one is correct?. No doubt that abortion rates are high in the African America Community. Hypothetical question, if Black Abortion numbers are 200,000 per year and White Abortions numbers are 100,000 per year does that mean White Abortions is not a problem?, killing babies at lower rates is that ok and not a issue? The numbers of White and Black abortion are staggering. So, stating that Blacks abort 5% higher does not exempt Whites America from tragedies of abortion.

    Census%, if they were 100% correct you could use that more effectively in your arguments.

    Your comments are insulting because you have this Supremacy attitude that comes across in your comments, you just don’t see it. Everyone has a “Johari Window” I too would say anything to your face not a problem.

  • rjrollins

    You confuse valid arguments for superiority or supremacy. I make solid arguments not as a white person to compare who is better white or black, but to challenge those like you that place more importance on petty issues. I simply asked you a question about why abortion rates are so much higher for blacks. You have no answer because you spend zero time concerned about it. Yet you come on this site and spend time slamming Stacy Dash or spend your time concerned about why a black isn’t nominated for an Oscar. Everyone getting caught up in it and it is driven by the mainstream media and you and everyone else for for it. You called attention to yourself for it and I have challenged you and you don’t like that. That doesn’t make me a supremacist, means I’m challenging your narrative with bigger more important issues. Not to invalidate your arguments or even to negate your reality, but rather to challenge whether our focus is really in the right places. Why? Because I’m tired of people (all colors) of this petty garbage in our country. Until more people place their attention on these bigger issues, like abortion of 73 million babies since roe v wade (of all color), we will continue to stink as a country. I wish you well Ray. Not everyone who argues does so for power, some do so to steer the issues in another direction.

  • rjrollins

    A rate of 5 times higher for blacks than whites and almost twice as much as Latinos, not simply 5% more. You don’t even calculate and analyze simple mathematics accurately. Blacks abort up to 50% (500 out every 1000 black pregs) Latinos 28% of all their pregs, whites 13% (130 out of every 1000 white pregs). This is not a conspiracy and all agencies, government, educational, non-profit ALL concur with this. But hey, you just want to argue for arguments sake rather than find out why their is such a big difference. You’d rather brush it off as a conspiracy rather than acknowledge that up to half of all black kids are aborted!

  • Tank5000

    @Rjrollins, First of all I thought you were done!! if you had read my email carefully you would have noticed I was using hypothetical numbers–Get It– I am not using those stupid statistics because they are used by people like you to prove untrue points of view. I guarantee you that 500 out of 1000 blacks do not abort their babies, that is laughable and shows you don’t have a clue on what goes on in the African American or White communities, you rely on white media to feed your knowledge and throw those stupid manipulated stats out and you do not apply common sense to situations. SO NO I DID NOT USE the simple math you used because it is FLAWED. You must be out of your mind if you think I would admit your point of half Black Kids being Aborted! I am sure others will chime in on that. With your calculation (Actually not yours, you Googled it) 130 whites abortions out of 1000 is not acceptable. Unbelievable.