Spike Lee Compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Exposes His Ignorance of History

Spike Lee Compares Donald Trump to Hitler, Exposes His Ignorance of History December 2, 2015

Spike Lee used that one annoying comparison…Hitler.

In an interview discussing the upcoming release of Chi-Raq, The Daily Beast took advantage of Lee’s New York upbringing to ask him about Donald Trump.

Raised in Brooklyn, Lee doesn’t “claim” Donald Trump (I can understand that), but he certainly has some interesting opinions about the man. Speaking about Trumps’ stance on the current refugee conflicts, the interviewer mentions “since the 9/11 attacks, out of the 780,000-plus refugees that have been let into the U.S., only three have been linked to terrorism…”

Lee flashed his historical ignorance with his response:

But you know what Trump’s saying: “They’re thinking about it!” And he wants to close down mosques now. That’s like the Nazis. That’s like Hitler, Mussolini, the Axis Powers. You can’t do that!

If Lee had done his research, he would have found his analogy lacked the punch he was hoping for.

In the light of the recent terror attacks on Parris, Trump suggested the federal government should “strongly consider” shutting down specific mosques “because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques.” He then followed that fact with a great reminder: “under the old regime we had tremendous surveillance going around and in the mosques in New York City.”

Trump is not calling for a repeat of KristallnachtThe Night of Broken Glass. He is not rallying supporters around the nation to join him in the synchronized burning of mosques. He is not calling for a boycott on Muslim stores or Muslim products. And he is certainly not promoting violence in any way toward the Muslim community.  Trump merely paired a harsh reality with a probable solution.

In Hitler’s world, he was the instigator. He was the terrorist. The Jewish community had done nothing to warrant his horrific actions.

In our world, Radical Islam is the instigator and they are terrorists.  ISIS are the NAZIS of the 21st century. Lee has it twisted.

As far as Hitler. That comparison should be made to the man who does nothing to stop them… and believes climate change is our #1 threat.

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