White politicians crack “colored people” joke — But it’s okay, they’re Democrats

White politicians crack “colored people” joke — But it’s okay, they’re Democrats April 13, 2016

When was the last time any famous white person got away with making a joke about “colored people?” It’s been awhile. So why did Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio get away with doing just that this weekend? Because they’re Democrats.

At the Inner Circle show Saturday night in New York City, Hillary Clinton joined Mayor de Blasio on stage to continue the antics of the annual roast of the mayor. After the wild applause died down for Clinton’s appearance, she thanked the mayor for his endorsement of her for president.

“Took you long enough,” she jabbed. The audience laughed.

Then the mood shifted as the prepared sketch took a wrong turn after de Blasio replied:

“Sorry, Hillary, I was running on CP time.”

The audience tensed and was unsure how to respond, until the black emcee, Leslie Odom Jr. who plays Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical Hamilton, confirmed their suspicions by chiming in, “I don’t like jokes like that, Bill, that’s not funny.” (Could it be because that stands for “colored people time” and is a stereotype that knocks blacks for always being late?!)

Clinton finished the “joke” by delivering her prepared line, meant to clarify what “CP” meant. In this case, “Cautious politician time. I’ve been there,” she said.

Watch below:

What? Who approved this? At least watching the mayor and his staff squirm afterwards was very rewarding.

De Blasio was asked about it later on CNN and he just laughed it off: “It was clearly a staged event. I think people are missing the point.”

No, I think YOU are missing the point. If a Republican made this joke you would waste no time skewering them.

Then the mayor’s spokesperson attempted to clear the air saying the event was all “satire” and it was the mayor that was the intended target of the mockery.

Nice try!

They want to talk about being cautious politicians? That was the least cautious thing I’ve seen in a while. Clinton is not doing herself any favors to win over the black vote with her involvement.

But they’re Democrats, so it’s okay. All is forgiven. Just ask the liberal ladies over at The View:

After all, Democrats work on “DS time” — double standard time.

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