XM Radio Host goes after my race and ethnicity

XM Radio Host goes after my race and ethnicity June 7, 2016

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I’m so glad that I’m on my book tour for There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative and am — generally — having a great time.  Yesterday, I recently did a radio tour with SiriusXM yesterday and everything was great until one particularly vicious interview.

I’ve encountered people all week who were openly liberal and honest about disagreeing with me. They were also incredibly kind and respectful. (One particularly respectful liberal was Larry Flick, who knew how to talk respectfully about our disagreements.)

In America, it’s good and healthy to have robust disagreements about issues.  Our freedom of speech is one of our most precious liberties.

Then, there’s radio host Karen Hunter who only paid lip service to the topics before she went straight to race.  At one point, she went after my own ethnicity, saying that I was wrong about being half black and half Mexican.

Think about that for one second.  The dialogue in this nation has gotten so crass and low that a black woman can’t publish a book without a black radio host questioning her very ethnicity.  (Hey Karen Hunter, I can’t wait to listen to your hard hitting segments covering Elizabeth Warren “fauxcahontas” problem… you know, the white lady who claimed to be Cherokee Indian?)

Anyway, it was so bad we walked out in the middle. It’s ridiculous that the racial climate in this nation has devolved into this.

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