Yule Ritual: Rebirth of the Soul

Yule Ritual: Rebirth of the Soul December 13, 2018

It’s Yule — time to observe the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  If you’re anything like me and my group of friends, you need a bit of a rebirth — a renewal of the soul.

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Photo courtesy of pxhere, CC0.

Pretty much all of my family and friends feel like they’ve “stepped in it.”   We’ve all experienced something intense and overwhelming lately, and it feels like a lot.  Almost too much at times.  If you can relate to that, or the face that we’re approaching the longest, darkest night of the year, you’re not alone.  Also, it doesn’t last forever.  The sun will wax again, rising gloriously to start the new solar year.

During times like these, we need to look at the little things we can celebrate.  Perhaps you have good health, or maybe you have a good job, or a nice home.  I also hope you have someone who loves you unconditionally, even if it’s just your pet.

One thing I’m celebrating amidst all this darkness is the chance to write for the Blessed Be Box subscription box service with my longtime friend Stefanie Palmer, owner of Awaken Essential Oils.  Each holiday on the wheel of the year, she blends oils and crafts other products, and I write a ritual and choose items to accompany it for our subscribers.  It’s incredibly fun, and a good escape from these intense times.

The subscription box for the ritual below, for Yule — Rebirth of the Soul, has already shipped out.  Although the box contains everything you’d need for this ritual, you don’t have to buy a box to join in on the fun.  The more, the merrier.  We could all use more sharing, kindness, peaceful words, and heart.

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Some items from the Yule Blessed Be Box, photo copyright BBB.

This ritual has bath magic, a home / ritual space cleansing, candle magic, intentions and an intention oil, banishing negativity with bay leaves, meditation, and replacement of any negative energy with bright, happy energy.

If you want to do the ritual below, all you’ll need is some bath salts, herbs, oils, sage or other energy-cleansing agent, a votive candle, a stone (ruby zoicite if you have it), bay leaves, a lighter, a marker, a fireproof bowl, and a couple of bells.  Please read through the ritual before you start to make sure you have everything you need.

Ritual Preparation

Bath Salts with Herbs and Activated Charcoal

I recommend a cleansing, releasing salt bath before this ritual.  Aim to take this bath a day or two ahead of Yule, or on Yule, right before your ritual.  A good salt bath cleanses away negativity, and herbs and oils can encourage you to be present and let go.  Use the Yule box’s Black Bath Salts with Herbs and Activated Charcoal, or mix a combination of Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea salts, and any herbs and oils that are safe for the bath and which will help you release.  We used mandarin oil and rose petals in our salts.  If you have activated charcoal, add that to the bath too.  Mix them in a small container until they feel charged and ready.

Run a warm, steamy bath, and tip the bath salts in.  Get into the tub.  As the tub fills, gently massage your body, starting with your feet.  Rub every muscle and area to release tension.  Say or think, “I am ready to release negative energy and everything that no longer serves my highest good.”

As you luxuriate in the warm waters, let yourself be still in all respects.  Rest yourself — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Release any expectations, and simply be in the moment.  Imagine your stresses and fears seeping out of you and into the water.  If it helps, imagine that you’re like a teabag, and you’re releasing your negative emotions into the water.

Photo courtesy of Chris Goldberg, CC 2.0.

Take three deep breaths.  1… 2…  3…  Know that it is safe to let go.  Let the old year wash away from you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Allow anything that is not for your highest good to fall away.  Say or think, “I am releasing negative energy and that which no longer serves my highest good.”

Clear your mind and relax in the tub for a few minutes.  When you feel that you’ve released a good deal, or when the bath gets cold, empty the drain.  Say or think, “I have released the negative energy and that which no longer serves my highest good.”

Say any additional release affirmations as well, such as, “I release drama from my life.  I release ____ from my life and thoughts.”

If you need a moment to rest after the bath, feel free to lie down.  Letting go is hard work.  Take a moment to give yourself the time you need to adjust to the new energy.  This will help you release it for good.  When you’re ready, get dressed.

(This ritual is broken into four pages to make the pages load faster.  Please click the link below to continue.)

About Astrea
Astrea is the author of Intuitive Witchcraft: How To Use Intuition To Elevate Your Craft (Llewellyn Worldwide). She also leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire and stirs up magic for the Blessed Be Box, the service that ships a "ritual in a box" with all vegan and cruelty-free items. You can read more about the author here.

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