October 5, 2017

Today I was trying to do a quick dive into Luke 24 to grab a couple of details about reading the Bible. It’s a great place for it. The tldr is basically: don’t read the Bible for what it says unless you think it says Jesus. But have you ever strolled through the Emmaus story? Have you ever slowed down, not to hear what Jesus says to the “foolish, hard-hearted” companions, but to listen to what they say to him?... Read more

March 14, 2017

Larry Hurtado has posted to his blog the review he read of my book, A Man Attested by God, at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in November. A number of people have asked for my response. What follows is not my response from the session, but a newly written response for my blog. Appreciation I want to begin by expressing my heartfelt appreciation to Larry for his interaction with my work over the past few years. I only began having personal interaction with... Read more

February 23, 2017

If we weren’t so busy fussing about shifts in geopolitical climates and trying to stay on top of every move that the current U.S. administration is making we might be having completely different conversations about how the world is changing right under our noses. Way back in the day there was this completely fantastic, absurd show about a guy who went around solving crimes with a self-driving car that could talk to him. (KITT, you were always a loyal companion.)... Read more

February 21, 2017

But between "it's a choice" and "God wired me like this" is a complex set of interactions between nature and culture. Read more

February 15, 2017

Rejecting the manliness of conquest meant that Jesus embraced a deeply feminizing narrative. Read more

February 14, 2017

This is not a matter of excessive righteousness for the few who are pious enough to afford it. This is a matter of being God's people in the world. Read more

February 13, 2017

Yes, politics and I are in a relationship. But it's complicated. Read more

February 11, 2017

What I see when I look at our president is someone who has never known love. What does it look like to love Donald Trump? Read more

February 7, 2017

A man pours out his life pursuing a calling that would clearly put on display the grace and life of Jesus. He is thwarted at every turn. His prayers for help go unanswered. God is silent. A woman is abused by her husband. The church exhorts her to bear up under her cross as she submits to her husband’s authority. Sermons about sin and guilt lodge deep in the heart of a young high schooler. They become the youngster’s identity,... Read more

February 2, 2017

I wrote A Man Attested by God because I had an academic answer to an academic question. Given early Judaism, and how it depicts it God and its human heroes, how do we best understand the identity of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels? But once we’ve got the Jesus story straight there results a rich overflow of ramifications for what God is up to in the world and what it looks like for us to be part of it. As I have tried... Read more

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